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These Are The Top 4 Destinations In Japan For Solo Travelers

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Tokyo may grab all the attention but Japan is full of wonders outside the gargantuan capital. Although many different types of travelers love coming to this amazing country, we'll take a deep dive into why it's so appealing to solo travelers.

Japan may have taken their sweet time opening back up after the pandemic, but it was worth the wait. There are so many unique experiences all across the country, including the gorgeous islands.

Man in a garden in Kyoto, Japan

This immaculate destination is full of wonders perfect for all walks of life, whether a couple simply wanting a fun vacation or a solo traveler looking to find themselves again.

These are the top 4 destinations in Japan for solo travelers:

Tokyo, Of Course!

A trip to Japan without visiting this lively megacity just wouldn't be right. Reaching the capital city is more accessible than ever with new budget flights directly from the U.S.

You can easily wander the buzzing streets and cultural back alleys, getting lost in the best of ways. Tokyo is a place where you will never be bored.

neon lights of tokyo

From hotels with a staff of robots to endless nights of karaoke, there is no place quite like this city. Solo travelers may have their travel budget as a top concern for Tokyo, and rightfully so.

Generally, Tokyo has had a reputation for high prices, especially compared to other Asian destinations.

The good news for solo travelers is there are plentiful options for accommodations catered to you, such as clean hostels or capsule hotels.

Not only that, the currency (yen) has weakened, giving travelers an edge not quite seen before. Japan wants more solo travelers to come here too.

Woman walking on the Takeshita street, Tokyo, Japan

Digital nomads often fly solo, and Japan is laying the groundwork to become a more attractive destination for remote workers.

Tokyo would obviously top the list for digital nomads as well, plus 3 more Japanese destinations solo travelers fall in love with.


Since Tokyo steals all the shine away from other Japanese gems, the gorgeous island of Okinawa often flies under the radar.

solo traveler in okinawa

In fact, the only time you may hear about this stunning place is through television documentaries focusing on the world's Blue Zones – destinations around the world where residents tend to live longer, healthier lives.

That is Okinawa's main claim to fame. With that comes a stunning island full of beauty and unmatched culture.

Solo travelers will find postcard-worthy beaches in one of the safest places in the country. However, Japan is widely considered one of the safest Asian countries.

beautiful beach in okinawa

There is already a large American community here with a large military presence on the island. Standing out in the crowd should not be a concern here.


Kyoto is one of the most scenic cities in all of Japan. Chances are if you're not going to Tokyo, then you are headed here.

This wondrous city is home to Japan's famed geishas – female performing artists in traditional Japanese garb.

The city is not difficult to reach from Tokyo, so solo travelers will have no trouble getting here. The city is a sight to behold with what you would expect from such a cultural place.

fall foliage in kyoto

Even more so in the fall with all the vibrant colors. Think of quintessential wooden houses lining the charming streets and beautiful temples throughout the city.

Solo travelers are likely to run into fellow travelers at its plethora of hostels (sometimes labeled as ‘guesthouses') or main attractions.

Digital nomads will appreciate many co-working spaces to choose from.


Japan's third most populous city is a gem for solo travel. From a distance, it may look like a mini-Tokyo, but it has its own personality and flair.

osaka castle in fall

This urban jungle is known as a foodie paradise, with street food vendors seemingly everywhere. If you're an adventurous eater, this is the place to be.

But this city isn't just for foodies; solo travelers and digital nomads alike will both be enthralled staying here.

Between trendy museums, stunning temples, and the Instagram-worthy Osaka Castle, tourists have plenty to see. Especially when the gorgeous castle is engorged in fall foliage.

Solo travelers can find comfortable hostels with nightly rates in the teens and easily get around on Japan's envious metro system.

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