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These Are The 5 Most Visited Countries In The World Right Now

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It’s no secret that all things travel, including adventures abroad, surged in popularity this year.

As more people than ever took to exploring other countries, the question to be answered is which destinations are the most popular.

Recent data from World Travel Market’s latest Global Travel Report spotlighted these 5 countries as the world’s most visited travel destinations currently.

Goreme Cappadocia Turkey hot air balloons during Sunrise over the fairytale landscape hills of Kapadokya, young woman in hot air balloon

United Kingdom

This ever-trending island nation is set to see 37.5 million visitors by the end of the year.

Home to one of the largest and most visited cities in all of Europe, it's easy to see why the UK landed on this list.

This country’s star city London has something to grab the interest of every type of traveler.

World-class museums, excellent shopping, famous historical sites—we could go on and on.

If big cities aren’t your thing, this country serves up plenty of jaw-dropping landscapes.

Just check out the towering mountains and rolling hills of Scotland if you won’t take our word for it.

Edinburgh Skyline at Dusk Twinkling


America is projected to attract 41.8 million travelers in 2023.

It comes as no surprise, considering the diversity of culture, landscapes, and buzzing cities found across this single country.

One could easily spend months exploring the USA without running low on things to do.

The infamous New York City draws in travelers from all over the world.

NYC Skyline

The city that never sleeps has many different avenues to engage those lucky enough to find themselves there.

Be it show-stopping plays on Broadway, a lively art and music scene, or renowned monuments and architecture–you’ll find it all here.

Aside from the Big Apple, other popular spots, including the world-famous Hollywood and an abundance of stunning national parks, provide visitors with plenty to explore.

Hollywood Boulevard Street Sign


Türkiye is the country that's been dominating the headlines this year as it continues to shatter previous travel records.

This melting pot of Eastern and Western culture welcomed 45.5 million travelers in 2023.

Istanbul has a magnetic appeal–with 2500 years of history, unique landmarks, and vibrant culture and traditions; you simply have to see it for yourself.

Hagia Sofia With Flying Birds

And then there’s the trendy city of Cappadocia.

If you spend any time in the travel corner of Instagram, you’ll surely have seen colorful hot air balloons floating gracefully over this otherworldly Turkish landscape.

There’s so much to see in this diverse country–landscapes like those of Cappadocia and the glittering Aegean coast will take even the most seasoned traveler’s breath away.

hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey


This colorful cultural destination continues to be one of the world’s favorite spots for a myriad of great reasons.

Spain has already seen 70 million tourists this year.

Tourists have their pick of historic cities and scenic island destinations to choose from–Barcelona, Madrid, Grenada, and Ibiza to name just a few.

There’s simply so much to see.

This country checks all the right boxes–from the mouthwatering Spanish cuisine and lively culture to the unmatched architecture and epic landscapes.

It also never hurts that Spain’s climate is quite temperate, making it a classic escape from the winter.

Spain will surely enchant every traveler, whether you are dreaming of dancing the night away in Ibiza or simply strolling through Barcelona to find the best tapas.

view of Barcelona, Spain


Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a traveler who doesn’t have this iconic country on their bucket list.

With countless works of priceless art, unbeatable pastries, and the stunning architecture of Paris, there’s so much to love about France.

No trip here is complete without a photo in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower, and eating your way through the city.

woman in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

When you’ve gotten your fill of Paris, there’s plenty more to discover across this country.

Marseilles offers coastal views and idyllic beaches, and then there’s the legendary grandeur of the Palace of Versailles.

From the chic cafes and glimmering lights of Paris to the picturesque landscapes of the French Riviera, France is the star of the travel world for a good reason–there’s simply so much magic within this country.

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