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Top 21 Travel Gifts for Men Under $100!

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When searching for the perfect travel gifts for men, you'll want to get him things he'll actually use. This mens travel gift guide gives you all the best ideas and won't waste your time on things that don't fit into his travel lifestyle. 

Plus, all of these travel gifts come in under $100, so you'll still have enough money to actually see the world. I'm all for spending less money on ‘things' and more on experiences, but here are some essentials that will help make his hectic travel days easier. 

The Top Travel Gifts For MEN Under $100

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones are an ideal gift for a frequent traveler, especially one who flies a lot. These noise cancelling wireless Bluetooth headphones by Cowin actually rival some of the big brand names we all know and love. Here's the best part – they're half the price! They fully charge in 4 hours, but give you 30 hours of playtime. Combine that with their 18 month warranty and how comfy they are to wear, these are the perfect gift for any travel guy!

$79Check Prices

Adidas Slides

Any travel guy could use some classic Adidas slides. He can use them as hotel slippers, for lounging by the pool, or even as post-workout shoes. The slides have comfy moulded and supportive footbeds, which are exactly what a traveler needs after a long day. 

$45 – Check Prices

Basic Soft-Touch Tees

Basic Tees are so important for any guy on the road. These super soft and stretchy shirts by Alfani get high ratings and come in lots of different colors. They are casual enough to wear with swim shorts on the beach, but nice enough to pair with khakis or jeans for day-wear. Tip: they are a little tighter on the fit, so size up if you are unsure. 

$29-$40- Check Prices

Fire 7 Tablet

One of the best travel gifts for men on the market – the new Fire 7 Tablet. It works as a Kindle and a tablet all in one, so you don't need to carry multiple devices and tons of books. You can load it with movies for long flights, stream Netflix from your hotel room, or read dozens of books beside the pool. The battery life is longer, the tablet itself is lighter and it claims to be more durable than the latest iPad. All for a fraction of the cost!

$49-$59 – Check Prices

RDIF Wallet

The travel gift that protects your money – a RFID blocking wallet! This leather wallet from Herschel not only looks trendy, but it also has some cool safety features. It has built-in RFID technology that shields your personal information from electronic scanning machines. Without RFID technology, credit card info can be stolen when a thief bumps into you in public, which hacks the ‘tap' feature on your card. 

$35 – Check Prices

Men's Skincare Kit

Kiehl's makes this awesome travel-sized mens ‘Grab and Go' essentials set with all the top sellers. It has everything your guy will need for traveling. Face wash, shaving cream, face cream, body soap and hand cream. All the products are high-end, work wonders, and will fit easily into a travel toiletry kit. 

$47 – Check Prices


Travellers have been swearing by Birkenstocks for years! They have amazing arch and heel support, plus the footbed allows for even weight distribution across the foot, meaning less pain! Over time the shoe will actually start to mold to the shape of your foot, giving you the most custom shoe possible. These puppies have been made in Germany since 1774 and aren't stopping anytime soon. Travel guys of all ages love wearing Birkenstocks while they roam the globe. 

$99 – Check Prices 

23AndMe Ancestry Kit

Giving 23AndMe to the man in your life is the ultimate travel gift! Not only can he learn a lot about his roots, but he can plan a trip to visit the countries where his ancestors came from. Help him make a meaningful bucket-list for the places he will feel connected with at a deeper level. 

$79-$89 – Check Prices

Travelon Toiletry Bag

I personally bought my husband this Travelon toiletry kit FIVE years ago and he still uses it to this day. It's super high-quality, washable, sturdy and fits more items than you'd expect. I asked him why he likes it so much and he said “It has a waterproof pouch inside incase something leaks in my suitcase, and it hangs on the back of the door or a towel rod.” He also mentioned he likes how it organizes all his man-stuff so he can find it easily. 

$30 – Check Prices

Men's Flight Survival Kit

This flight survival kit by Herschel has everything a man needs to endure a long-haul travel day. It comes with a sleep mask, ear plugs, slippers and an inflatable neck pillow, that all fits into a mesh and camo drawstring bag. It's a simple men's travel gift, but will really come in handy on a red-eye flight!

