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These Are The Best Times To Fly This Summer

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Traveling this summer is going to be huge. The weather is starting to warm, and places like Japan have reopened, giving North Americans more incentive to travel abroad. 

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But sometimes, traveling during certain months or days can be more expensive than others, and it’s hard to figure out which times are the cheapest, less busy, and generally the best to travel during the summer months. 

If you’re looking to travel this summer, make sure you pick the right time and day. It can save money and create a better vacation since you’re starting on the right foot. 

Destinations like Japan, Vietnam, and Italy are all trending for travelers from North America, and flying there can be a little expensive if you don't plan ahead.


Just recently, Expedia released a new report detailing the best time to travel this summer, showing which days and times are the most economical and time-saving. 

No matter where you go this summer, spending less on a flight or not being overwhelmed by busy airports can be a blessing, and who doesn’t love a stress-free summer vacation? 

As unrealistic as that is, tools and articles (like this one) show you which days are the best. 

Find out which days and months are the best times to fly this summer below: 

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Least Busy Days

Summer travel is expected to be busy, and according to a new report from Expedia, some months and days are better for traveling to avoid chaotic airports and infinite security checkpoints. 

According to the report, the least busy day to travel this summer is August 24. This can be attributed to a few things. 

The summer is rolling down at that point, and you’re starting to get into the shoulder season. This can be good for travelers because you’re avoiding the summer crowds but still getting the same amenities like warm weather and beautiful locations. 

Some locations like Spain and Portugal have warm summer-like weather until November (most of the time), and traveling there in August can be a fun way to avoid the busy crowds. 

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Busiest Day

We all know summer is the prime season for domestic and international travel, and you will run into crowds anywhere you go. 

The busiest day to travel is Saturday, July 1. July is the month most North Americans take a vacation, and because of holidays like July 4, most people want to be outside. 

Being outside also means traveling to different parts of the world. If you’re planning summer travel this season, avoid mid to late June and July. This is the peak season for many destinations, and flights can be expensive and overbooked. 

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Cheapest Day

The cheapest day to travel is August 27, which goes along with traveling near the shoulder season. It’s an intelligent way to avoid crowds and save on flight prices. 

By this time, most summer crowds have faded, and many destinations are creating more specials for you to travel. 

It’s a win-win if you ask us and something you should look into this season. 

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Most Expensive Day

July 1 is something you should avoid planning your vacation around if you want to be stress-free. It’s the most expensive and busiest day to travel. 

Traveling around holidays is probably not the best time because everyone else is planning their vacations around that time too. 

According to the Expedia report, “To save on airfare, travel during late August and avoid holiday weekends. Average ticket prices drop an average of $125 compared to the peak in early July.”

If you plan on going somewhere this summer, plan out which days and months you’re aiming to leave. It can save you more time and money and create space for summer memories you will have forever. 

Remember that traveling during holidays or in June and July can be difficult. 

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Summer travel should be fun, and wherever you go will be a blast. Take some time off and enjoy the warmer weather.

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