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These Are The Safest Countries For Solo Female Travelers

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Women are traveling more and are eager to explore new destinations—especially after the pandemic—, with or without companions. We have already explored the top 5 cities for female travelers, and now we have a new analysis of the safest countries. 

Woman walking in Downtown Dubai with Burj Khalifa in the background

Even though solo travel has been getting more and more popular among globetrotters, women still face more challenges than men when it comes to safety and discrimination.

However, at certain destinations—especially where countries have made efforts to guarantee safety and implement favorable measures— women feel safer, and data confirms it.

woman handing passport at airport security

According to a recent analysis performed by the BBC comparing reports and data from the Peace Global Peace Index (PGP), the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap report and the Institute for Economics, and Georgetown University's Women's Peace And Security Index (WPS), there are five countries that currently offer the best experience. 

These are the safest countries for women travelers:


Seeing the amazing northern lights is on many travelers’ bucket lists and is one of the experiences women travelers can have on their own. 

Norway has ranked as the safest country in the WPS index and several times as one of the happiest countries in the world. 

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Woman with arms wide open enjoying nature in Norway

The financial inclusion and legal measures for equality have built a society where women—and all types of travelers— have independence and respect across the country. 

This is a great destination to connect with nature and explore its mountains and fjords, practice outdoor sports, or visit charming cities like Bergen.

United Arab Emirates

This influential destination—the world’s top tourist destination— has been amazing tourists. Dubai and its capital Abu Dhabi offer visitors amazing cityscapes with modern buildings and skyscrapers.

Woman looks at map in Dubai

According to the analysis, the country is the leader in the region in gender equality and also ranks very well in community safety. Dubai has ranked first place in a recent report shared by the travel insurance company Insure My Trip as the best female solo travel destination.

Adventure travelers can have distinct moments on a desert safari or go skydiving to see the Palm Dropzone from the air.


This country in East Africa has the most gender equality parliament in the world—women occupy 60% of the seats— and a strong sense of safety from its community. 

Rebecca Hansen, a Danish female traveler interviewed by the BBC, confirmed that it is safe for women to explore the country: “There is police, security, and military around at almost all locations and all times of day and night.”

Female traveler with backpack using phone in rural area

Hanses also added: “It may seem intimidating at first, but you will quickly learn that all of these uniforms are friendly people who are always willing to help out.”

Travelers visiting this country get to see gorillas in their natural habitat, learn about the local cultural heritage, explore amazing national parks, and connect with its friendly people—English and French are two of the four official languages, along with Kinyarwanda and Swahili.

Rwanda rainforest bridge


This beautiful country has an appealing culture and one-of-a-kind travel journeys.

Five amazing travel experiences have recently been announced at the Japan Travel Awards and include learning traditional mosaic-like marquetry, a peace cycling tour, and more. 

Japan has been recognized as one of the safest countries for female globetrotters as it has very low rates of violent crime, according to the Global Peace Index, and has women-only hotels. 

Young Female Tourist In Japan, Southeast Asia

Solo travelers also feel more comfortable dining alone and doing activities on their own—like solo karaoke— as it is very common in Japanese culture. 

Visitors also enjoy the delicious food, visiting unique temples, and exploring cities and natural environments. 

Many Japanese speak English, especially in big cities, and when visiting rural destinations, travelers can find great travel guides in English.

young traveler taking pictures in Hakone.jpeg

Tourists also enjoy their trips more in destinations where they feel safe and comfortable even when they don't speak the official language of the country.

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Kayser Oldston

Thursday 6th of April 2023

Andrea, I love how you highlighted different parts of the globe. Great job!