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These Are The 5 Most Popular Asian Cities To Visit This Summer According To Agoda

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There are so many third-party booking sites out there, it's hard to keep up.

One that stands out among the crowd is Agoda, headquartered in Singapore with valuable insight into the happenings of Asia.

With over 30,000 flight routes and 300,000 activities, this popular booking site is a reliable source to share their own data of international bookings between January 1, 2024 and June 10, 2024, revealing the top 5 most popular Asian cities to visit this summer.

Tourists at Dotonbori -Osaka, Japan

We've all ordered Chinese takeout, cheaply packaged sushi, or possibly even Korean BBQ, which has taken over foodie scenes nationwide.

But let's be honest – those are all just a quick fix.

There's nothing like experiencing Asia to its fullest by actually visiting, where you can immerse yourself into fascinating cultures and natural wonders…and, of course, pig out on delicious eats.

These are the top 5 most popular Asian cities to visit this summer according to Agoda:

5) Kuala Lumpur

One country that has become much trendier among international tourists is Malaysia.

In fact, a new report claims Malaysia is the 14th most popular destination in the world.

Kuala Lumpur skyline on nice day

Kuala Lumpur is the glamorous capital and, many would say, the shining star of the country. Although, Penang might have something to say about that.

With beckoning skyscrapers, a diverse culture, and insanely delicious eats, it's surprising how Malaysia still seems to fly under the radar when planning out an epic trip to Asia.

Incredible ancient sites like the 400 million year old Batu Caves just outside the city only add to its allure and is an absolute must.

Day trips are common as it's only 13 miles away, with top-rated tour operators like Travelvago here to guide you for only $35.

Tourists hiking colorful steps at Batu Cave near Kuala Lumpur

There are no direct flights to Malaysia from the U.S.

Some travelers are even purchasing the flight pass from Malaysia's own Air Asia for endless connectivity around Southeast Asia, including other Malaysian gems like Sibu.

4) Seoul

South Korea offers so much more than Seoul, but you can spend countless days wandering this sprawling urban jungle.

Getting lost in the bright lights is all part of the experience where you will find world-class cuisine, mind-blowing temples intermixed with a constantly evolving cityscape.

Sunrise over Seoul

In other words, don't be blinded by the neon lights. Dig a little deeper for traditional markets and postcard-worthy villages, such as Bukchon, in Seoul's Jongno-gu District.

For a truly Korean experience that might throw you for a loop, locals love eating at convenience stores.

Back home you might question guzzling down a 7 Eleven hot dog, but here in Seoul the U.S. chain is a popular hangout spot to grab a quick meal like bento boxes and kimbap, for example.\

3) Osaka

Japan's second-fiddle to Tokyo has made a name for itself. Brimming with history beyond the unmissable neon lights, places like the 16th-century Osaka Castle are well worth a visit.

Busy street in Osaka

Don't mistake Japan's notorious polite nature as a bore. Osaka knows how to party too! Karaoke, anyone?

Some might be surprised to learn Osaka is widely considered “the kitchen of Japan”, so you know you'll be eating good this trip.

As great as food can be, especially in Asia, there is far more to experience than decadent sushi and piping hot takoyaki.

But if you are a foodie, come here instead of Tokyo – it's cheaper! Savings spread across the board, actually.

takoyaki ball dumplings in Osaka, Japan

How about the 5-star Royal Park Hotel for only $129 per night this summer?

2) Bangkok

Speaking of spreading your travel budget, there may be no more iconic Asian city cheaper than Bangkok.

So much so I have given up looking to purchase an investment property in the States, opting for Bangkok instead. Wish me luck!

Thailand's world-renowned city is bustling end to end with traditional markets open day and night, a wild nightlife scene, and indescribably mesmerizing temples dispersed throughout the city.

My personal favorite, like many tourists, I'm sure, is the fabulous Wat Pho. Built with such precise detail it's hard to fathom.

Female tourist at palace in Bangkok

No matter where your Bangkok adventures take you, you're not doing it right unless it's by tuk tuk!

1) Tokyo

Japan has been back in business for quite some time now since shuttering from the dark days of the pandemic.

If there is one Asian destination travelers were chopping at the bit to get back to it was Tokyo, and that still holds true today as the top city in Asia.

There is simply no place on Earth like it.

A city of vast contradictions may be the way to put it as you can walk through action-packed streets at one moment, then the next you're on the dead silent bullet train.


No amount of town will allow you to cover every nook and cranny of Tokyo. It's one of those cities where getting lost is all part of the fun.

Wander through back-alley izakayas, wind up at a late-night karaoke bar, or who knows, maybe even find yourself in a real-life Mario Kart game or being checked in by robotic dinosaurs at your hotel.

Tokyo is truly a bucket-list destination.

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