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Top 10 International Destinations Gaining Popularity Amid Rising Travel Costs

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Summer is well underway, and travelers are feeling the hit of what is apparently the priciest summer season yet due to soaring travel costs.

In a recent poll undertaken by Squaremouth, a whopping 73% of 4,000 travel insurance customers have raised concerns about their trip expenditures this summer compared to past times, with the average price of a summer vacation crossing the $7,800 mark — a whopping 25% increase in contrast to last year.

Consequently, many globetrotters are on the hunt for more pocket-friendly vacations. So, check out these top ten modestly priced destinations based on insured trip costs, according to Squaremouth, which are just as enjoyable as traditionally famous go-to's.

Colombia Cartagena blue sky summer Spanish architecture

Explore Colombia’s Budget-Friendly Attractions

Colombia, a lively and multifaceted South American gem, offers cost-friendly opportunities to tourists seeking natural beauty, historical splendor, and cultural plethora.

Its bustling cities like Medellin and Bogota offer numerous economical accommodation options, from quirky, low-budget hostels costing around $6 – $8 a night for shared dorms and numerous inexpensive hotels available for all budgets, starting at $15.

Not forgetting, many accommodations across Colombia provide Salsa and Bachata lessons — especially ones in Cali!

Bogota Colombia blue sky cathedral

Food lovers can explore the street food scene to keep costs down, whereby dishes like empanadas, arepas, chorizo and churros, along with energizing fruit juices and delicious local coffee — conventionally topped with milk and cinnamon — can be purchased for less than $1 each.

The country’s reasonably priced public transportation makes exploring a breeze for around 60 cents a journey, while thrifty domestic flights and coaches enable easygoing journeying of diverse landscapes.

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Colombia mountains palm trees green

Beyond city life, Colombia’s countryside provides cheap attractions, like the coffee region, whereby travelers can tour local coffee farms without breaking the bank. To save costs, try contacting the team behind the farms directly.

Another countryside gem includes Medellin's Rock of Guatape, with daily discounted trips being offered in stores and by street vendors in the city daily — a great opportunity for travelers to test their haggling skills.

Moreover, free and low-cost cultural events and festivals often occur, further boosting Colombia’s appeal.

It's no wonder Americans have continued flocking to this South American treasure despite a recent U.S. travel advisory advising not to do so.

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Colombia Medellin blue sky mountain trip

Reasonably Priced Mexican Delights

Mexico’s thriving cultural richness can be explored on a shoestring budget, making it another tempting choice! With its unique and diverse allure, the country is a gold mine of experiences for those wanting to save on travel costs this year.

The country has lodging choices for every budget and adventurer. Hostels in San Miguel and other celebrated Mexican cities can cost just $8 a night, including some close to the picturesque beaches of Cancun.

Mexico blue sea cliffs boats

To further keep costs down, travelers can indulge in the nation’s famed gastronomical delights, with tamales and tacos costing a mere $1 at street food stalls.

Navigating the country is also fantastic value-for-money. Metro rides in Mexico City typically cost less than 50 cents. For broader exploration, intercity buses and budget airlines offer reasonably priced options around the clock.

Historic sites like the UNESCO heritage site, Teotihuacan, and other museums also provide culturally rich encounters without putting pressure on wallets.

Mexico city blue sky clouds cathedral

Affordable Adventures in Puerto Rico

The Caribbean jewel of Puerto Rico also offers a blend of natural beauty and experiences steeped in culture that are enjoyable without overspending.

San Juan, the thriving capital city, possesses a range of well-priced accommodations, with the cheapest hostel dorms starting at around $25 for a night.

Accommodations are typically surrounded by affordable local foods and roadside stalls, whereby local cuisine can be indulged for next to nothing.

Puerto Rico blue sky white sand palm trees beach

Busses and publication transportation typically cost less than $2 for a one-way ride, enabling easy access to prowl the city and time-honored landmarks like the famed Castillo de San Cristobal, whereby an entry ticket costs just $5.

When exploring beyond the city, natural wonders like the El Yunque National Forest open unique travel experiences for just $2 a ticket.

Puerto Rico history sunset beach

Other Destinations for Penny-Wise Travelers

Although the above nations stand out as the most suitably priced must-visit destinations per the report, seven other countries, in particular, make globe-trotting possible without burning a hole in one’s pocket: Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Bahamas white sand sea paradise

The rise in travel costs need not deter the spirit of travelers. Although vacation costs appear daunting, there are plenty of vacation hotspots worldwide that include incredible cultural explorations, breathtaking landscapes, and state-of-the-art historical landmarks without costing a fortune.

So, carefully plan, cherry-pick suitable destinations, and make wiser choices for rewarding, uplifting, and affordable travel experiences. This summer can still be one to remember, regardless of economic woes!

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