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Top 5 Off The Beaten Path European Destinations For Remote Workers

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Remote working is a concept that has been growing in popularity since the pandemic, and more workers are finding that the freedom to log on from anywhere is exactly what they need to achieve a work-life balance. While some are able to choose the remote work lifestyle long term, others find that taking a workcation is enough for them to recharge and reset. 

man with laptop on rocks at seaside

Workcations are on the rise, and the concept of WFH (work from home) now often refers to ‘work from hotel’ instead. A recent study found that more than 40% of office workers in the UK have taken a workcation in the past year, and over a third are planning one in 2023.

So with workcations and remote working on the rise, let’s look at some lesser-known locations that are scoring high for remote workers. Website HomesToGo has recently compiled a list of the best destinations in Europe for remote working in 2023, and while the top contenders are the popular hotspots of Lisbon and Dublin, there are some surprising entries as well. The list ranks over 150 European cities and takes into account factors such as wifi speed, coworking spaces, tourist attractions, weather, and accommodation prices.

streets of toulouse france

It’s important to note that these 5 locations are not the list’s top destinations. Those are the more well-known cities, such as Porto and Barcelona, and can be found here. The lesser-known cities included here all fall within the top 25 top European destinations for remote working and are worth a mention for the fact that they are all a bit more off the beaten path than their more famous counterparts. 

Top 5 Off The Beaten Path European Destinations For Remote Workers

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pedestrian street in nicosia cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus 

This capital city of Cyprus is a fascinating look at a blend of cultures and a turbulent history. Known as the last divided capital city in Europe, the city is split along a UN peacekeeping zone. To the north of this ‘Blue Line’ live the Turkish Cypriots, and to the south, you will find the Greek Cypriots. Crossing this border does require your passport, although it's generally easy, and many do it every day. While there is a very high military presence in Nicosia, it’s a very safe city with a low crime rate.

Remote workers like this location for its safety and low cost of living. Not to mention Nicosia receives an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day, which makes sense as Cyprus is a top destination for sun, sand, and culture in 2023. While it’s not near any of the famous beaches or coasts of the island, Nicosia does tend to get quite hot in the warmer months. So make sure if you are here at that time to get into a coworking space or apartment with air conditioning or a pool if you're lucky! 

sunset over nicosia cyprus

Budva, Montenegro 

The tiny European country of Montenegro has been gaining popularity recently, and travelers are finding more and more reasons to check out this Balkan gem. While many remote workers and tourists tend to head to its more well-known neighbor of Croatia, Montenegro is beginning to gain greater widespread attention.

One reason this coastal city is favored by remote workers is the fast internet speeds that cover most of the country; in addition, SIM cards are cheap and packed with data, helping to ensure you are always connected. While the cost of accommodation in Budva can get quite high in the tourist season, a visit in the shoulder seasons ensures great weather and lower costs (not to mention much smaller crowds). 

statue and city with sea in budva montenegro

Cluj-Napoca, Romania 

This eastern European country has been a favorite amongst travelers in the know for many years, but Romania is recently seeing a tourist boom partly thanks to Netflix’s new show Wednesday. While this increase in visitors from the “Set-Jet” trend is helping Romania’s tourism sector post-pandemic recovery,  remote workers are also looking to its cities for convenient and cost-effective options.

Located in northwestern Romania, Cluj-Napoca is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. This Transylvanian capital is loved by remote workers for its affordability, liveliness,  and stunning views. The low cost of living in Romania, paired with that famous Balkan hospitality, makes this location a favorite for travelers of all types. 

Cluj-Napoca romania skyline

Toulouse, France 

The fourth largest city in France, Toulouse is known as the aerospace capital of Europe, housing the French space agency and the Airbus European headquarters. This lively city in southwest France is attracting remote workers for a variety of reasons, one being its over 1,000 events and celebrations that happen throughout the year.

The location makes a great base for exploring the Pyrénées region to the south and the Carcassonne area to the east. While France can be quite an expensive location for remote workers, Toulouse accommodation can be much less pricy than other areas of the country. In addition, restaurants and food costs are comparable to other major cities. 

bride and river in toulouse france

Utrecht, Netherlands 

Often referred to as a more compact and cozy version of Amsterdam, Utrecht is loved for its accessibility and its beauty. The canals and parks are lined with restaurants, cafes, and places to open up the laptop and get to work. As the Netherlands’ fourth largest city, Utrecht is well-connected and modern. The average internet speed here is high, with a download of over 100Mbps and an upload of around 16Mbps.

The ancient city is only a short train ride away from Amsterdam, so if you find it a bit too quiet, there is always the option to venture further afield. Of course, this city can get quite cold in the wintertime, so if you are planning a workcation here, make sure to plan the weather according to your preferences. 

canal and streets in utrecht netherlands

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