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These Are The 6 Most Overrated Destinations You Should Not Visit In 2024

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Oftentimes, fellow travelers love to give the inside scoop on underrated destinations. But what about places that are overhyped or have simply lost their luster?

Everyone has their own sense of wanderlust driving your attraction to a particular place. Some opt for a dreamy beach escape, some pack their coats for a snowy winter wonderland, and some love endless concrete jungles jam-packed with cultural sites.

We've covered all the bases and compiled the 6 most overrated destinations you should not visit in 2024.

View of tram on street in San Francisco

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is party central when it comes to Spanish islands, but the party isn't all that inviting when surrounded by people who act like they have never vacationed before.

In fact, the overall vibes are off-putting more than not.

We're talking loudmouthed, fist-pumping tourists decked out in cheesy strobe light decor with no sense of personal boundaries.

Factor in long lines, excessive prices and trailer park-esque streets away from the few blissful beach spots, you may be better off in Mallorca.

nice beach in ibiza

Canggu (Bali), Indonesia

Bali was voted by travelers as the best island in all of Asia, but not every region of this stunning island is passing the vibe check.

Travelers have been complaining Canggu is not as alluring as it used to be. It's hard to be on-the-go checking out all the cool spots when you're constantly stuck in heavy traffic.

Tourists pack in to Bali year after year with one key reason being the chill, low-key atmosphere. As frustration simmers, travelers would love to take advantage of the once-popular yoga scene to find some Zen, but options have been dwindling more and more.

To escape the crowds and ongoing annoyances, another side of Bali is your best bet – Seminyak.

crowded beach canggu

Dubai, UAE

Some would say Dubai is a bucket-list destination, while many who have visited say it's overrated.

You can only visit certain times of the year without melting, and when you're forced indoors, you'll definitely splurge through your vacation budget as shopping is never-ending here.

Materialism reigns supreme in this ritzy desert megacity where shiny buildings far overshadow the very few cultural attractions.

Sure, there are beaches to relax, but it's not exactly paradise with a hazy sky as a backdrop. Neighboring Oman makes for a great alternative with affordable name-brand beach resorts, welcoming locals, and authentic experiences.

beach in dubai

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of America's most iconic cities, with many sites that are instantly recognizable. Unfortunately, this gorgeous coastal city has made headlines for a lot of the wrong reasons as of late.

While the scenic views, cultural neighborhoods, tourist attractions, and even expensive prices remain, there has been a noticeable uptick in crime and eyesores spread throughout.

Travelers feel the need to keep their head on a swivel at all times, especially in downtown areas as some streets resemble a zombie apocalypse, except Woody Harrelson isn't there to save you.

Those in need of a California vacay may want to consider San Diego, a fun beach city with better weather and a new law banning unsightly homeless encampments.

people riding san francisco trolley

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a pretty city well known for its scenic canals, free spirit, and bicycle-friendly lifestyle. As appealing as Amsterdam is on paper, they are pulling away their ‘Welcome' mat for travelers.

Well known for their red lights, tourists are being asked to hit the brakes. In an attempt to clean up their own self-induced image, tourists are getting the short end of the stick.

The city has gone as far as launching a ‘Stay Away' campaign. For travelers who want to feel welcome, Bruges, Belgium is teeming with lovely canals and historical sites without the whole city acting like a ‘Karen'.

amsterdam canal

Paris, France

One of the most iconic cities in the world, 2024 just isn't the year to visit for an authentic experience. Already not known as the cheapest place, imagine how prices will spike to fund the latest Olympic host.

As such, when the Olympics take over a city, culture goes out the window. With crowds already an annoyance, hordes of Olympic tourists from all over the world will only pile on to the issue this summer.

Sure, you can still cafe-hop and get your obligatory selfie with the Eiffel Tower, but you may get an eye poked out with a selfie stick.

What about a different type of trip to France this year? The fairy-tale town of Saint-Emilion oozes charm where you can sip locally produced wine and hang with friendly locals without bumping into tourists.

tourist at eiffel tower

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Scott Wilson

Sunday 4th of February 2024

Good to know those nasty homeless encampments are "banned" somewhere.


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

There's lots of gorgeous Beaches in Florida, siesta key for one , the sand is as soft as powered sugar an as white , the vibe in jet largo is mellow and awesome, not a lot of tourists,descent prices too marathon jet gorgeous absolutely perfect. Ft Myers beach my favorite, lively family style beach . One quik tip the sea gulls will steal your lunch, lol, they did mine .😊

Ricka G

Tuesday 9th of January 2024

I disagree about Amsterdam being on this list. The "stay away" campaign is specifically oriented towards discouring the wild bachelor parties where the guys drink way too much, vomit all over the streets, and generally run amok. Everyone else is still welcome.