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This Lesser-Known European City Is One Of The Cheapest Destinations On Earth For Digital Nomads

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Digital nomads may have different preferences on where to make their base, but many who partake in the mega-popular travel trend would agree budgeting is a top priority anywhere.

The flexible, on-the-go lifestyle has changed the scope of the workforce worldwide, quite literally.

Many countries across the globe have seen an influx of remote workers, whether it's their own citizens or visitors.

aerial view of tuzla bosnia

Many choose diverse, cultural, and affordable destinations to occupy their time, knowing they can keep busy and pay the bills each month.

Europe tends to be a great option, but not every city hits the mark. However, one of the cheapest destinations on Earth is perfectly suited for digital nomads, but you may have never heard of it before.

Tucked away off the beaten path and nestled between scenic mountains is the charming lesser-known city of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And no disrespect to Herzegovina, but we'll just go with “Bosnia” from here on out…

A Hidden Jewel In The Balkans

aerial view of tuzla bosnia city center

Sometimes overshadowed by household names such as Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, the Balkans is a stunning region of Europe still being peeled back by adventurous travelers.

Tuzla would be Exhibit A, as even this city is overshadowed by others in its own country, such as the capital Sarajevo, the storybook riverside town of Mostar and the elegant city of Banja Luka.

As the third largest city in Bosnia, Tuzla might surprise tourists with what it has to offer on a visit and even more so for a long-term stay.

Between outdoor wonders, charming streets, lively bars, and historic eye-popping architecture, this city of just over 100,000 residents isn't just a draw for its extreme affordability.

Austro-Hungarian building in Tuzla

Tuzla's Attractions

One of the top attractions of Tuzla is the trio of artificial lakes known as Pannonica, Modrac, and Bistarac.

While it's certainly not the Maldives or Cancun, it's a wonderful way to spend sunny days swimming in clear waters or catch some rays on multiple beaches.

A popular summer hotspot, Pannonica is the largest and tends to be the most popular for taking a dip or lounging in the sun, while the other two are nice getaways for waterfront hotels and restaurants.

Old Town is the heart of the city, oozing charm throughout its narrow streets and colorful buildings.

people swimming in Pannonian Lakes, Tuzla

Here is what may be described as the ‘touristy' area, but it's also perfect for bar-hopping, delightful cafes and simply getting a feel for the city.

Perusing the local streets, it would be impossible not to notice beautiful mosques as the city is primarily Muslim, but there is also the historic Serb Orthodox Cathedral and even a monastery for those interested in the city's religious history.

Jaw-Dropping Savings For Digital Nomads

Bosnia isn't exactly thriving with tourists compared to their European counterparts, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a visit.

digital nomad at european cafe

Without giving a lecture on history, looking into Bosnia's gruesome past is worth a Google search to learn more about what this country has gone through over the years.

Bosnia has come out on the other side, and it's truly one of Europe's lesser-known gems today. Tuzla may not come even close to holding any sort of name recognition, but the affordability factor will surely draw in more visitors, especially digital nomads.

As there are millions upon millions of digital nomads in 2024, Tuzla is one of the most affordable destinations on the planet to undoubtedly support the lifestyle.

main square of tuzla bosnia

Frankly, it doesn't even seem possible to have monthly rent this low anywhere in Europe. Digital nomads can stay in Bosnia long-term, with monthly rent averaging $225 for a 1-bedroom flat in the city center and even cheaper in the ‘burbs.

Utilities won't break the bank either, with water and electric bills averaging about $168. Furthermore, cozy, centrally located Airbnbs, including wifi and basic necessities, are as low as $463 per month, according to our own research.

Many digital nomads are happy to find rare destinations with expenses under $1000 per month, so savings in Tuzla are on the extreme end of the spectrum.

apartments in tuzla bosnia

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Tom Petrovič

Tuesday 27th of February 2024

Sorry to disagree but this place is a hard miss.

Nothing to see, unfriendly locals, rubbish and ruined buildings everywhere, pretty run down and the dictionary definition of a communist dump, let’s not forget the ethnic tension still noticeable over three decades from that horrendous war .

Sarajevo, yes. Mostar, maybe for a day.

Nomads should keep their wits about them and get far away from Tuzla

Richard A

Monday 26th of February 2024

Have you looked at air quality in Tuzla? It is said to be the second most polluted city in Europe. Air quality generally is poor in cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in winter due to the amount of wood burning for heating. Tuzla has the additional factor of a substantial amount of industry.