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Tourists Arrested On Mexico Beach For Not Buying Drinks From Nearby Bar Who “Owned The Beach”

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Two tourists were arrested on a beach in Mexico after they were accused of not buying drinks from a nearby bar who owned the beach.

The couple were hauled by police from the Mamitas Beach in Playa del Carmen.

According to local media, the beach club claimed they have exclusive rights to that stretch of beach and reported the couple to the police for not buying any of their products.

tourists arrested mexico

However, locals complained that the beach is actually federal property and that people can enjoy it for free.

The video shows the two being grabbed by the tourist police as they try to resist being pulled away.

One woman is heard shouting in Spanish: “The beach is [a] public [space].”

Reports claim that the young woman was left bleeding from the arrest with onlookers stating the behaviour was too extreme.

removed from play del carmen beach

“It should be clarified that our staff approached them several times to ask them to move and the reaction we got from them were high-sounding words and threats.

“At the request of the couple, the municipal authorities were called. At the time of the arrival of the officers, our staff left the scene leaving the situation in their hands, we do not know the real reasons why the couple were arrested.

“We appreciate your attention and hope with this to clarify this misunderstanding and to continue contributing positive actions to our society.”

A peaceful protest in the form of a picnic is taking place on Sunday, according to social media.

play del carmen tourist arrest

Earlier this month, a tourist in the Maldives was arrested for wearing a bikini.

She later claimed she fought back because she thought she was being abducted.

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Source: Sun

Mel Coker

Tuesday 18th of February 2020

We just got back from Playa del Carmen (February 17, 2020). We love Playa, Isla Mujeres and Mexico. We have in facct in the past visited Mamitas. This trip, we visited Martina Beach Club, just up the beach and The Carmen Hotel Deck 5 pool. My understanding is that beach clubs have "concessions" from the local government to put out chairs and set their own policies for cost to use the beach (lay a towel), use a chair. Some have a set admission cost and many just have a minimum daily consumption cost per person. Say, 400 pesos to use a beach chair per person, but this goes toward consumption. The "concessions" area goes down to a certain point - likely the ocean level high water mark. Below that mark/point, the beach IS free, admittedly not much room left for beach area and the beach walkers. It looks like this person or persons were in the area with Mamita's Beach Club chairs.

From our hotel, one block back from the beach (Calle 44 at Avenue 1), we were provided a "pass" to use chairs or day beds at Martima Beach Club. We did that two days and bought a few drinks. Also, we visited The Carmen Hotel Deck 5 pool (very scenic). No admission charge currently and really no minimum consumption amount. We do buy some food/snacks and drinks from the hard working servers.