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These Are The Top 5 Lesser Known Destinations To Visit In 2024 According To New Report  

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Some destinations will attract huge numbers of visitors year after year no matter what.  

It’s hard to imagine a time when culture vultures won’t head to Paris or roller coaster junkies won’t flock to Florida.  

But what if you want to get away from the conventional crowds of tourists and try something unexpected? 

Woman standing in a square in Europe

These are the top 5 lesser-known destinations to visit in 2024 according to a new report by  

Turin, Italy 

Turin is an incredibly beautiful city that is known as the ‘Paris of Italy’. It is a city of culture, it has an incredible elegant feel, and boasts grand architecture too.  

Tourists can wander down the wide boulevards, stop for pastries in the pavement cafes, and soak in the unique Italian atmosphere.  

church of Monte Cappuccini in Turin, Piedmont, Italy, surrounded by snowy Alps mountains

If you’re looking to expand your mind as part of your vacation then there’s no better place to be.  

Turin is home to a huge number of world-class museums including what is considered to be the best Egyptian Museum outside of Egypt.  

But despite this Turin doesn’t attract the crowds of other Italian cities such as Venice. Venice is under serious threat from rapid development, rising sea levels, and too many tourists. Turin makes a great alternative Italian destination.  

Champagne, France 

In 2023 France was the most popular European destination for American travelers and more American travelers visited Paris than any other French city.  

Paris is the city of love and romance and the iconic Eiffel Tower. But it is also crowded with tourists and difficult to explore, especially during the heat of the summer months.  

That’s why is suggesting that travelers explore France’s Champagne region instead.  

Windmill on a hill in the Champagne region

This region is located in the northeast of France, and as the name suggests it is where the world-class sparkling wine is produced.  

As well as enjoying visiting vineyards and wine tastings in some of the world’s most famous Champagne houses and wineries, it is also a great place for a romantic getaway and exploring France’s cultural heritage.  

The Hague, Netherlands 

Amsterdam has suffered from chronic overcrowding as a result of huge numbers of tourists this year. But it isn’t the only fascinating destination to visit in the Netherlands.  

The Binnenhof castle on Hofvijver lake in the Hague city

The Hague is the political heart of the Netherlands and it is a city with unique global significance because it houses organizations like the International Court of Justice.  

But it is the city’s relaxed atmosphere, beautiful green spaces, and rich culture that attracts tourists.  

And because The Hague is on the coast, you can enjoy a day by the beach as part of your city explorations too. 

Basque Country, Spain  

There is no bad part of Spain, but each of the country’s autonomous regions has its own distinct vibe. 

Barcelona is a bustling and vibrant metropolis but the over-tourism in the city is turning many visitors off. For this reason, tourists interested in exploring Spain are advised to visit the Basque Country instead. 

Tourists Bathing By The Beach In Donostia, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Northern Spain

The Basque Country is considered the authentic heart of Spain and offers a unique Spanish experience that can’t be beaten. Enjoy the friendly local tapas bars, immerse yourself in Basque culture, or see the breathtaking architectural feats of some of Spain’s oldest cities such as San Sebastien.  

The Basque Country also has an expansive coastline, so you can experience the traditional delights of lazy days on Spanish beaches to

The Basque people are very proud of their unique and fascinating heritage. The landscapes and scenery are spectacular, leaving tourists awe-inspired by the views.

Celebratory Monument In Public Square In Victoria Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain

And it would be impossible to talk about Basque Country without mentioning the food, which is some of the very best in Spain.  

Choquequirao, Peru 

Machu Picchu is by far the most popular tourist destination in Peru but many tourists mistakenly believe it is the only Peruvian city worth visiting. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Choquequirao is considered the sister city to Machu Picchu but it receives significantly fewer visitors. This means that visiting is a more serene and authentic experience.

ancient Inca city is known as Choquequirao

This is a great trip for adventurous travelers who like a challenge. Visiting Choquequirao involves a 50km trek to heights of 3,050 meters.  

If you can manage the journey, then the rewards are significant. The ruins in Choquequirao are three times bigger than those in Machu Picchu and because they aren’t visited by many tourists you may even find you have the incredible experience of enjoying the site all to yourself.  

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Monday 6th of November 2023

Champagne France is absolutely beautiful and Charming. There is so much to see and do there. All the little towns are still like old world villages with lots of cafes, bakeries and so many Champagne houses.