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Cheapest Places to Travel 2020

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Having the travel bug can be an expensive affliction. As tourist hotspots all over the world gain popularity, so do their prices for accommodations, food and attractions. I'm happy to announce there are still a few amazingly affordable destinations out there.

However, it's getting hard to decifer some of the information out there. Two major publications put out their 2020 ‘cheapest places' lists with INSANELY expensive suggestions. Forbes put Miami on their list. Really? Miami (especially beachfront) has some of the most expensive hotels on the planet. The Independant UK put Dubai on their list. They stated £21 for a bunk in a mixed dorm room made it a cheap destination. For that money you can get your own suite in a truly affordable destination.

Here are the actual:

CHEAPEST Places to Travel 2020

10. Cartagena, Colombia

Founded in the 1500's, but just becoming internationally recognized, is the Colombian port city of Cartagena. This colorful colonial and walled city was given its UNESCO World Heritage status in the 80's and has been gaining popularity ever since. Colombia has dramatically changed over the last decade, transforming into one of the safest Latin American countries for tourists. Yes, you read that right, Colombia is SAFE.

cartagena affordable destinations
Streets of cartagena colombia - cheap destinations

Cartagena offers the best of both worlds with a gorgeous coast line, mixed with an historical old town. Beach lovers can take a stroll down Bocagrande in search of fresh ceviche, or enjoy the Caribbean breeze under an umbrella. History buffs can tour castle ruins, old cathedrals, or the local gold museum.

Admission prices, restaurants and hotels are still very affordable in Cartagena, but probably not for long. With more tourists coming every year, this won't be a super cheap place forever.

Cartagena Travel Info:

Food Prices in Cartagena


3 Star Hotels

From $32/n

Many sun worshipers choose to stay at Summer Frente Al Mar for it's affordable price and beachfront location. With rates starting at $47/n and breakfast included, you can stay a while guilt free!

5 Star Hotels

From $98/n

That view though! The Hyatt Regency Cartagena features an infinity pool that looks out directly out onto the Caribbean sea. The 5-Star luxury hotel has oversized modern rooms and the perfect location for exploring on foot. Rates start at $150/n

Weather in Cartagena

All Year Round:

  • 30°C Average High
  • 25°C Average Low

Daily temperatures are exactly the same all year round. Cartagena is a constant summer climate! Dry season is January to April, with heavy rains happening June to October. If you don't mind the occasional mid-day downpour, any time of year is great to visit.

How To Get To Cartagena

Direct Flights: from Bogota or Medellin for $30

Direct Flights from North America: from Toronto, New York, Miami, Atlanta for $180-$580

9. Chengdu, China

Chengdu China- cheapest places to travel 2019
Pic by: Daily Travel Pill

Always wanted to go to Beijing or Shanghai, but got turned off by busy crowds and high prices? Then Chengdu is the perfect way for you to discover China! Plus, how can you say no to the panda capital of the country?
With 50% of Chengdu's hotels starting under $60 per night, it's a very budget friendly cultural gem.

Chengdu china panda bears

Our friend Aurelia from Daily Travel Pill recently visited Chengdu and put it down as one of her TOP destinations. She loved how affordable Chengdu was especially the transportation. “Buses only cost $0.20 which I find extremely cheap considering that they are new, electric and with great connections. Riding the subway was around $0.50 and tuk-tuk's ran us around $1 per km.” Check out Daily Travel Pill's Top 20 Chengdu Attractions.
Eat lip-smacking street food for $1, visit ancient religious temples or gaze upon the tallest Buddha statue in the world.

Chengdu Travel Info:

Food Prices in Chengdu


4 Star Hotels

From $29/n

Just steps away from busting Tianfu Square the Lia Chengdu Hotel has a great location for exploring Chengdu on foot. Our friend Aurelia stayed here during her visit and loved the vibe of the rooms. Rates start around $58/n.

5 Star Hotels

From $65/n

Chengdu is the perfect city to enjoy cheap 5 star hotels! You can stay at brands like Raffles, Waldorf Astoria, Fairmont and the St. Regis for under up to 60% less than other cities! The ultra-luxurious Ritz Carlton is only $160/n so take advantage of being able to stay in this iconic brand for less.

Weather in Chengdu


  • 22°C Average High
  • 13°C Average Low


  • 21°C Average High
  • 15°C Average Low


  • 30°C Average High
  • 22°C Average Low


  • 10°C Average High
  • 5°C Average Low

Fall and Spring are the best times to visit Chengdu. Winters can be quite cold, while summers are hot and very rainy. No matter when you visit, bring a jacket, sweater and pants for cooler nights.

