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This Stunning Island Is One Of The Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secrets

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We have all found ourselves at one point or another daydreaming of escaping to paradise. But what does that really mean?

The world is full of wonders, and everyone may have a different definition of ‘paradise'. Some may want to escape to the mountains to appreciate nature and solitude.

Bozcaada, Turkey - October 21, 2016 Bozcaada marina view. Bozcaada is popular tourist attraction in Aegean Sea

Others may picture crystal blue waters and sipping Mai Tai's on a gorgeous beach. No matter your version of paradise, many would agree the Mediterranean is one of the top paradisal destinations.

We all know the beautiful islands of Spain and Greece. Heck, even Croatia has been surging in popularity all year long.

There is another Mediterranean island off the radar of many Westerners, yet it is just as majestic, if not more, than any vacation hotspot in the Mediterranean.

Welcome To ‘The Maldives' Of Turkiye

boat in blue waters of bozcaada

With everyone seemingly getting their news through social media these days, it's hard to fathom how such a place as gorgeous as Bozcaada flies under the radar.

You would think travel influencers would be screaming up and down, begging to show off a place known as ‘Heaven on Earth' and ‘The Maldives of Turkiye'.

Or perhaps locals want this Turkish treasure to remain unnoticed. Sorry Turkiye, but the secret is about to be unleashed to the general public.

We know you already have Istanbul and so many beautiful coastal cities along the Black Sea. Can't you share Bozcaada with us too?

busy beach in bozcaada

Formerly known as Tenedos, this tiny island home to approximately 500 residents will blow you away with how stunning it is, from the crystal blue waters and laid-back vibes to charming, colorful streets.

In particular, Sulubahçe Beach is what makes it feel as if you are in a remote paradise reminiscent of The Maldives.

We've all stepped into the ocean to make sure it passes the test of being able to see our feet. Sulubahçe Beach far exceeds the test, and despite being unable to swim most days due to cold waters, the scenery is immaculate.

It will easily become one of your all-time favorite beaches.

A Fairy-tale Island

vibrant cobblestone street in bozcaada

Not only is the scenery some of the best you could ever imagine, but the small-town charm is to die for. Comparable to Greece, visitors will find themselves oohing and ahhing on every street.

In fact, it was a Greek island until the 1920s when it joined the Turkish Republic. Greece's loss is Turkiye's gain, where locals have been flocking for sunny days for over a century now.

It is estimated roughly a million Turkish people visit during the summer since it is so easy and affordable ($30 ferry) to reach from mainland Turkey, which obviously means it's easy for you too once you fly in.

It's no mystery why locals love it, whether it's cozy cafes, vibrant storybook houses, or the timeless cobblestone streets we have all pictured in our minds for our dream vacay.

seaside restaurant in bozcaada

That's why recent visitors have dubbed it a ‘fairy-tale island'. Not to mention, the extremely affordable hotels are often as low as $40 per night.

Even though Bozcaada feels like a Greek island, the Turkish currency (lira) tends to give tourists more bang for their buck.

A Place To Indulge

Less money spent on hotels gives you more money for experiences. Of course, you could see one of the most well-preserved castles in Turkiye (Bozcaada Kalesti), or you could spend your day indulging in amazing Greek and Turkish cuisine and local wine.

castle in bozcaada

The choice is yours, but when you're in a destination that mixes 2 delicious cuisines, it's hard to pass up, especially when you can sit on a patio and take in the vast scenery all while pleasing your tastebuds.

Most of the cuisine you will find is Greek, yet there are some Turkish dishes here and there. However, wine selection remains strictly Turkish as it's produced locally in Bozcaada from a variety of grapes.

Your palate will not be disappointed spending your day indulging in the finer things in life. The island may be small, but it's home to many vineyards and restaurants with both unforgettable food and unmatched scenery.

woman drinking wine in bozcaada

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