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These Are The Top 6 Destinations In Asia For 2024 According To Condé Nast

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Asia offers so many wondrous destinations across the continent it's challenging to narrow down the best.

Fortunately, Condé Nast did the hard work for us and came up with the top destinations in Asia for 2024.

After many travel restrictions in recent years, travelers have been chomping at the bit to go exploring in this amazing region of the world.

vibrant street in kobe japan

Some Asian destinations are still on their way to making a comeback, while others are more popular than ever.

Let's cut to the chase and see the top 6 Asian destinations to visit in 2024.


Ever heard of the Silk Road? No, not the dark web marketplace you may have heard about in the news.

The real Silk Road was the original before the World Wide Web ever existed. This avenue connected many countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, among others, to exchange common items such as textiles, perfumes and culinary delights.

Tourists have found a renewed interest in the Silk Road, which is putting the eye-popping country of Uzbekistan on travelers' radars.

woman at castle in uzbekistan

It's so pretty, in fact, it's hard for your eyes to decipher what they're witnessing with so much color and meticulous detail in historical landmarks.

In other words, Uzbekistan is an Instagrammer's and TikToker's dream to show off. The cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent and Khiva are reaping benefits of newfound fame, with Khiva in particular, named 2024’s tourism capital of the Islamic world.

Bangkok, Thailand (Chinatown)

Thailand has countless destinations within its borders, one might be wondering why one specific neighborhood should be visited.

tuk tuk in chinatown bangkok

Chinatowns are not hard to find… So, why go across the globe to visit Thailand's version? Wander Vancouver, Mexico City, or San Francisco long enough, and you will be into an unmistakably recognizable Chinatown district, but Thailand's rendition just hits different.

It's not just Chinese symbols, lanterns, and restaurants…Chinatown in Bangkok has a different rhythm and makes you feel alive with sensory overload at every direction you turn.

It's nonstop action of one of the world's most unique cultures with a blend of Thailand. Coming here is a perfect gateway to ease Western travelers into becoming comfortable with Chinese culture again in a country they feel safe visiting.

China is lagging behind in tourism after multiple years of stringent travel restrictions.

Kobe, Japan

buddha statue in kobe japan

Japan's government is publicly encouraging travelers to find off-path destinations within the country. Translation: Tokyo is too crowded and stay off Mount Fuji.

Okinawa makes for a great island getaway, but Kobe may be just what you're looking for in a lesser-known Japanese adventure.

This bustling city full of life and color is just what you'd expect when picturing Japan and it fails to disappoint.

Foodies may know Kobe for its world-famous, melt-in-your-mouth Kobe beef, but this city is more than just a foodie heaven.

Those seeking to check off witnessing the postcard-worthy Cherry Blossoms can do so in Kobe, along with visiting the most well-known hot spring resort in the nation – Arima – an absolute must.


backpacker in singapore

Brought into the spotlight by the popular movie Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore is in fact, crazy, rich, and well, Asian.

Singapore is not typically for those on a tight budget, but it's a crazy awesome destination if you're willing to splurge.

This small island nation is home to world-class hotels, shopping malls and some of the top-rated food in all of Asia with world-renowned food hawkers.

Singapore is super safe, shockingly clean and home to one of the best airlines and airports in the world.

New attractions, such as Big Sister's Island, will open in 2024, adding to an already impressive list of sights.

It might be best to avoid this melting pot of cultures when America's Princess Taylor Swift comes to town as hotels are expected to be even more packed and expensive than usual.

Da Nang, Vietnam

golden bridge of da nang

Compared to Singapore, Da Nang rivals in beauty but is super affordable. Globetrotting penny-pinchers will do just fine here, as it has become highly popular with digital nomads.

Vietnam offers a variety of jaw-dropping places to visit, but Da Nang is a super trendy beach destination with easier flight connections than one might expect.

Not many places are both this affordable and this gorgeous. It's definitely no longer a secret as tourism numbers have exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

This region is a bit of old and new, and there's just nothing quite like hopping on a scooter and seeing all the amazing World Heritage Sites have to offer.

Make sure to mark your calendars as summertime brings in hordes of travelers for the International Fireworks Festival.

Kochi, India

traditional dancers in kochi india

India is one of the most mystical countries on Earth. It seems as if you could go up, down and all around the country and never truly see it all.

For 2024, Kochi is the place to be. This stunning coastal treasure is overflowing with rich culture. It's okay to admit if you've never heard of Kochi because you'll never forget it after you leave.

Travelers will love exploring astonishing temples, taking part in cultural festivals and hopping aboard a delightful river cruise, as India's only city with a water metro system.

Kochi is going green with vast improvements expected to give visitors a fresh take on the region with new hotels, upgraded roadways to hidden gems, such as Munnar, and a makeover for the 150-year-old Ernakulam Market.

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