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Tourist Killed In Thailand On New Years Eve When Firework Exploded in His Face

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A British tourist was killed in a freak accident during a New Year’s celebration in Thailand when a firework exploded in his face, according to reports.

50-year-old Gary McLaren, was celebrating the arrival of 2020 with friends in the party resort of Pattaya, eastern Thailand, when the tragedy happened at 12.30am local time.

(Cover Photo Credit: Facebook – Jasmine Gmc)

man dies in thailand
Gary McLaren Died in a tragic firework accident on New Years Eve (Photo: Facebook - Mike Cooperman)

McLaren bought the faulty firework outside a club in Pattaya, where his fiancée, Jasmine, traveled with him to ring in the new year, the Mirror reported.

He struggled to light the firework before it exploded on his second attempt, inflicting severe head injuries which killed him in front of his fiancé.

faulty firework
The faulty firework that killed McLaren (Image: Viral Press)

“The first time didn’t work. The second time smoke came out. The man didn’t move, then there was a big explosion in his face and he fell back.”

Emergency crews attempted life-saving measures on the tourist but it was too late, authorities said.

“Rescue personnel who attended to the injured person performed chest compressions but it was too late as he was already dead.”

(Photo: Facebook - Jasmine Gmc)

It’s illegal to purchase fireworks in Pattaya and police are investigating how McClaren obtained the device, the Mirror reported.

His fiancée shared the last photo of them together on Facebook in the wake of his death.

"This is last picture for you honey you will be in my heart for ever babe😭RIP Gary Mclaren 😭😭"

Friends and family have posted there condolences on social media in response to the tragic accident. 

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