$30- Check Prices

Essential Travel Hoodie

No matter where a man might travel, he is going to run into some cold weather. (Usually it's from getting trapped indoors or on transportation with frigid AC on full blast!) Getting him a soft and comfy zip-up hoodie is a great gift because it's so versatile and practical. This one by Carhartt in particular is great because it doesn't weigh a lot for packing into luggage, but it still keeps off a chill. Tip: This hoodie fits long and slightly big, so take that into account when ordering!

$60-$70 – Check Prices 

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A great travel gift for any music loving man – the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker. This little speaker has too many features to name, but here are a few that stand out: It's waterproof, so he can use it outside in bad weather, or even poolside. It gives 12 hours of playback time on a single charge. It can have 2 devices paired to it at once so users can take turns playing their music. The sound quality is surprisingly impressive and yet it only weighs 1lb. Great, now I want one….

$89- Check Prices

Black Collared Shirt

The one thing about travel is you never know when you might need to dress up a little. Heading to different restaurants or situations might all of a sudden call for a certain dress code, and you don't want to show up unprepared. However, over-packing dress clothes takes up a lot of room – which is why a simple collared shirt like this one from Lacoste is a great idea. A simple black collared shirt can morph from being casual beach-wear into most situations that require something a little dressier. 

$89 – Check Prices

FitBit Inspire HR

If you're looking for gift ideas for men who travel, consider getting him this smart heart rate monitor and sleep tracker! He can track his daily steps while touring through a new city, make sure he's sticking to his weekly workout goals, and even ensure jet-lag isn't messing with his sleep patterns. One of the best features of the Fitbit Inspire HR is that it lasts up to 5 days on a single charge, so it doesn't need to be plugged in constantly.

$99 – Check Prices

Lightweight Duffel Bag

This 65L capacity duffel bag from Canway is not only waterproof but also tear resistant, perfect for any travelling man. It has a separate shoe compartment for stinky gym shoes that can also be used as a dirty laundry compartment. It can be used as a gym bag, weekender bag, carry-on luggage, or even camping gear.

$25-$35 – Check Prices

Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Travelling can really mess with your sleep, but a Bluetooth eye mask like this one can help. If your guy finds himself on a loud and bright flight, he can slip this on without also having to wear headphones on top of it. Through Bluetooth he can listen to tunes or meditation music, whatever is going to help him fall asleep faster. The fabric is soft and comfy and is machine washable as well!

$20-$24 – Check Prices

Comfy Pants

Comfy yet stylish pants for the flight…check!
No one wants to be trapped in jeans on a long flight, so these smart sweats by Sean John are the perfect alternative. They are soft but not sloppy, which makes them perfect for a travel day, the gym, or even walking around town. The side pockets have zippers which makes keeping documents and other important items from slipping out during a hectic travel day. 

$69-$89 – Check Prices

Express VPN

Have you ever logged into your Netflix account while abroad, excited to watch the next episode in your current binge, but it's not there!? A VPN can help with that! It will allow you to access things like Netflix, the app store, or social media sites that might be blocked or limited inside certain countries. You can grab your man an entire year of a VPN to keep him connected (and his personal info safe!) while he travels abroad. 

$99/year – Check Prices

Reef Sandals

These sandals are the holy-grail – just ask my husband who wears them almost exclusively. You can put tons of miles on these puppies without harming your arches. Reefs are supportive, comfortable and don't rip up your feet with blisters. Bonus, they do have a bottle opener on the bottom for those times when you just need to pop a cold one. 

$39-$49 – Check Prices

Portable Battery Charger

He'll never have to search for available wall-sockets at the airport again. This portable battery charger from Anker has everything he needs to stay powered up. It can charge a cell phone up to 7 times, hold it's own charge for up to 7 days, and is lightening cable compatible. It comes with 2 charging ports and an 18 month warranty. No-brainer travel gift!

$40-$49 – Check Prices

Lightweight Backpack

Herschel makes awesome stuff for guys, and this lightweight backpack is no exception. It's super sturdy, yet light enough to bring on a trip, and has a padded compartment for laptops. It also comes with a headphone port that makes it easier to listen to music on the go. 

$80 – Check Prices

Hopefully this gift guide for men who travel has given you some great ideas! 

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