How To Get To Chengdu

Direct Flights from USA: from New York or Los Angeles for $450

Direct Flights from Europe: from Madrid, London, Moscow, Paris, Prague for $210-$600

Direct Flights from Asia: from Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, etc for $60-$180

Train: High Speed trains are available from Beijing and Shanghai.
Trips can take anywhere from 9-24 hours depending on train.
Sleeper cars available!

8. Myrtle Beach, USA

myrtle beach - cheapest places to travel in 2019

Myrtle Beach is a much closer destination to visit for many readers, especially compared to all the international places on this list.
This entertaining resort city shows you don't have to venture far from home to find a bargain. 
Take a ride on the sky wheel, stroll down the boardwalk or hit up the wax museum. There are tons of attractions like Ripley's, a hands on science exhibit and even a live alligator show. Myrtle Beach is also home to the most lazy rivers in the US, so spend some time floating the day away.
Attractions and accommodations are affordable enough to bring the whole family, without going over budget.

pink beach house myrtle beach
cotton candy myrtle beach sunset

We experienced just how cheap Myrtle Beach can be! This year we spent 30 days over Feb/March at an incredibly low price. The Compass Cove resort has winter rates for $800/m for a base room and $1200/m for a 1 bedroom suite, both OCEANFRONT! In many places you can expect to pay $1200 a week or even per night for oceanfront hotels. Daily highs reached the 18°C mark and each night there was a cotton candy sunset, making a very memorable stay. 

Myrtle Beach Travel Info:

Food Prices in Myrtle Beach


3 Star Hotels

From $32/n

We stayed at Compass Cove, which has rooms so close to the ocean, we fell asleep to the sound of the waves! During low season rates here start as low as $40/n, making this some of the cheapest beachfront we’ve ever experienced.

4 Star Hotels

From $109/n

The Marriott's OceanWatch at Grande Dunes is great for travelling with family! At only $156/n you get a 1000 sq ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Oceanview luxury villa! Anytime of year is great at this resort because they have heated pools and hot tubs for the cooler winter months.

Weather in Myrtle Beach


  • 17°C-27°C Highs
  • 8°C-18°C Lows


  • 19°C-29°C Highs
  • 10°C-20°C Lows


  • 28°C-32°C Highs
  • 20°C-24°C Lows


  • 13°C-16°C Highs
  • 3°C-6°C Lows

Myrtle Beach has 4 distinct seasons and they all have their benefits. Late spring and summer brings the ultimate hot beach weather, but it's also high season, so expect more crowds. Fall weather is still quite warm, and the crowds thin out as well, making it a great time to go! Winter might be cool, but the daily average highs are still good enough for walks on the beach. Winter prices are rock bottom low!

How To Get To Myrtle Beach

Direct Flight USA: from Orlando, Dallas, Houston, New York, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detriot for $40-$80

Direct Flight Canada: from Toronto, 2.5 hours, $75

Drive: from NYC, 12 hours, 
We rented a car in NYC and drove to Myrtle Beach on the I-95.

7. Campeche, Mexico

campeche mexico - cheapest places to travel in 2019

Selfishly, I didn’t even want to put Campeche in this list. I don’t want hoards of people heading there and ruining one of the last frontiers of Mexico. But I’ll share my secret with you anyway. Campeche is a city in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and it’s also the name of the state it’s located in. It’s closest neighbour is a city called Merida, which has seen it’s popularity with tourists SKYROCKET over the last few years. Many people flock to Merida, but don’t continue the drive down to Campeche, so it’s still the Yucatan’s best kept secret.

This baroque colonial city has a walled ancient town, pastel colored streets and tons of both European and Mayan culture. After the Spanish came in the 1500’s they fortified the city to protect it from pirate invasions, and many of these fortifications have been wonderfully preserved. Just an hour away from town you’ll find ancient Mayan ruins from 400 BC, once lost inside a lush jungle and only re-discovered in 1907.

Campeche has a 17th century European feel, mixed with Caribbean colors and temperatures.

Campeche Travel Info:

Food Prices in Campeche


3 Star Hotels

From $30/n

Stay in the heart of downtown at the Hotel Plaza Colonial. It's only metres from the central Cathedral and has it's own cute courtyard with pool. Best part is prices start at just $37 a night.

5 Star Hotels

From $195/n

Originally built in the 1600's, the Hacienda Puerta hotel has character and charm, not to mention an incredible location. Being a luxury collection property gives it many perks like onsite spa and welcome drink. Rates around $225/n.

Weather in Campeche

ALL Year Long:

  • 29°C-34°C Highs
  • 18°C-25°C Lows

HOT and humid all year round, Campeche is an eternal summer. If you can't stand the heat, Campeche might not be the city for you. During the hottest months it will usually downpour for a few hours, giving some relief.

