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These Are The Top 8 Countries In The World For Digital Nomads According To New Report  

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Digital nomadism is only continuing to grow in popularity, and more destinations than ever are making it an easy dream to pursue.  

The freedom to pack up your possessions and explore the world while working whenever you stop is incredibly appealing.

But which destinations are most popular with this new breed of traveler?  

Woman in Budapest

CEO World ranked the best countries for expats and digital nomads based on several factors including their affordability and the quality of life they offer.  

These are the top 8 countries in the world for digital nomads:  

8. Mexico 

Mexico is a popular hub for digital nomads, particularly those from the nearby U.S.

Digital nomads are attracted to Mexico thanks to its affordable living costs, excellent food scene, and great nightlife.  

Man and woman on beach in mexico that are digital nomads, Latin America

The Mexican people are generally friendly and welcoming to foreigners, which means Mexico is a great spot for digital nomads who want to meet new people while they explore new cultures.  

Although Mexico does not have a special digital nomad visa, you can legally work in Mexico with a temporary or permanent resident visa.

That makes it an incredibly easy country to live in as a digital nomad.  

7. Hungary 

One of the main reasons that Hungary is so popular with digital nomads is because of its affordability.

You can live in a beautiful and bustling city such as Budapest, Debrecen, Pecs, and Sopron without breaking your budget.  

Central Market Hall in Budapest city, Hungary, Europe

Budapest is a popular hub for digital nomads and is home to an active nomad scene, a host of cozy cafes to work from, and one of the best public transport networks in Europe.  

It’s worth noting that if you stay in Hungary for more than 183 days as a digital nomad, then you’re obliged to pay tax in the country, so you might want to consider moving on before 6 months pass so that you can avoid the tax man.  

6. Turkey 

Turkey is a beautiful and diverse country where you can work in the heart of a bustling city or choose to set up your laptop in a quiet village by the sea.  

Historical Suleymaniye Mosque Istanbul most popular tourism destination of Turkey

Istanbul is home to the highest concentration of digital nomads who are attracted by its excellent infrastructure, decent internet speed, and rich culture.  

Turkey doesn’t have a specific digital nomad visa scheme in place right now but tourists can stay in the country for 90 days without a visa.

Turkey boasts 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites so when you’re not working you’ll find plenty to see and do.  

5. United Arab Emirates  

The United Arab Emirates may not be the cheapest destination for digital nomads on this list but it does have an excellent infrastructure in place that makes working in the country as a digital nomad easy.  

You’ll find an abundance of coworking spaces, fast internet speeds, and a host of coffee shops aimed at digital nomads that make meeting and networking with other digital nomads a breeze.  

The UAE recognizes and values digital nomads, and it is a modern, exciting place to live.  

woman exploring beautiful luxury hotels and landmarks in dubai UAE

4. Italy 

Italy is one of the most popular countries in Europe for American travelers, and it attracts digital nomads looking for adventure. Italy is famous for its incredible architecture, rich history, and diverse landscapes. 

Rome, Milan, Turin, and Florence are all popular and sought-after Italian destinations for digital nomads. You can eat delicious Italian food, enjoy the stunning scenery, and work at the same time.  

Italy also has a digital nomad visa that makes working in the country easier than ever and is designed to attract remote workers and highly skilled professionals to the country.  

view of the Colosseum, Rome

3. Greece 

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches and a laid-back way of life, then there is nowhere better to be a digital nomad than Greece.  

Aside from its incredible landscapes, Greece is also home to unique landmarks and fascinating cultural experiences. It also boasts a warm year-round Mediterranean climate that is appealing to digital nomads hoping to escape the cold and rain.  

The cost of living is lower than that in most Western countries but the quality of life is also higher. Paired with warm and friendly people, Greece is a fun and easy place to live as a digital nomad.  

woman in Chania, Greece

2. Spain 

Spain is rapidly growing in popularity with digital nomads and is now the country with the 3rd largest number of co-working spaces in Europe. 

Spain boasts a laid-back way of life, and is well known for its excellent work-life balance too. Spain has recently introduced a digital nomad visa that means you can stay in the country for up to a year as a digital nomads.  

Affordable rents, high internet speeds, and excellent transport links all contribute to making Spain an incredibly desirable destination for digital nomads.  

Male Remote Worker Or Digital Nomad Wearing Summery Clothes As He Works From A Balcony In A Coastal Location With Some Fruit And Croissant On The Table, Spain

1. Portugal 

The most popular country in the world for digital nomads is officially Portugal. Portugal is an incredibly affordable destination for digital nomads with a lower cost of living compared to other Western European countries.  

Portugal also boasts a low crime index, great year-round weather, and a vibrant existing digital nomad community.  And its relatively new digital nomad visa is only making the country more popular.

Cities like Lisbon and Porto are popular bases in the country for digital nomads, while if you’re looking for island life, then the island of Madeira also ranks highly.  

Porto, Portugal old town ribeira aerial promenade view with colorful houses, Douro river and boats

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Al LeFeusch

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

Rents in Spain were far more affordable before the "digital nomad" invaded and drive prices through the roof, while complaining that Spanish people don't speak English.


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

While the Italian government signed a law to allow digital nomad visas in 2022, that visa is not available, as the government has not yet developed guidelines on its use.