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Top 7 Reasons To Visit Marfa, Texas In 2023

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Marfa is a small town in southern Texas. Located about an hour from the remote big bend national park, it’s also the perfect place for a memorable and one-of-a-kind getaway from it all. Here are seven reasons you should consider adding Marfa, Texas to your travel plans this year.

Street with courthouse in Marfa, Texas.

1. The Local Art Scene

Marfa is notable for its art scene and overall artsy, quirky feel. The small town is home to countless local art galleries and shops. They make both a great place to browse works from artists you’ve likely never seen before, as well as finding so truly one-of-a-kind souvenirs to take back with you.

Palace Theatre in Marfa, Texas.

2. You Can Stop By Prada Marfa

If you’re thinking that a remote desert town doesn’t seem like the place for a Prada store, you’d be right. However, while Marfa isn’t home to an actual Prada store, it is home to a fake Prada storefront in the middle of the desert. The storefront was constructed as part of an art installation and nowadays offers a startling juxtaposition between the white, modern luxury shop and the remote desert surrounding it. It also offers a truly one-of-a-kind background for photos. The fake store front isn’t the only interesting attraction in Marfa, however.

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Fake Prada storefront in an empty desert.

2. The Marfa Lights

The Marfa lights are another unique draw. A phenomenon that has been reported in the area for several years, the lights are often reported as unexplained light starting through the desert sky. Theories about what causes are as numerous as their sightings. One of the most popular theories is UFO activity. Even if you’re not a believer in the supernatural, though, the desert skies themselves above Marfa are definitely real and amazing for stargazing.

The milky way above a dark desert.

4. You Can Take A Day Trip To Big Bend National Park

Another great reason to visit Marfa is its location near Big Bend National Park. This remote desert park is one of the less visited parks in the United States, but it does still have plenty to offer despite its remote location. You can look forward to gorgeous desert views, hot springs, and the stunning Rio Grande river. The national park is located about 3 hours from Marfa, making it a great option for a day trip to see some of the highlights.

Big bend national park, flowers in a field and mountain in the background

5. You Can Relax In Hot springs

There are hot springs inside Big Bend National Park, but they aren’t the only springs in the area. Chinati Hot Springs are another great spot to spend an afternoon heading out to near Marfa. These springs are more developed than the Big Bend ones, and you also won’t have to worry about as many possible floods or road closures.

Rocks in a hot spring surrounded by steam.

6. There Are One Of A Kind Places To Stay

You may have noticed by now that Marfa definitely has a quirky, fun vibe to it, so it probably won’t surprise you that this extends to its lodging options as well. Cibolo Creek Ranch offers rooms at one of the oldest ranches in Texas, as well as a truly authentic Texas feel. El Cosmico, meanwhile, offers lodging in several memorable forms, including restored vintage trailers and yurts.

A sparkling blue pool with a desert behind it.
Cibolo Creek Ranch

7. You’ll Make Some Unforgettable Memories

Marfa may be remote, but it also offers a zany atmosphere you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. It’s the perfect place to make some unforgettable memories, whether you’re looking to travel with a significant other, group of friends, or even solo.

A sign reading "MARFA" in large, black metal letters.

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Friday 13th of January 2023

Prada Marfa is not in Marfa, it's outside Valentine, 36 miles away.


Friday 13th of January 2023

Not a south Texas town, Marfa is in in west Texas. Must have reservations at Chinati Hot Springs, one cannot walk in and day use is not allowed. Big Bend National Park is more like 1.5 plus hours and that is just the entrance.