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These Are The Top 3 Safest Islands In The Caribbean To Visit Right Now

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Now that travel is fully returning to its former glory, safety concerns have become paramount, surpassing even scenery, adventure opportunities, and budget in the list of factors to consider when picking out that next vacation spot.

The Caribbean is home to some of the dreamiest, most vibrant destinations on Earth that can be found on almost every traveler’s bucket list, and, luckily, some of the safest havens, too.

a woman and pink flamingos standing on an Aruba beach

A recent report studied the latest State Department travel advisories, the 2023 Global Peace Index, and BHTP rankings of the safest places to travel in 2024, and found that these three islands are currently the safest to visit in all of the Caribbean.


Aruba, often referred to as “One Happy Island,” is a tropical paradise known for its warm hospitality, stunning beaches, and idyllic atmosphere.

aerial view of Aruba

And, as it turns out, it’s one of the most peaceful destinations you can choose this upcoming winter season, too.

The A of the “ABC islands” (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) boasts safe tourism infrastructure and a low crime rate, and, just like the other two destinations that made it to this list, it is located outside the Atlantic hurricane belt, which keeps so many tourists from enjoying the tropical vacations of their dreams. 

The country has also received a Level 1 Travel Advisory from the U.S. government, proving once again that this is a destination where you can simply lie back and relax without having to keep your guard up at all times.

This won’t be hard to do once you set foot in one of the region’s famed white-sanded beaches – my top picks would be Eagle and Palm Beach.

aerial view of Eagle Beach, Aruba

There, you’ll be able to snorkel, windsurf, and sail, all under the watchful eye of lifeguards, ensuring that you stay safe during your water adventures.

City trippers will love Oranjestad, the island's capital, which boasts a stunning blend of Dutch and Caribbean architecture. 

So, stroll through the colorful markets, dine in world-class restaurants, and experience the vibrant local culture, all with total peace of mind.


With a Level 1 Travel Advisory, Bonaire is a hidden gem that’s as safe as it is awe-inspiring.

Though the island is best known for its peaceful, laid-back atmosphere, adventurers will never feel bored exploring the deep blue waters here.

Te Amo Beach, Bonaire

Bonaire is renowned for its exceptional marine life and pristine coral reefs, so make sure to experience the Bonaire National Marine Park if you’re ever in the area.

This is one of the oldest marine reserves in the world, and the easily accessible diving sites welcome you to an underwater world filled with stunning views you won’t get to see anywhere else.  

Under the guidance of experienced dive operators, visitors can explore vibrant coral gardens, see diverse marine species firsthand, and even participate in coral restoration efforts.

Other must-see attractions that’ll leave nature enthusiasts speechless include the lush Washington Slagbaai National Park and the mesmerizing Flamingo Sanctuary.

Caribbean flamingo at the flamingo sanctuary on Bonaire


Though last on today’s list, Curacao is just as safe (and equally stunning) as its counterparts.

Since you won’t have to spend any extra time and effort ensuring you stay safe during your travels, exploring the colorful Dutch colonial architecture, rich history, and diverse culture of the island becomes that much more enjoyable.

curacao dutch style architecture with blue sky in background

Willemstad, Curacao’s capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its visually stimulating buildings, lively local markets, and intriguing museums that speak of a unique past. 

Immerse yourself in the island's cultural heritage by exploring the Kura Hulanda Museum, which beautifully showcases the island's history.

After a great day roaming around the cobblestone streets of Willemstad, it’s time to relax in one of the area’s world-class beaches. 

I’d recommend putting Jan Thiel, Playa Kenepa Grandi, and Cas Abao right at the top of your itinerary.

Playa Cas Abao Curacao, Caribbean

If you’re more of an adventurer who’d like to keep sunbathing to a minimum, don’t worry. 

These beaches, as well as most others that dot Curacao, offer endless opportunities for water activities like kayaking, swimming, and jet skiing – just to name a few.

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