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This Caribbean Destination Is Breaking Tourism Records, And Americans Don’t Need A Passport To Visit

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Throughout the years, the attraction of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has been bringing in more travelers from around the globe.

A recent press release states that Puerto Rico's travel and tourism market has risen by 63% since 2018, particularly among U.S. travelers.

Besides the added bonus of Americans not needing a passport to venture there due to the island being U.S. territory, what spurs this surge of tourism?

Woman walking on Puerto Rico Beach

Rising Above Past Issues

First and foremost, Puerto Rico's response has been truly exceptional regarding daunting challenges, such as the global pandemic and natural disasters, like hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, and droughts.

The resilience and mutability shown by the island and its citizens have been instrumental in its growth and recovery as a must-visit tourist hotspot.

Puerto Rico road travel

Efficient and Reliable Transportation

Traveling to Puerto Rico from the mainland U.S.A. is a breeze, with more than 120 nonstop flight connections from America to the Caribbean island weekly from numerous airports, including New York, Miami, and Chicago, according to Discover Puerto Rico.

The regular air transportation connectivity illustrates Puerto Rico as an easily-accessible, go-to destination, promising simple access to sun-kissed coasts, alluring culture and delicious cuisine.

Once there, travelers can easily extend their holidays and fly to Latin American charms, including Panamá City, Panamá, and Bogotá, Colombia.

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A Unique Cultural Immersion

Puerto Rican individuals have a tremendous part to play in the island's popularity. The phrase ‘Boricua' expresses Puerto Rican descent and the nation's people perfectly.

By immersing in the famed ‘Boricua' way of life — mingling with the locals, testing out new dishes and dancing to the lively rhythm of Salsa and Bomba music — travelers will find themselves uplifted by the nation's vibrant, varied, and enticing traditions.

Moreover, the country has many architectural gems for travelers to fully immerse themselves in its culture heritage: San Juan's world heritage site San Cristobal Fortress, the national historic monument in the Western Hemisphere built in 1521, The Casa Blanca, and La Fortaleza, which was originally built as a military facility in 1533, and many more.

puerto rico beach sea sunset

Adventuring Through the Puerto Rican Sunshine

For travelers wanting to escape the cold and into the sunshine, Puerto Rico's ‘Sunshine Route‘ make it the perfect place to visit — particularly for indecisive jet setters.

The Sunshine Route's innovative concept, aptly created around the nation's radiant sunshine, invites travelers to engage in its vibrant culture and natural beauty in unique ways.

Puerto Rico colorful houses beach travel

The route consists of numerous locations and cultures that can be enjoyed under the vibrant Puerto Rican sunlight, like exploring the picturesque beach of Playa Isla Verde, engaging with local artisans at the Señor Paleta, bathing in the Coama Hot Springs, and much more.

It's a great itinerary for those wanting to explore the island as much as possible with all their senses while topping up their vitamin D before returning to reality.

Nevertheless, those primarily focused on bathing in the sunshine should, without a doubt, hit these spectacular coastal havens: Flamenco Beach, Playa Sucia, Crash Boat Beach, Cayo Icasos, Domes, Jobos, etc.

Puerto Rico history sea cliff

The Flavorful World of Puerto Rico

Delicious local cuisine is available throughout the island, wherever tourists wander. The Lechón (a whole roast pig cooked over an open fire) washed down by a fine local rum is among the many favorites.

Other notable must-try traditional treats include Mofongo, a delightful blend of plantains smashed with pork cracklings and garlic, and Arroz con Gandulez, a mixture of rice, pork and pigeon peas topped with bold spices that represent the island's culinary heart.

Interestingly, Puerto Rican food blends Taino, African, Spanish and American influences, resulting in unique, flavorful delights.

The nation has numerous food options celebrating its rich cultural heritage, many of which travelers try out for themselves, indulging in the island's culture with each bite.

Puerto rico food restaurant

The Caribbean Island's Journey Ahead

Puerto Rico continues enhancing its infrastructure and offerings to provide a memorable experience for all who venture there.

The sudden rise in the island's popularity demonstrates its charm and adaptability. Boasting a unique culture that's easily accessible and influences visual allure and gastronomic offerings, Puerto Rico provides a pleasant, rewarding experience for U.S. tourists hassle-free.

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