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These Are The Top 5 Trending Countries To Visit In Africa For 2024

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For many travelers Africa is still considered uncharted territory.

But tourism in Africa is booming. Even travelers who might not have considered visiting Africa before are exploring the continent.

According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer international tourist arrivals to Africa had surged to 84% of their pre-pandemic levels.

people in africa on a hike

It’s easy to see why. Africa offers incredible landscapes, rich culture, and abundant outdoor adventures.

With that in mind these are the top 5 trending countries to visit in Africa for 2024:


If you’re looking for a safari adventure during your time in Africa then there is no better country to visit than Tanzania.

This might come as a surprise because Kenya is a better-known safari destination. But Tanzania is far superior!

Herd of african elephants on a safari trip to Kenya and a snow capped Kilimanjaro mountain in Tanzania in the background, under a cloudy blue skies. 800

Tanzania is home to some of the most world-renowned national parks and the Selous Game Reserve which is the biggest game reserve in the world.

You probably won’t see them all but you could spot some of the 120,000 elephants, 160,000 buffalos and 2,000 rhino that live here. If you want to see the Big Five then Tanzania is your best bet!

Not interested in joining a Safari? There are other reasons to visit Tanzania.

Beach view. Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania. copy

The country is home to both the highest and the lowest points in Africa. The highest is the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and the lowest is the floor of Lake Tanganyika. Both offer awesome adventure activities for outdoorsy types.

If you’re more interested in some relaxing beach time, then just 36 km off the coast of Tanzania is Zanzibar Island. Here, you’ll find pristine beaches and turquoise waters perfect for scuba diving or snorkeling.


Rwanda is a country with a dark and troubled past but that shouldn’t put you off visiting this beautiful and welcoming destination.

Rwanda has so much to offer its visitors! For nature lovers, it's home to one-third of the world’s mountain gorilla population. For culture vultures, it's hip urban areas and warm, friendly people are an instant win.

Family of mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills and not only are these beautiful hilly landscapes great for looking at their incredible for walkers, hikers, and outdoorsy types who want to explore.

You can trek through the dense rainforest where you’ll find the summits of volcanic peaks.

If that all sounds a little too much like hard work, then why not head to Rwanda’s capital of Kigali instead? This is a vibrant and modern city and is considered one of the friendliest capital cities in Africa.

It is a great spot to learn more about Rwandan culture. You can visit Kandt House (the Natural History Museum) or visit the Inema Art Center or the nearby Niyo Art Gallery.


Ethiopia has a reputation for being a very poor country: most of us can remember seeing images of starving Ethiopian children on our TVs years ago.

But in cultural terms, Ethiopia is a rich country. It is a country full of sites of historical and cultural importance as well as loaded with diverse and beautiful landscapes.

Blue Nile Falls, Tis Issat, Ethiopia, Africa

Some of the highlights of these include the rugged Simien mountains and the Blue Nile Falls. If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery, then this is it!

Many of the tourists that visit Ethiopia right now are nature lovers attracted by the country’s biodiversity and the number of visitors to the country is growing all the time.

It is worth noting that the U.S. State Department is currently advising U.S. citizens to reconsider travel to Ethiopia (this is a level 3 alert) due to sporadic violence and the risk of conflict and civil unrest in the country.


If you want to see the full range of incredible scenery that Africa has to offer then visit Namibia.

This incredible country is so diverse that you can see almost all of Africa’s landscape highlights in one place!

You can explore the sandy plains of the Namib desert which is the oldest desert in the world. Stare across a traditional African savannah.

Trees in the Namib desert in Namibia

And Namibia even has its own coastline. This is known as the Skeleton Coast because of the huge number of whale skeletons and wrecked ships that line the shore here.

Its stunning scenery isn’t the only reason tourists visit Namibia though. This is a relatively young country and it hasn’t been overdeveloped which means many of the local people have conserved their traditional way of life.

If you’re hoping to explore local African tribal cultures, then that makes Namibia one of the best places to visit! There are 6 different indigenous groups in Namibia.

You can arrange a tour to visit some or all of them. Because each has its own traditions, languages, and lifestyles, it’s a truly fascinating experience.


Uganda has a vibrant culture and friendly people. But like the rest of the destinations on the list (and most other countries in Africa) people visit Uganda to explore its beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

Uganda is Africa’s top destination for bird spotters. It’s a great place to go wild chimpanzee trekking, and because it is home to the largest freshwater lake in Africa, there are great aquatic opportunities here.

View of Lake Victoria in Uganda

Uganda is a country with a go big or go home approach. That’s why it is the source of Africa’s longest river, strongest waterfall, and the largest number of primates.

Whether you want to splash on the shores of Lake Victoria or climb the snowy peak of Rwenzori mountain, Uganda is a country of extremes, and that makes it an incredibly appealing tourist destination.

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