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These Are The 6 Best Websites To Book Cheap Flights According To Travel Experts

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Chances are if you're reading this right now you have Googled flights, which means you know the infinite options to book airfare.

Most are legitimate, some are scams, and others are just downright expensive with endless fees!

The experts at Frommer's have done their due diligence on the topic and released “The 10 Best (and Worst) Airfare Search Sites for 2024”.

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In fact, there are some surprising results as the top results are not household names, yet they are reliable sources to score cheap airfare.

We have already covered the top travel apps for 2024, so now let's dive into the 6 best websites to book cheap flights.

6) Priceline

One of the most popular sources for all things travel, Priceline surprisingly didn't crack the top 5.

Frommer's points out that if Priceline offered better last-minute fares then the website would fare better on the list.

Where is William Shatner when you need him?

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Priceline has overhauled its layout with improved filters for easier searches with certain specifics in mind and legible comparison tools.

Placed in the middle of the pack, Priceline is reliable, but could use some upgrades, especially when it comes to their signature Express Deals.

5) TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most insightful travel websites on the internet. Not every traveler comes here to score deals, but it's actually a great source.

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TripAdvisor is an aggregator, meaning rather than sell tickets directly, they scan other websites to find the best deals for travelers.

There's nothing wrong with that, but an aggregator is only as good as the sites they scan. TripAdvisor knows what they're doing as they cracked the top 5.

Frommer's believe if the site could pick up speed they would rank higher, along with improvements for last-minute deals and lack of advantages to similar sites.

4) Cheapo Air

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With a name like “Cheapo”, surely you're in the right place to travel cheap. This is the highest-ranked website on the list that offers tickets directly to the consumer.

Cheapo has awesome deals, especially for travelers looking for an adventure last-minute. While the pop-ups can be annoying, someone has to pay the bills, right?

Cheapo's interface is easy to navigate and the ultimate source for flexible travelers who are willing to change dates or fly out of an alternative airport, like San Antonio instead of Austin or Los Angeles instead of San Diego, for example.

3) Skiplagged

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Skiplagged may be in third place on this list, but it's number one in terms of controversy. The deals are so good that two major U.S. sued for exposing a loophole advantageous to travelers.

In short, Skiplagged reveals “hidden city” travel hacks. The strategy does work, but not for every route.

Where Skiplagged shines is finding the lowest prices on direct flights. The website layout is simple to use, but not without its flaws.

It's important to know what you're signing up for as passengers have been “caught” using the hidden city trick and banned from flying.

We covered the risky strategy in the past. Read all about it here.

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2) Skyscanner

Frommer's notes Skyscanner is amazing for finding low prices and is essentially tied with Skiplagged albeit with far less controversy.

Skyscanner's “Explore everywhere” feature is a winner, allowing travelers to search all of Earth. By simply searching “everywhere” with a date range of your choice, you can find the best deals available from your selected airport.

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Just keep in mind baggage fees are not included in the rates. The star rating system for third-party booking sites lets users know of potential risks before agreeing to the fine print they know they didn't read.

1) Kayak/Momondo

If you're an avid traveler, you are most certainly aware, and most likely a user, of Kayak. The corporate giant acquired Momondo and has transformed the lesser-known site into the best-for-flight deals.

Through rigorous tests, Momondo came out on top most frequently with the best results for budget travelers.

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The website has a user-friendly interface and over a dozen ways to tailor results compared to 3-8 on similar sites.

Momondo is both an aggregator and direct seller, where travelers can choose between the two for their own comfort level when dealing with third parties.

Not only does Momondo offer the best deals, but they are insanely insightful to the point you may find yourself realizing you don't need to visit their competitors any longer.

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