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This Historic City Is One Of The Most Underrated In South America

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Anyone who has visited Quito might ask themselves, “why are there not more tourists here?”. As a sprawling major city, it's surprising how overlooked it is by travelers.

Although, it has become increasingly popular for digital nomads to call this stunning South American country home.

street in quito ecuador

Why the capital of Ecuador is considered off the beaten path is a mystery, but it shouldn't be that way.

This historical gem is full of rich culture, heritage, immaculate scenery and amazing cuisine for foodie travelers.

Ecuadorian Cuisine

Ecuador offers a wide variety of delicious food and it's not hard to find in Quito. Some restaurants have been open at least 150 years!

bowl of stew in ecuador

While prices have surely changed this then, indulging a Ecuadorean feast is still very affordable. Many tourists find themselves ordering the infamous seco de chivo, which is essentially a goat stew.

Others may find themselves trying another popular dish – locro quiteño. This is a soup made from local ingredients such as potatoes, cheese, corn and pork that has been marinated for at least 72 hours.

To top it off, the dish is typically served topped with balsamic vinegar and lavender for a mix of sensational flavors not found anywhere else.

Quito Is Home To Very Unique Museums

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artifact in ecuador museum

History buffs will absolutely love Quito! The museums are eclectic and offer visitors a glimpse into Ecuador's timeline into who they have become now.

One small, yet unforgettable museum for tourists to check out is the Casa del Alabado Pre-Columbian Art Museum.

Dating back to the 1600's, this museum showcases Andean art, sculptures and textiles from indigenous communities.

Museo del Pastillo is more popular among locals, but tourists may find it just as intriguing if only they knew of its existence.

two musicians in ecuador

Karaoke fans might love it even more! This museum offers a look into Ecuador's musical history with exhibits of handmade instruments to well-known artists.

Guests can attend a variety of shows from local talent and take part in karaoke nights for those who dare to take the stage!

Perhaps Quito's most unique museum of all is the Yaku Water Museum to celebrate our planet's most needed resource.

For those who bring the kids along, they will love it too as it is split between a museum and fun water park.

The Charm Of Quito's Old Town

street in old town quito

It seems many cities worth visiting have a district known as Old Town. From Bratislava to San Diego, these are commonly visited areas to get a feel for what life used to be like in the region.

Quito is no different in this sense, but they are true to the name of Old Town since this historic center dates all the way back to the 1500's!

What makes this particular Old Town stand out is its timeless preservation. So much so that's its recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best way for visitors to immerse themselves here is on foot or by bike. A big chunk of the day can be spent exploring the various vendors and main square for a sense of Ecuadorian life.

cobblestone street in ecuador

Surely, those who wander long enough will run into stunning churches and other architectural marvels.

Nearby is the immaculate Carondelet Palace where a changing of the guard can be witnessed on Tuesday mornings.

That's right, London isn't the only place where you can see this event.

English-Speaking Tours

Sometimes it can be intimidating going to a foreign destination, especially if you don't speak the local language.

double decker tour bus in quito

Quito is a great stepping stone to ease your travel anxiety with excellent tour options. Sometimes travelers use Quito as a stopover, even though it's worthy of being the highlight of your trip.

Whether here for a day or a week, starting off with a walking tour offers visitors an amazing experience.

While there is nothing wrong with flocking toward the city center, tours offer a glimpse into other sides of the city not normally seen by tourists.

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