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This Is What Travelers Want To Experience Most On Their Next Vacation

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Traveling this year is different from prior years. Because of the pandemic, there has been more significant travel to places like Asia or Europe.

The era of going somewhere and wanting to experience something new and culturally based is here, and it's becoming more manageable and more accessible for the modern person to travel.

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According to the 2023 Global Travel Trends Report from American Express Travel, “Travelers want authentic experiences that give them a taste of local culture and let them explore hidden gems that friends back home don't know about.

They also want to know about the decisions they make. At the same time, traveling can positively impact the destinations they visit, and they want the money they spend on vacation to support the local community.”

This is what travelers want to experience most on their next vacation: 

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Experience Something New

According to the same 2023 Global Travel Trends Report from American Express Travel, respondents from a survey noted that 89% wanted to travel to a new destination they'd never been to before.

This can be looked at in a few different ways, but the common thing is finding something new.

You don't have to travel to a faraway place to discover something new about it.

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Backpack and hat at the train station with a traveler.

Take, for example, Orlando, Florida. The theme park capital is growing into a city diverse in gastronomy and things to do outside of the theme parks.

Next time you're booking a trip, make sure to look at the alternative side of your destination.

Even if you've been there before, you can find something new with a different glance. 

Happy smiling woman looks out from window traveling by train on most picturesque train road in Sri Lanka.

Discovering New And Different Cultures

A big part of traveling is discovering a new culture, and more and more travelers are taking note of that when booking a destination.

Checking into a theme park is excellent, but travelers want the real deal. They no longer wish to be confined in the hotel; they want respectfully see the original culture.

The island of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean is an example of that.

Traveling woman with backpack and straw hat looking at tropical river at sunny day.

For what seemed like forever, travelers were just staying at hotels in Punta Cana. Now, more and more people are venturing to cities like Santo Domingo and La Romana.

They're going to these places because they want to see authentic Dominican culture, which includes delicious gastronomy and fantastic music.

Travelers also wish to contribute to the smaller locally-run business ensuring these places stay open for travelers and locals alike. 

Delicious Destinations 

Travelers are looking for more foodie destinations to go into. Folks have food on their minds, affecting how they want to experience their vacation.

In another survey from the 2023 Global Travel Trends Report from American Express Travel, 81% of respondents said that a destination's food culture is a primary reason for choosing a place.

Places like Spain, Italy, and France have excellent gastronomy, and travelers base their decisions around that when booking their plans.

Couple with beautiful bright sweet Italian ice-cream with different flavors in the hands on the square in Rome , Italy.

Experience Mental Clarity

A new wave of mental wellness has been in talks within travel for quite some time now, but it's becoming evident that people are looking for destinations to destress and clear their minds.

It makes sense; traveling can stimulate a specific part of your brain that includes happiness, and more hotels and destinations are realizing that.

The next time you book a vacation, think of what the place and setting can do for your loved ones regarding stimulation and calmness. 

woman relaxing in the afternoon by the sea in Santorini Greece.

While this list doesn't encompass all the new aspects of traveling this year, it does give insight into what modern travelers want to experience most on their next vacation.

Feel free to jump into something new just because no one else has. You may start the next travel trend.

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