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These Are The Top 5 Safest Cities To Visit In The U.S. According To New Report

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In an ideal world, we’d choose our destinations based on the sights or experiences we’d like to enjoy the most, but unfortunately, there’s a lot more thought that needs to go into the travel-planning process.

One of the most essential factors to consider when setting off somewhere we’re not familiar with is safety – and yes, that remains true even when the destination in question is someplace just a couple of hours away.

woman kayaking in Austin, Texas

That’s why even those looking to keep their upcoming travels domestic need to take into account where they’ll feel most welcome and at ease, and luckily, CEO World is here to help.

The magazine recently released a ranking of the safest travel destinations in the world, and these 5 U.S. cities were the ones that scored the highest on the list.

5. San Diego

While San Diego is a place mostly known for its gorgeous beaches, perfectly mild climate, and thriving cultural scene, the city also offers travelers something that can’t be bought or replicated – a sense of safety and tranquility that allows you to truly let your guard down and relax.

downtown San Diego skyline

The buzzing, palm tree-lined streets here are not only clean and well-maintained but also well-lit and regularly patrolled by law enforcement, creating a general sense of safety that can probably be best appreciated by solo travelers who won’t have to look over their shoulders every two seconds.

4. Boston

Given that it’s one of the oldest cities in the entire country, Boston has always captured the attention of history buffs and culture seekers from all over the U.S.

view of boston, massachusetts

Right now, though, the city is emerging as a well-rounded destination where visitors from all walks of life can feel engaged, entertained, and, most importantly, safe.

While the strong presence of the Boston Police is undoubtedly a big contributor to the welcoming, calm experience most travelers can expect to enjoy in the city, it’s actually the general sense of community that keeps the place from feeling like your run-of-the-mill tourist trap.

view of Boston harbor

The great thing about the many tight-knit families and neighborhoods you’ll find here is that they’ll never hesitate to extend a helping hand to strangers, helping them feel right at home.

3. Austin

Austin is truly having a moment right now, not only among travelers but also among digital nomads or even just your regular 9-to-5 employees looking to move somewhere warm and with plenty of opportunities.

Austin Texas

If you, too, are planning to hop on the trend and experience the Texan capital firsthand anytime soon, there’s another big factor to add to the city’s “Pros” column – its safety.

No matter whether you’re going to Austin for the first time or the tenth, alone or with a big group of people, one thing’s for sure – you’ll be stunned at how such a large community manages to still maintain that small-town feel.

cyclists in Austin, Texas

Just about anyone will be happy to go out of their way to make you feel safe and welcomed, something that’s pretty rare in most cities that share Austin’s size and general vibe.

2. Boise

Though a bit lesser-known than most other destinations that made it to today’s list, Boise, Idaho, is still a fantastic destination for your next domestic getaway.

Bouse, Idaho

Here, not only will you be able to take in the views of the scenic Rocky Mountains, but you’ll also feel at ease knowing that you’re staying in one of the places with the lowest crime index in all of North America.

So, take that hike or biking expedition feeling confident that you’ll encounter nothing but awe-inspiring views.

1. Salt Lake City

The Crossroads of the West is not only a historical gem surrounded by breathtaking vistas but also one of the U.S. cities that most consistently scores highly in safety rankings from all over the world – and this one is no exception.

Salt Lake City

The local police force has long been implementing proactive strategies with a focus on fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and residents.

The result?

A well-calibrated community where violent crimes are successfully deterred and where visitors can feel confident going out at night alone.

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