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This Popular European Island Is About To Become Easier To Reach For Americans

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As Americans gear up for a busy Summer, airlines, hotels, and other travel companies are also making adjustments to make sure the massive increase in demand can be met this summer season. 

woman looking at sunset over the ocean in Tenerife Canary islands copy

One industry that is especially looking to answer the surge of people planning on traveling this year is the airline industry, with more flights being added by just about every carrier around the world.

United Airlines is no exception, and they are adding numerous flights to their summer schedule, looking to take U.S. travelers to their intended destinations, be it domestic or abroad. 

As one of the destinations being added to their summer schedule, United will resume their nonstop flights from Newark to Tenerife, the largest island in Spain’s Canary Island archipelago.

United Airlines Boeing 737-824 aircraft is airborne


Located off the northwestern coast of Africa, Tenerife has long been a popular tourist hotspot. 

The island of Tenerife is so popular with people from the U.K. that it’s become a bit underrated by other International tourists, who seem to consider it not much more than a cheap and cheerful party destination.

There’s so much more to this stunning island, and American travelers should definitely consider it for their 2023 travel plans. Beginning in June 2023, United Airlines will resume flights from New York to Tenerife, operating three times a week. 

This added flight option means a stopover will no longer be required for those coming from the U.S.

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Aerial view with Puerto de la Cruz, in background Teide volcano, Tenerife island, Spain

As one of the most beautiful islands in Europe to visit this year, the island of Tenerife is way overdue for some love from American tourists. 

In addition to the added flights, Tenerife tourism is working hard to attract American visitors this year, looking to get on the map with American tour operators and position their island as a prime holiday destination for U.S. travelers. 

Masca village, the most visited tourist attraction of Tenerife, Spain.

In 2022, the amount of U.S. visitors to Tenerife rose by over 50%, as compared to pre-pandemic 2019 figures. 

Tenerife gets about 5 million tourists a year, most of them coming from mainland Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

While visitor numbers from the U.S. are hard to track down, some earlier estimates indicate that Americans only made up a small percentage of international tourists to Tenerife.

For example, data from 2015 show U.S. tourist numbers at just under 15,000 people. 

Beach Las Americas in Tenerife island - Canary Spain

Why Visit Tenerife?

With beaches, world-class stargazing, stunning landscapes ranging from desert to rainforest, amazing weather, fantastic food and nightlife, and chances to see a wide range of marine life, Tenerife is long overdue for a place in American tourists' hearts.

With new restaurants and hotels opening up all the time, the list of reasons to visit Tenerife just keeps growing. 

Ask some people from the U.K., and they will tell you that Tenerife is an oversaturated vacation place for British people looking for beaches, cheap pints, and fry-ups breakfasts.

And while that is definitely true for parts of the island, such as Los Cristianos and Playa Las Americas, there is so much more to this tropical destination than most realize. 

Woman hiker watching beautiful costal scenery. - Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Western coast view, mountain Anaga

The highest point in Spain is actually found in Tenerife, the striking Volcano of Mount Teide. Located in the middle of the island, it offers some great trekking and stargazing opportunities. 

Tenerife is almost like two islands in one, with the microclimates surrounding Mt Teide making the landscape diverse as you drive along the roads.

You will immediately notice that the north is much greener and mountainous, with more nature, fewer people, and amazing black sand beaches, ranging from wild and super secluded to more popular and easy to reach. 

Mount el Teide, volcano in the middle of Tenerife Island, Canary Island, Spain

In the south, you will find your white sand beaches, still beautiful, and some very busy, and built up for the mass tourists this area sees. 

The south is more arid and flat and resembles somewhat of a desert landscape, while the north looks more like a rainforest, and at times you may feel like you are driving around Hawaii. 

Both the north and the south of the island offer visitors some great things to see and do, and anyone who visits really should try and make time to see both sides. 

Santa Cruz cityscape view with park, ocean and mountains on the background on the sunrise, Canary islands, Spain

If you are looking for nightlife, the South is more for you, and if you are looking for history and culture, head to the North.

One highlight here is the charming city of Puerto de la Cruz; with its bright buildings and street art, the city has played host and muse to some pretty famous names, including the Beatles and Agatha Christie (look for her stairs for a great photo op!).

Landscape with Candelaria town on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Culture and Nature

One place that is unmissable is the mountain village of Masca, a tiny village set into the tent mountains on Tenerife’s west side. Most come for the day, braving the serpentine roads down (and then back up) to the village, but there are options to stay a night or two to take in the views.

Many come here for trekking, but it’s nice to just see this side of Tenerife regardless if you plan on hiking. 

Nearby Masca you can also visit Los Gigantes, a charming little village set into the cliffs, with epic views and fantastic restaurants. 

City street view with church tower in La Laguna town on Tenerife island

The capital city of Santa Cruz is another highlight for those looking to get away from the party-packed beaches of the south. With some nice beaches an easy drive away, Santa Cruz is charming and full of endless cafes and rooftop bars and small enough to explore on foot. 

Wander the seafront and explore the architecture, and definitely take the tram over to nearby La Laguna for a day and wander this UNESCO World Heritage City, a tiny beautiful place that serves an important part in city planning around the world. 

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