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This Popular European Country Has Officially Launched New Digital Nomad Visa

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Always dreamed of living la dolce vita? 

That dream is now one step closer to reality because Italy has officially launched its new digital nomad visa.  

Woman in a square in Verona, Italy.

With its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and fascinating culture-rich cities, there's nowhere better to live like a local.  

If you’re considering relocating as a remote worker, then here’s everything you need to know about the official Italian digital nomad visa:  

Applying For The Italian Digital Nomad Visa 

While Italy has long been a popular destination for digital nomads, until now there was no way to live and work in the country legally in the long-term.  

woman walking on stairs of small street of Vernazza town. Italy

In 2022 the Italian government agreed to introduce a digital nomad visa but now, 2 years later, that visa is open to its first applicants. The Italian digital nomad visa is effective as of April 4.  

Your digital nomad visa in Italy will only be valid for a year.  

To apply for this digital nomad visa you can visit your nearest Italian diplomatic-consular office and complete a declaration from your employer proving that you have a valid form of remote employment.  

freelancer looking away near coffee and laptop in outdoor cafe in Italy

And this isn’t the only eligibility criteria.  

Understanding The Eligibility Criteria  

To be eligible for the Italian digital nomad visa, you will need to: 

  • Have an annual income that is at least 3 times higher than the minimum amount required to be exempt from participation in Italian healthcare costs. This figure will change slightly every year but right now it equates to 28,000 euros ($30,061) a year. 
Digital Nomad At Cafe
  • Have a comprehensive health insurance policy that is valid for the whole period of your stay.  
  • Prove that you have secured accommodation for the duration of your stay. So you can’t enter Italy as a digital nomad and then find somewhere to live when you arrive.  
  • Have worked as a digital nomad or remote worker somewhere else for at least 6 months before arriving in Italy. This means that Italy can’t be the first country you visit as a digital nomad.  
woman holding her hat in Milan, Italy

It’s also worth noting that you can’t apply for an Italian digital nomad visa if you have been convicted of a crime anywhere in the world in the last 5 years.

This will result in your visa being rejected.  

Being A Digital Nomad In Italy

Italy is a wonderful location to live and work as a digital nomad. And there’s an Italian destination that’s right for you. Whether you’re interested in bustling culturally-rich cities , beautiful beach resorts, or even sleepy fishing villages.  

Italy is officially considered one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. And the most popular destinations in Italy for digital nomads right now are Rome, Milan, Florence, and Palermo.  

Each of these destinations are popular thanks to their good weather, stunning scenery, and rich history. 

View of Rome from Castel Sant'Angelo, Italy

From a practical perspective, Italy is known for having a decent internet speed and good connectivity which makes it an incredibly appealing destination for digital nomads.

Italy also boasts an efficient public transportation system, which makes getting around easy too.  

Italy also has a lower cost of living than many other Western European countries, especially if you’re happy to live outside of the main city centers or in a smaller town and village.

This means you can enjoy a high quality of life without breaking the bank, and maybe even save some cash for your next adventure. 

Paying Your Taxes  

So what are your tax obligations as a digital nomad in Italy?

Officially you have to be tax compliant before you apply for the Italian digital nomad visa. But in real terms this is a trickier concept to understand.  

A Young Female Digital Nomad Working From Her Computer In An External Setting In Europe

The best way to understand your tax obligations is to seek advice from an Italian tax expert.  

This is the final in a long line of hoops that you’ll have to jump through to get a sought-after Italian digital nomad visa.  

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