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These Are The Top 5 U.S Airlines You Should Book For On Time Flights  

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There are very few things more frustrating than a delayed flight.  

Not only can flights that are delayed or canceled disrupt your whole vacation schedule, but spending more time (and money) in the airport can increase your stress levels too.  

These Are The Top 5 U.S Airlines You Should Book For On Time Flights

Looking to fly with an airline that is as reliable as possible?  

A new on-time performance report by Cirium has revealed that these are the top 5 airlines you should book for on-time flights:  

5. Southwest Airlines

The 5th most reliable airline in North America is Southwest Airlines.  

78.36% of Southwest airline flights were on time last month. This is a great score for Southwest and means that their on-time performance rate has steadily improved over the past 3 months.  

Southwest Plane at Los Angeles airport

Southwest is the only airline on this list that is considered a budget carrier. It is one of the largest low-cost airlines in the world.  

Combine this with its high reliability score, and it’s easy to see why Southwest is so popular with passengers.  

4. American Airlines

82.54% of American Airlines flights were on time last month.  

This means that American Airlines is the 4th most reliable airline in North America. It is worth noting here that all of the 5 airlines on this list are U.S. airlines.

American airline plane

American Airlines is also considered the 2nd most popular airline in the U.S as well as being ranked as one of the best airlines in the world.

With such high rankings in these coveted reports, it's easy to see why American Airlines is such a reliable choice.

3. United Airlines

The 3rd most reliable airline in North America is United Airlines.  

United airlines plane

United had an on-time performance rate of 82.54% last month. This is an improvement on last month’s 81.61% but means that United drops down from 2nd place into 3rd place.  

At over 90 years old, United is one of the oldest airlines in the U.S., and it continues to maintain its popularity as well as its timely efficiency.

2. Alaska Airlines

83.81% of Alaska Airlines flights were on time last month. This means that they switched places with United going from 3rd place to 2nd place.  

Alaska Airlines plane

Alaska Airlines was the first to issue electronic bag tags so that passengers could skip check-in lines, and its focus on improvement and satisfaction makes it a firm customer favorite.

1. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is considered to be the most reliable airline in the United States right now.  

It has an on-time performance rate of 86.40%. This is an improvement of more than 4 points for the airline compared to last month.  

Delta airplane

This means that Delta is not only the most reliable North American airline but also the third most reliable airline in the world.  

If you’re focused on getting those on-time flights, then there is no better airline to choose than Delta right now.  

Why Are Planes Delayed?

There are loads of reasons why flights might be delayed.  

Adverse weather is considered one of the main reasons for flight delays and cancellations, and this is a particular concern as we come into the unreliable winter months and the adverse weather conditions it brings.  

Knock-on effects of other delayed flights can also be a significant reason for ongoing delayed flights. If your flight from Orlando to Dallas is late, for example, chances are the next flight using that plane will be late too.  

Man staring at a flight information board in an airport canceled flight delayed flight

Your plane may also choose to wait for connecting passengers or for connecting luggage.  

While this won’t cause long delays, it can mean your plane won’t leave the runway on time, and as discussed above, this can have knock-on effects on other flights for the rest of the day. 

A final common cause of delays is air traffic control problems. Airports are busy, and if an airline misses its take-off time, for example, it may have to wait until another departure slot becomes available.  

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Monday 25th of December 2023

One reason not mentioned but I have met SEVERAL times during my latest several month stay in USA is the connection of flight crews: the previous flight crews have worked long time and the crews have to be changed but the next team of crews are delayed by whatever reasons