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These Are The 5 Cheapest Destinations For Digital Nomads According To New Report

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If you own a laptop and a backpack, you can work just about anywhere in today's world. Digital nomads are globetrotting while getting paid and what could be better than that?

Of course, every destination has a different cost of living. In some places you may need to rent a car, while in others you may be able to get around by public transit.

If there is one thing for certain, digital nomads are always on the prowl scoping out new potential places to visit.

Woman working on laptop in Bali

A recent report from Flamingo revealed the cheapest destinations in the world for remote workers, according to their own research.

These are the top 5 countries found to be the cheapest for digital nomads:

5) Indonesia

Southeast Asia has long been a travel hotspot, but digital nomads have claimed their stake here as well.

Bali has surged in popularity all year, and digital nomads are a big reason why. With endless sights to see and a very affordable cost of living, it's not just Bali that's attractive – it's the whole country of Indonesia.

Bali, of course, is the main draw and where digital nomads love to congregate with a plethora of co-working spaces and like-minded travelers.

Indonesia offers a great bang for your buck, where digital nomads love having the extra disposable income to put toward awesome travel experiences.

4) North Macedonia

Travelers may be surprised just how amazing this off-path European country truly is. Neighboring Albania has been booming with digital nomads, but North Macedonia offers the best value.

digital nomad at european cafe

More commonly known as Macedonia, digital nomads love coming here for a laid-back, affordable getaway.

Living with a budget under $2000 per month can easily be done in the capital city of Skopje, while others may opt for a more serene lakeside town that will take your breath away.

According to Flamingo, Macedonia holds the best value in all of Europe for digital nomads.

3) Colombia

Technically, Macedonia and Colombia were a dead-even tie in Flamingo's rankings, but we will go in alphabetical order here and give the edge to Colombia.

medellin colombia

The pretty city of Medellin is one of the O.G.s of digital nomadism. Travelers have been coming here for a cheaper way of life since before it was mainstream.

There is a large expat community to fit right in without having to worry about standing out or being unwelcome.

As digital nomadism has increased in popularity, there have been more and more co-working spaces opening up not only in Medellin but in other cool cities as well, like Santa Marta.

2) Argentina

Last year, Argentina came out with an ambitious goal to welcome 22,000 remote workers by this year.

colorful building with argentinian flag

They may not have anticipated one of the main reasons why their country is so attractive to digital nomads.

The country has seen a crazy drop-off in its currency value, making Argentina more affordable than ever!

While already a top destination in South America, this beautiful country is even more appealing now for budget travelers.

Digital nomads have various jobs with wide-ranging salaries but are always on the lookout how to save a buck.

remote worker laughing

That's why Argentina is the most valuable destination in South America for remote workers.

1) Sri Lanka

Ding ding! We have a winner! Sri Lanka is the cheapest destination in the world for digital nomads, and it comes at no better time.

This stunning island nation in Asia has been trending all year long, but even more so with their latest announcement.

Sri Lanka is the latest country to announce a digital nomad visa, which is super exciting for remote workers looking for their next awesome trip.

tourist at elephant sanctuary in sri lanka

The minimum income requirement is $2000, which even then, your money will still go far here. The caveat is that income must go through the Sri Lankan banking system.

The visa lasts for a year and can be renewed as long as the income requirements are still being met.

Applying will set you back $500, but this bucket-list destination is worth the price of admission for its unique experiences, scenic beaches, and low cost of living.

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