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Top 10 Coolest RV Accessories Under $30

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Whether you are a seasoned full-time RV’er or a travel trailer weekender, there are game changing accessories to make your rig even better.
We have been living in our RV each spring/summer for the past 4 years and have added a lot of these items to make our life so much easier. But since RV’ing can get expensive, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on accessories and gadgets.

Between doing our own research, polling RV Facebook groups, and just chatting with fellow RV lovers– we have found some really amazing accessories that are super functional and cheap!

Here are the Top 10 RV Accessories in 2019, that are not only under $30 USD, but also receive top scores from hundreds of other RV’ers.

(pssst- all of these prices are based on the US Amazon site. If you are in Canada, the UK or elsewhere, prices might be different because of exchange and/or duties. Also, the tips below may include affiliate links. If you end up buying something, you won't pay a penny more, but we might receive a small compensation. Thanks for supporting our blog.)

Top 10 Coolest RV Accessories Under $30

Oxygenics Shower Head 

The Oxygenics shower head might be the holy grail of all RV accessories, especially for the ladies. Gone are the days of such low water pressure that you can’t even wash the suds out of your hair, or worse… the days when you run out of hot water completely. This nifty shower head spits out furious pressure, all while using much less water. This means you can take longer showers AND have increased pressure.

This shower head has literally become a cult favorite amongst frequent RV’ers.

Foldable Shower Curtain Rod

Since we’re on the topic of showers, here is another RV accessory hack that will transform your bathroom. The collapsible/foldable nature of this shower curtain rod allows you to make more room when and where you need it. While you are NOT using the shower, the bar folds into the shower area, making the rest of your bathroom seem bigger. While you are showering, the bar folds out into the bathroom, making your shower seem twice as big!

Many RV’ers have ditched the claustrophobic glass shower doors in exchange for this cheap but luxurious bathroom game changer.

Nylon Laundry Bags

These heavy-duty laundry bags are going to make your life much easier. They make sorting towels and clothes super easy and can hold up to 12KG of laundry each. Then, when you stop at a laundry mat you can simply throw the bag over your shoulder and dump it in the machines. These bags can be stored full under the bed, in closets, or outdoor storage compartments. When they are empty, they hardly take up any room at all, making them more versatile than a structured laundry bin.

Electric Griddle

If you like to cook while camping, this lightweight griddle is going to be your new best friend. It can fit pancakes for the whole family, yet it’s still easy enough to wipe clean and store once it’s time to hit the road. Don’t worry about toxins and Teflon as Presto made this griddle with a ceramic top instead. Perfect for whipping up things like French toast, eggs, pancakes and breakfast meats.

Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash

If you want to give your bathroom or kitchen that something extra, but don’t want to spend a fortune, these tiles are the solution. We have seen some incredible transformations by fellow RV’ers who rave about how easy these sticky tiles are to install. They simply peel and stick!

Depending on the age or color scheme of your RV, the walls can be dark or lackluster. These sticky tiles are the best way to ‘renovate’ without touching a hammer.

Under Sink Organizer

Extra storage space inside an RV is golden real estate. That’s why this under-sink organizer has become a fan favorite, since it adapts to almost any tiny space, transforming it into something better. The shelves can be adjusted in such a way, that they’ll even work around pipes and plumbing. RV’ers have also used these inside closets, cupboards and even exterior storage areas to help organize and maximize space.

Cozy Hammock

Sometimes the best RV toys are the ones that get you outside. This awesome hammock comes in just about any color you can imagine, is super light-weight, yet it holds up to 1000 pounds. It comes with the straps and carabiners you need to set it up, which only takes a minute to do. Best part – it easily fits 2 adults so you can both swing the afternoon away.

Umbra Dish Rack & Drying Mat

RV’s aren’t known for their abundance of counter space or huge sinks for doing dishes. This is why most RV’ers have gotten used to using a microfibre drying mat, but this Umbra one takes it to the next level. It has a small detail that people were missing – a plastic piece that adds structure and allows for drying dishes upright. When not in use, the mat folds up to 1/3 its size for easy storage. When it’s time to wash, the plastic piece simply detaches so you can throw the mat in the wash.

Collapsible Food Storage Containers

These are prefect for your RV or your home! These food grade silicone containers collapse when not in use to fit into small storage spaces, but expand to hold meals as needed. They are BPA free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe, which makes them perfect for RV living. Use them for meal prep, storing leftovers, organizing snacks, or keeping produce fresh.

Space Saving Coffee Maker

Everyone needs coffee, but not necessarily the counter space to hold a 12-cup brewing machine. That’s what makes this mini coffee maker a morning life-saver. It’s super tiny, takes up no space at all, and most importantly… makes a great cup of joe. There is no need for paper filters as it comes with a re-usable filter, which makes it even more eco-friendly. The coffee brews directly into your travel mug that you can take on the go.

Extra mugs are cheap to pick up and great for couples to each have their own.


Flameless Candles

Okay, so open flame inside the RV is really not the best idea. Hence why these flameless candles are the bomb-diggity!
They look like real candles, but with zero chance of lighting your entire rig on fire. I put mine on every single evening and it transforms the interior into a super soothing sanctuary. Warning- Once you get a few you will want more!

We hope you can make some cheap and clever hacks with these Top RV Accessories Under $30.

Do you have an RV accessory that has been a life-changer? Let us know below! ↓

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The TOP 10 Coolest RV must have's for under $30


Saturday 22nd of June 2019

I love these! We travel regularly with our camper-trailer in Western Australia and have made some renovations to it recently. We actually installed one of those shower heads. I didn't know about the folding shower curtain rail though. Totally agree the collapsible storage containers are so useful, and find storage anywhere you can such as under the sink. These are great and practicable suggestions, thank you


Saturday 22nd of June 2019

I love posts like these. I just need a campervan (as we call them in the UK!) One day!


Friday 21st of June 2019

Love these!! We spend at least two weeks in ours every summer and these are definitely going on the wish list!