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These Are The Top 5 Types Of Trips Americans Are Planning Most This Spring 

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Now that April is here, we can really start to see if this year's spring travel trends are shaping up to be what was predicted.

Are people really traveling in ways data suggested they would?

Well, a recent study by Forbes shows that Americans are planning to travel more in 2023, a fact that we can already see taking place now. 

woman in hat 
 on car road trip

By surveying 1000 Americans that plan on traveling this year, factors are taken into account, such as how often they plan on traveling, what kind of trips they will be taking, how inflation has affected their travel plans, and how they plan on utilizing credit cards for their trips. 

The survey found that 49% of respondents indicated they would travel more than they did last year, while 38% stated they would likely travel the same amount as they did last year.

When asked about how inflation has impacted their 2023 travel plans, 23% intend on traveling in the off-season, and 21% changed their destination due to rising costs.

Another 19% of the participants indicated that they were willing to compromise on the quality of the accommodation they choose, and 15% reported they were planning a road trip instead of flying. 

friends on beach

So, knowing how many Americans plan on traveling this spring and how they plan on getting away this year in the face of inflation leaves the question as to what kind of trips they are taking.

With answers from sports trips to camping and everything in between, Americans are planning on traveling in many categories this year.

Here are the top 5 kinds of trips they plan to take this spring:

Visiting Family and Friends 

51% of respondents indicated that their main reason for traveling this year would be to reconnect with loved ones near and far.

Traveling to spend time with their family and friends is the driving force for many Americans this year.

From family reunions to getting the gang back together, there is nothing quite like relaxing with those you love, far from the pressures of work and daily responsibilities. 

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famliy having a meal outside with american flag

Road Trip

42% of participants have indicated that they plan on taking a road trip this spring, and the timing for that couldn’t be better.

This year is the perfect time to take that American road trip you have been thinking about, if not only for the sole reason of avoiding the airports this year.

Air travel is meant to be quite hectic this year, and by sticking to the roads, many Americans are hoping to have a less stressful holiday and more time to spend exploring and relaxing. 

young couple in convertible on roadtrip

Beach Vacation

37% of those surveyed reported that they were planning on spending their vacation this spring at the beach.

With no shortage of beautiful beaches across America, it’s no wonder why so many are eager to hit the shores and lounge away the days surfside.

With beaches all across the country and ranging from wild shores to amusement parks lining the boardwalk, there are options for everyone on America’s beaches.

family at the beach walking in the sunset

Celebrations and Life Events

31% of those asked indicated that their primary purpose for traveling this year would be for a celebration of life event.

With reasons ranging from birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, it’s clear that life events are something worth traveling for many Americans. 

Traveling for a destination wedding, crisscrossing the country to surprise your grandparents at their anniversary celebration, or just getting away for a birthday weekend, traveling for special moments such as these offer memories for a lifetime.

destination wedding on the beach

Camping Vacations

24% of Americans included in this survey have reported that their main form of getting away this year would be spending some time in the great outdoors.

Camping is a massive form of leisure travel for Americans, and as over 58 million households went camping last year, it’s no surprise that it makes the top five types of trips Americans are planning on taking in 2023. 

people camping in the sunset

Outdoor Adventures

Tying for the number 5 spot with camping is outdoor adventures, with 24% of those included in this survey indicating that they would use their travel time to get outside and get their heart rate up.

Activities such as surfing, mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing all top the types of outdoor adventures that this subset is seeking to take. 

friends rock climbing in the mountains

The rest of those surveyed had other reasons to travel this year. Here were the other reported reasons:

  • 23% are planning to take a bucket list trip
  • 23% are planning on enjoying a romantic getaway 
  • 21% are planning on taking a cruise 
  • 20% are planning on celebrating a holiday 
  • 20% are planning on treating themselves to a resort vacation 
  • 17% are planning on having a city vacation 
  • 11% are planning on a sports trip 

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