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This Camper Trailer has all the Luxuries of Home Without the Electric Bill

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Times are changing and more people than ever are turning away from traditional homes. According to the RV Industry Association, over 1 million people in the United States now live in an RV. What may be surprising to many is most people living in a trailer or motorhome are doing it by choice. They could be living in a 2000 square foot house but have traded in their big spaces for a life on the road and a more minimalist lifestyle. 

What used to be a lifestyle only reserved for retirees has now been adapted by Millennials. Half of all new RV sales are going to Americans under the age of 45 and over 11 million American households own at least one RV.

To keep up with demand for recreational vehicles, more players have entered the market and some are providing all the luxuries of home without the huge energy bills. The new luxury trailer from Living Vehicle is a work of art and completely self contained. The lucky owners are able to live completely off grid without sacrificing comforts.

Living Vehicle Trailer

The new 2020 Vehicle Living Trailer is loaded with every comfort of home. Options include a private home theater with a 70-inch screen and 4K DLP projector, a three-burner oven and six-bottle wine chiller and outdoor grille, The Spa Bathroom package includes a composting toilet or automatic-flushing toilet with an integrated bidet, towel warmer, folding shower seat and outdoor shower. The Luxury Housekeeping package includes a vacuum, washer/dryer, and a dishwasher. The trailer also includes central air/heating and heated floors. 

Patio (Photo: Living Trailer)
Dining Area Trailer (Photo: Living Trailer)
Trailer DIning Area

With such luxurious options, as well as a modern interior design, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the Living Vehicle starts at $199,995. Production is limited to 25 units and 5 of the 2020 units have already been spoken for. 

Through innovation and great design, Living Vehicle unlocks the luxury of true freedom. The freedom to live by our own rules independent of the grid.  The electrical system may be powered by the sun indefinitely without ever needing to plug in.

Trailer Solar Panels
View of the roof from above (Photo: Living Vehicle)
Living Area Trailer
(Photo: Living Vehicle)

"Living Vehicle Live Series is designed with the intended use of full-time living. Knowing first-hand the demands of a modern mobile lifestyle, we created the Live Series to embody all of the features and comforts of a traditional home."

Trailer Washroom
Washroom (Photo: Living Vehicle)
Trailer Washroom
(Photo: Living Trailer)

The “spa-style bathroom” provides a feeling of comfort and luxury that makes the space feel like home. The shower has a massive skylight overhead that adds significant headroom and lets in an abundance of natural light in the morning. It's also lined with a naturally water-resistant wood that is wonderfully aromatic. Last but not least, there's a heated towel warmer that doubles as a room heater for those cold mornings.

Trailer Bedroom (Photo: Living Vehicle)
trailer bedroom
(Photo: Living Vehicle)
Camper Bedroom
(Photo: Living Vehicle)
Trailer Closet
(Photo: Living Vehicle)

The trailer combines modern luxury, all the comforts of home and the ability to live completely off grid. 

If there's one thing I know for sure about the Living Trailer… I could definitely make it my home. 

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