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Top 7 International Destinations Americans Always Return To

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Have you ever gone on a vacation so great you didn’t want it to end? You’re not alone.

Many Americans have favorite international destinations they return to year after year, and many of them aren’t too far from home.

It’s great to travel to see more of the world, but sometimes returning to an old favorite is a guaranteed way to have a great vacation.

Doctors cave beach jamaica

Plus, there isn't always a need to go somewhere different to see something new; sometimes, going to the same place will show you something new without even trying.

Destinations like Cancun and London are favorites for many travelers, and there is so much to do and see in both destinations you could visit 10 times and have a completely different experience each time.

A sandy beach with white sand and green palms.

There's nothing wrong with going to the same place repeatedly. As already mentioned, you can learn something new by visiting a destination over and over again.

It's similar to reading a book twice or watching a film more than once. You gain a fresh perspective and start appreciating things you missed the first time. 

If you're traveling to a repeated destination this upcoming season, stay caught up with what people say about returning to the same place. Take a cue from becoming familiar with a location and gain something new. 

Here are the top seven international destinations Americans always return to:

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dock in the ocean

Cancun And The Riviera Maya, Mexico 

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are extremely popular destinations for many Americans and Canadians.

New hotels are constantly popping up in the area to accommodate the rising influx of travelers who can't get enough.

Cancun usually gets 18-20 million visitors annually, which is no surprise. The destination suits families, solo travelers, and groups looking for an international destination without traveling too far.

Tulum mayan ruins on the sea in yucatan mexico.

Los Cabos, Mexico 

Los Cabos is another Mexican destination that Americans love to return to.

It's different from Cancun and Riviera Maya primarily because it's on another coast, and the waters differ.

Generally, travelers in this area are looking for resorts that offer all-inclusive options or luxury amenities that, like Cancun, are close. 

Mexico, colonial streets and colorful architecture of San Jose del Cabo in historic center.

Rome, Italy

Traveling to Italy this summer is going to be popular.

It's projected to be one of Europe's favorite summer destinations, and for a good reason.

The beaches here are probably some of the best in this region, and it can be an affordable destination for many groups. It's also incredibly diverse, which adds to its appeal.

These reasons and more are why this destination is a repeat offender for many travelers. 

Mexico, colonial streets and colorful architecture of San Jose del Cabo in historic center.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

If you're traveling to Punta Cana this season, it's probably because you're staying at one of the many luxury all-inclusive resorts, which is the perfect way to have a relaxing vacation.

The area is known for having the best all-inclusive hotels in the entire Caribbean, and it's been proven coming back here can showcase new sides of this destination. 

Traditional ceramic souvenirs in Dominican Republic.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is Jamaica's second-largest city and one of its most populous.

One fun aspect of Montego Bay is that you can jump from baggage claim to the beach in less than 30 minutes. This is one reason travelers keep coming back.

Doctor's Cave Beach is one of the most popular in the country and is definitely worth a visit.

Colorful old wooden fishing boats docked and rope tied on the sea by the pier with birds on top in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Fishing is a traditional profession/ work/ job in tropical Caribbean islands.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Another Mexican favorite on this list is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is part of the Jalisco state of Mexico, often touted as being the most authentic area of the country.

On top of being an LGBTQ+ safe space for travelers, it's known for great beaches and numerous shopping towns within walking distance of each other. 

Restaurants and cafes with ocean views on Playa De Los Muertos beach and pier close to famous Puerto Vallarta Malecon, the city largest public beach

London, England 

London, England, is a destination on everyone's bucket list, and for repeat offenders, it's a place you go to more than once, and you always have a different experience.

The destination is excellent for gastronomy, culture, and museums. 

Big Ben and westminster bridge at dusk in London.

Your favorite places aren't yours because you've only been there once. They are your favorite because you appreciate something about them, which sometimes takes a few visits to realize.

Repeat traveling shouldn't be shamed, and if you love going back to the same beach year after year, do it.

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