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TikTok Study Reveals Most Popular Travel Destinations

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A recent TikTok study published this month has revealed which are the most popular travel destinations in the world right now. Social media has long since had a significant impact on the way we travel and which destinations are considered to be the most en trend and “must-visit” – and TikTok, despite being a more recent global phenomenon than other more established platforms, is front and centre of gauging the demands of the millions of travelers in our post-pandemic world. 

Spanning five different continents and billions of views, the top 20 list, compiled by the luggage storage company Bounce, features some of the more typical favorite destinations that travelers have been loving for decades, in addition to some more left-field choices that may come as a surprise. Here’s a look at the world’s most popular travel destinations according to TikTok, plus a look at how the study was completed.

TikTok Travel Survey

The study, called the TikTok Travel Index, determined the popularity of each of the locations in the study by calculating the total view counts for a range of destinations around the world. Bounce collated the total use of hashtags containing each destination’s name, in addition to other alternative hashtags that were used where appropriate, such as #NYC or #LA. Each of the total view counts found by Bounce are accurate as of May 17th, 2021, making the finding up to date and relevant to the present day.

Most Popular Travel Destinations – Information For Travelers

Taking the top spot as the most popular travel destination on the platform is New York City – the first of five destinations in the US to feature on the list’s top 20. Whilst the attractions of New York City need no introduction, travelers couldn’t get enough of the city on TikTok, as it attracted more than 216 billion views – way ahead of the competition. Home to stunning cityscapes, some of the world’s best restaurants and top social media aesthetic-suiting backdrops such as Central Park, travelers couldn’t get enough of New York City, which will be bracing itself for an army of cell phone-toting travelers this summer and beyond.

Coming in as the world’s second most popular travel destination according to TikTok is Dubai. The TikTok friendly mega city, famed for its luxurious hotels, opulent malls and countless top-class attractions, attracted a whopping 37 billion views as social media users fantasized about days spent hopping across the man-made Palm islands, sampling its gold-crusted steaks and basking in the region’s hot climate. 

The third most popular international travel destination on the platform is Istanbul. Somewhat of a surprise in the list, pipping much more established destinations such as Paris, London and Hawaii to a place on the podium, Istanbul garnered almost 17 billion views on the platform. Whether wooed by its sprawling markets, Islamic architecture or activities such as hot air ballooning, travelers reveled in any content based on the Turkish city, which is fast establishing itself as a must-visit destination. 

Couple of Tourists Enjoying The Istanbul European Side's Cityscape, Turkey

The rest of the top 10 was fairly predictable. London was a close fourth place, attracting 13.9 billion views on the platform, with the photogenic destinations Barcelona and Paris relatively close behind with 12.6 billion and 11.2 billion views respectively. Mumbai was somewhat of a surprise in 7th place, with the Indian mega-city attracting 9.6 billion curious views, whilst the charms of the North America destinations Hawaii, Miami and Toronto sealed their places in the TikTok top 10 with 9.4 billion, 9.1 billion and 8.4 billion views.

Union Jack Being Waved In Front Of Westminster Palace, Elizabeth Tower With Big Ben Clock Appearing Blurred In The Background, London, England, United Kingdom

The rest of the top 20 is as follows:

  • Los Angeles, US (7.5 billion views)
  • Bali, Indonesia (6.4 billion views)
  • Chicago, US (6.4 billion views)
  • Kerala, India (6.2 billion views)
  • Berlin, Germany (5.7 billion views)
  • Sydney, Australia (5.1 billion views)
  • Melbourne, Australia (4.7 billion views)
  • Madrid, Spain (4.3 billion views)
  • Delhi, India (4.2 billion views)
  • Medellin, Colombia (4.1 billion views)
Couple Of Travelers Taking A Selfie With A Selfie Stick In Bali, Indonesia

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Not" most popular destinations in the world", but "most popular destinations among tiktok users". And also nit fully travel related as one can search for NYC tag while being a local of nyc, as an example