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These Are The 5 Countries Launching New Digital Nomad Visas In 2024 

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The digital nomad trend is continuing to explode in popularity and shows no signs of stopping.

The freedom to work and travel at the same time is incredibly appealing, and it’s becoming easier than ever to do.  

More and more countries are introducing digital nomad visas that make working remotely as you explore the world a breeze.  

Woman using her phone on a hammock somewhere tropical

Wondering where you should travel to next?  

These are the 5 countries launching new digital nomad visas in 2024:  

South Africa 

The latest country to announce that they will launch a digital nomad visa in 2024 is South Africa.  

No official launch date for this digital nomad visa has been released yet. But we do know that the minimum annual income requirement to be eligible for the visa is R1 million ($55,000) to ensure that applicants have the funds they need to contribute significantly to the local economy.  

Cape Town South Africa

The visa can be issued for up to 3 years, and travelers hoping to stay in the country for longer than 6 months must register with the South African Revenue Service. 

Its diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and established digital nomad communities make South Africa a great destination to continue your digital nomad journey. 


The long-awaited Japanese digital nomad visa will officially launch at the end of March.  

This will allow digital nomads to stay in the record-breaking Asian destination for 6 months and applicants from 49 countries, including the U.S. will be eligible.  

The Golden Pavilion. Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan.

The Japanese digital nomad visa will have one of the highest income requirements of any country offering this visa type.

Applicants will need to demonstrate an annual income of 10 million yen ($68,300), and they will also need to show that they have private medical insurance in place.  

Despite the high-income requirements for the Japanese digital nomad visa cost of living in the country is lower than you might think so it's a great destination to consider if you have the right income level.  

South Korea  

South Korea will also join the long list of countries offering digital nomad visas, and this digital nomad visa will allow nomads to stay in the country for up to 2 years.  

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea

Like Japan the income threshold to be eligible for this visa is high.

Nomads will need an annual income of over 84.96 million won ($65,000) to be eligible. If you meet these requirements, then there’s never been a better time to be a digital nomad in South Korea.  

South Korea is trending right now with the number of visitors choosing to explore the destination soaring.

It boasts a contemporary culture, rich history, tradition, futurism, and delicious cuisine all of which warrant the longer exploration offered by a digital nomad visa.  


The Philippines digital nomad visa is an exciting visa that will grant remote workers a visa for an initial 12-month period, which can then be renewed for another 12 months.  

Facade of Manila Cathedral, Manila, Philippines

Full details of the digital nomad visa in the Philippines haven’t been announced, but it is expected to launch in the first half of 2024.

A minimum income requirement of around US$24,000 per year seems likely, though this also hasn’t been confirmed. Confirmed details about this visa are thin on the ground right now!  

We do know that applicants will need to demonstrate that they have a stable income coming from a source outside of the Republic of the Philippines to be eligible to apply.  

Incredible beaches, rich history, and residents who are regularly voted among the friendliest in the world make the Philippines a great place for digital nomads to explore and spend time.  


The tiny European nation of Andorra announced plans to launch a digital nomad visa back in 2021, but this was not written into law until late 2023.  

Applications are available now, but if you want to spend time as a digital nomad in Andorra, then you shouldn’t hesitate: a quota of just 50 digital nomads is allowed in the country at a time.  

Andorra la Vella City Pyrenees Mountains Valley in Summer

You must have your work approved by the Ministry of the Economy before you can apply for the visa. Once granted, your visa will be eligible for 2 years, but this can be extended.  

Andorra is wedged between France and Spain and boasts beautiful peaks and interesting architecture.

During the winter months it is a Mecca for ski enthusiasts and is also a great place for nature lovers to live and work.  

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