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These Are The Top 5 U.S. States For Digital Nomads According To New Report

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The rise of digital nomadism has transformed the way people work and travel, allowing professionals to achieve the type of work-life balance that wasn’t even deemed possible a couple of decades ago. 

While, in theory, digital nomads should be able to live and work from virtually anywhere in the world, the truth of the matter is that not all destinations provide the opportunities, facilities, and overall atmosphere that best supports a remote work lifestyle.

BluePillow, a search engine created to help travelers find and compare deals between millions of accommodation options, recently conducted a study on the best U.S. states for digital nomads.

woman overlooking New York City

These were the top 5 picks:

1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state that’s probably best known for its vibrant cities and pioneering spirit, attracting legions of digital nomads from the U.S. and beyond.

The area is home to some of the most prestigious universities on Earth, including Harvard and MIT, which not only helps those looking to further their education have access to world-class institutions but also fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Harvard Campus during fall season

All this goes hand in hand with the type of atmosphere most remote workers seek when choosing their next place of residency, especially those looking to advance in tech or finance-related industries.

Beyond its thriving technological scene and robust job market, Massachusetts is home to a plethora of co-working environments designed to help professionals tap into their most creative, productive selves.

The Village Works, Industry Lab, and Workbar Boston are just a few of the must-try work hubs in the area.

Boston, in particular, is famous for its networking events, workshops, and meetups, all of which allow digital nomads to enjoy the one perk they’re missing out on through remote work – connections and a sense of community.

financial district skyline, Boston

2. New Jersey

The smaller, often overlooked neighbor of New York is actually a hidden gem for digital nomads looking to strike that perfect balance between strategic location and high quality of life.

In New Jersey, you get access to some of North America’s biggest urban centers, including New York City and Philadelphia, all while paying roughly 60.1% less in rent and 27.3% less in eating out.

aerial view of Trenton, New Jersey

Digital nomads in the state can take advantage of the excellent transportation infrastructure, which makes getting in and out of bigger metropolitan regions a breeze, and the commute worth the extra money you’ll save in living expenses.

Here, you’ll also find over 161 co-working spaces, of which you’re bound to find a place that best boosts your productivity.

3. Connecticut

Boasting over 7,264 free WiFi hotspots, Connecticut is a state that allows digital nomads to stay connected at all times.

Beyond its picturesque landscapes and peaceful atmosphere, the region is known for its strong emphasis on education and research, which has led to thriving technology and healthcare industries.

mystic, connecticut

What’s more, the coworking spaces here are gorgeous, with many being situated amongst nature or in historic buildings (see BioCT Innovation Commons and SONO Spaces).

While the overall tranquility you’ll experience in Connecticut is one of the state’s biggest perks, you’ll still get to enjoy bustling urban hotspots when you feel like it.

New York and Boston, for example, are both located just a short drive away.

4. Maryland 

Maryland is a state that’s as economically enticing as it is culturally diverse, making it the perfect hub for digital nomads seeking an encouraging, inclusive environment. 

view from easton, maryland

Between its proximity to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, low crime rates, and modern facilities, Maryland offers remote workers the perfect space to thrive. 

5. New York

New York is the kind of city that needs no introduction or advertisement – chances are that as soon as you started working remotely, the Big Apple made it to your short list of dream destinations. 

Empire state building in the New York skyline

While the city is infamously expensive, the prices are actually reflective of the job opportunities, cultural experiences, and vibrant entrepreneurial scene that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth.

Excluding rent, the average single person living in New York can expect to pay roughly $1,550 a month on living expenses. 

So, if you’re someone who thrives in fast-paced, competitive environments and your budget allows for it, New York City is the ultimate place to be.

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