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These Are The 3 U.S. Airlines With The Most On-Time Flights Right Now

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As a traveler, there's nothing more frustrating than a delayed flight. And as of this summer, flight delays are becoming increasingly frequent.

A new report from the U.S. Department of Transportation reveals the airlines with the most on-time flights (and those with the fewest on-time flights.)

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Based on data from June 2023, it's interesting to note that the overall rate of on-time flights has dropped from 81.2% in May to just 71.3% in June.

Airlines With The Most On-Time Flights

So which airlines are most likely to be punctual?

Despite the overall decrease in on-time flights this summer, these are the airlines with the least amount of delays and the highest percentage of on-time arrivals right now:

Alaska Plane From Above

1. Alaska Airlines

Alaska is the number one on-time airline in the U.S. at the moment, with 79.4% of flights departing on time. Although it's still not perfect, Alaska is your best bet for avoiding delays right now.

Additionally, while 2.1% of all flights were canceled in June, just 0.3% of Alaska Airlines flights were canceled, making it the most reliable airline in the country.

2. Delta Air Lines

Next up is Delta Air Lines. Delta was recently named the best airline in North America, in part because of its high percentage of on-time arrivals and low percentage of delayed canceled flights.

Delta lags slightly behind Alaska Airlines right now in terms of on-time flights, though. Based on the latest U.S. Department of Transportation data, 77.8% of flights were on time and 2% were canceled.

Delta Airplane

3. Hawaiian Airlines

Another airline with a higher percentage of on-time flights than the national average is Hawaiian Airlines. This Aloha State-based carrier has an on-time arrival rate of 77.4%.

This puts Hawaiian about on par with Delta when it comes to the likelihood of avoiding delays. And you are less likely to have a canceled flight, with 1.3% of scheduled flights canceled.

Hawaiian Airlines

Airlines With The LEAST On-Time Flights

Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Hawaiian Airlines are the three U.S. carriers with the least delays and highest percentage of on-time flights, but what about the airlines with the most delays?

Out of ten total airlines for which data was gathered, these are the three worst airlines when it comes to on-time flights:

Jetblue plane taking off

3. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is below average when it comes to flight delays and cancelations. This New York-based carrier has had an issue with punctual flights: only 60.8% were on time in June.

In addition to a high rate of delayed flights, JetBlue also performs worse when it comes to canceled flights, with 3.5% of all scheduled flights ending up canceled.

2. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is known for offering low fares, but that comes with a hidden price: a high likelihood of delays. This budget airline is the second-worst offender in the U.S. right now.

Only 58.8% of Spirit's scheduled flights arrive on time, meaning a delay is likely. Spirit also has a higher rate of canceled flights than the national average, coming in at 3.3%.

Spirit Planes Parked At The Tarmac In Cancun International Airport, Mexico

1. Frontier Airlines

Coming in first place for the airline with the fewest on-time arrivals we have Frontier Airlines. This budget carrier is notorious for delayed flights, with only 53.8% being on time.

This means you have a nearly 50% chance of your Frontier flight being delayed and a 3.9% chance of it being canceled outright. It's better to spend the extra money on a more reliable airline!

frontier airlines plane in the sky

What's the takeaway from this? When it comes to air travel, it can be worth it to book with an airline known for its punctuality if it makes sense for the route you are flying. Even if the cost is slightly higher, it's worth the money for the additional peace of mind.

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