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Top 5 Flight Booking Hacks According To Expedia

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If you’ve been considering buying a ticket to fly out for a winter vacation, you may be worried about increasing flight prices. A recent report from the Department of Labor has confirmed that flight prices have increased by almost 43% when comparing September 2022 to September 2021. However, there are still ways that travelers can make sure they are getting a good deal. A recent report released by the popular full-service travel brand, Expedia, has revealed some of the best hacks for booking your flights this year.

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5) Know Which Day To Book

Most travelers probably know that the day of the week their flight departs can drastically affect fare pricing. Similarly, many travelers are probably aware that there may be certain days of the week when fares will be lower, and in this case, it isn’t Tuesdays. According to Expedia, booking your flights on a Sunday instead of a Friday can save you an average of 15% on international flights and around 5% on domestic flights.

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4) Know When To Book For Domestic Flights

Your best bet for getting a good deal when booking a domestic flight is to keep your booking window between 28 -35 days out. Generally, booking your flight a month in advance will save about 10% compared to travelers who waited too long or booked too early.

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3) Know When To Book For International Flights

For international flights, a little more advanced planning will do you more good. On average, you can save about 10% on international flights if you book your flight 6 months in advance compared to travelers who waited too long to secure their flights.

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2) When To Fly To Avoid Cancellations and Disruptions

To better your chances of avoiding a flight cancellation, try to book flights that depart before 3 pm. Flights that leave after 3 pm are 50% more likely to be canceled than their morning counterparts. To avoid both cancelations and delays, try to travel off-peak. According to Expedia, delays have shortened, and cancellations have gone down after a chaotic summer for travel.

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1) Know Which Day To Fly

Just like for booking, the actual day of the week your flight departs can make a big difference in flight costs. While booking may have been cheapest on Sundays, your best bet for saving when choosing your departure day is to choose a Wednesday. Expedia found that, for domestic flights, travelers who flew out on Wednesdays saved an average of 15% on fares compared to travelers who flew out at the beginning of the week. For international flights, the average percentage saved is still significant but reduced to 10%.

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More Ways To Save

Expedia has certainly laid out some fantastic tips for saving on flights for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. However, there are more hacks you can employ to make sure you are getting the best price possible. Travel Off Path recently released a guide detailing 5 ways to score cheap flights while prices continue to rise over the winter, and Expedia has a few more tips of their own.

  • Expedia recommends booking your flights, hotel, and car rental all at the same time. When travelers bundle their trip costs, Expedia is able to offer better rates and heavier discounts.
  • Use price tracking to ensure you are able to jump on lower flight fares when they become available. The Expedia app has price alerts, as do other resources like Google Flights.

Planning A Trip This Winter?

Travelers interested in booking a flight for this winter should check out the best and worst times to book your holiday flights, as well as cheap options for international destinations. Similarly, though things have calmed down since this summer, travelers should try to minimize their chances of lost luggage when traveling this winter. And, as always, one of the best ways travelers can protect themselves from disruptions is by choosing a great travel insurance plan.

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