How To Get To Campeche

Direct Flight: from Mexico City, 1.45 hours, $100

Bus: from Merida, 3 hours, 

6. Antalya, Turkey

cheapest places to travel 2019 - antalya turkey

Known as the ‘Turquoise Coast', Antalya is a haven for any sun worshiper. This beachfront resort town is the highlight of Turkey's Mediterranean coast, with enough rich history to wow any traveller. 
The weather is peachy and the prices are rock bottom, so it's no wonder more visitors came in 2019 than ever before. Antalya should be in your 2020 travel plans while it's still insanely affordable!

antalya beach turkey - cheap destinations 2019
antalya turkey affordable destinations

Yacht tours, waterfalls, ancient ruins, white sandy beaches, hidden caves, museums and mosques are all on the agenda in Antalya. This city has at least a dozen free attractions to visit, like Hadrian's Gate built by the Romans in 130 AD. 

Antalya Travel Info:

Food Prices in Antalya


3 Star Hotels

From $23/n

It really doesn't get any cheaper then this.
For $43/n you get a sea view room at a beachfront hotel with ALL INCLUSIVE benefits.
The Antique Roman Palace is literally one of the most affordable all inclusive hotels we've ever seen.

5 Star Hotels

From $50/n

You can stay at the 5-Star Crown Plaza for as low as $50/n, but the top rated Akra Hotel is our top 5-Star choice. Every room offers views of the Mediterranean and the Taurus mountains. The property has tennis courts, a spa, Turkish baths and pristine pool. Rates start at only $97/n!

Weather in Antalya


  • 18°C-26°C Highs


  • 31°C-36°C Highs


  • 21°C-29°C Highs


  • 14°C-17°C Highs

Antalya has four seasons, all of them being pretty idilic, not to mention 300 days of sun a year! Winter can be wet, rainy and chilly, but it's better than the sub-zero temperatures most of us want to escape. Spring and fall are the best times to go to Anyalya.

How To Get To Antalya

Direct Flight: from Istanbul, 1 hour, $15

International Direct Flights: from London, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv, etc for under $100

5. Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Ukraine - cheapest places to travel 2019

Lviv has been dubbed the ‘Little Paris’ of Ukraine, and it's easy to see why. The city is made of charming buildings, cobblestone walkways and picturesque cafes. 
Not only is Lviv beautiful, but it's cheap! How cheap? It's been named the least expensive country in Europe, as well as one of the Top 10 cheapest places to live worldwide! Visiting Lviv is inexpensive with it's economical food and accommodation prices.

Visit Lviv Ukraine - cheap europe
lviv - the little paris of ukraine

Lviv is the perfect place to slow down, unwind and live like an Eastern European. You won't have to look hard for a home-cooked meal, nor an excellent cup of coffee. This region is known for it's food, coffee and chocolate! 
Take in a performance at the stunning opera and ballet house, tour the ancient castle or visit some of the jaw-dropping cathedrals. Time slows down in Lviv, and you should too.

Lviv Travel Info:

Food Prices in Lviv


3 Star Hotels

From $34/n

See Lviv like a local by staying in a short term apartment rental. The 600 sq ft Kasierwald Apartments is a chic way to experience the charming city at only $40/n

5 Star Hotels

From $45/n

The 5-star Kavalier Boutique Hotel has unbeatable value for the $48/n price. Even their base room comes with plush robes, elegant Victorian decor, heated bathroom floors and fresh breakfast each morning.

Weather in Lviv


  • 20°C-25°C Highs
  • 8°C-14°C Lows


  • -1°C to 2°C Highs
  • -3°C to -10°C Lows

Head to Lviv during the summer, as winter months have temperatures that drop below freezing. (Unless of course you like the snow!) Summer in Lviv is more like springtime temperature, but is very nice for walking and touring around.

How To Get To Lviv

Direct Flight: from Kiev, 1 hour, $28

Other European Direct Flights: from Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Warsaw, Instanbul and Rome for under $75

Train: from Kiev, 5 hours, 

Train: from Krakow, 6 hours, $15

4. Cuenca, Ecuador

cuenca ecuador - affordable travel 2019

Looking at the colored domes and brick buildings, you would almost think it's a picture of Florence, Italy...but it's not! It's in Ecuador.
Cuenca is a posh mountain-top city that has major European flair. Cuenca is 8,400 feet above sea level, it's cool and temperate, with a constant spring-like climate. Quite the contrast to nearby Guayaquil that has blazing hot temperatures like you'd expect from tropical Ecuador. 
One of the most unexpected things about Ecuador is it officially uses the US Dollar, making it easy for American visitors.

We wrote a short guide on our visit to Cuenca in 2016

White Church Cuenca Ecuador
Cuenca, Ecuador- Quaint and Posh 'Mountain Top' City
cuenca ecuador cheap place in 2019

Visiting Cuenca isn't complete without touring through its many breathtaking churches. The biggest and most impressive is the The New Cathedral of Cuenca, located in the main square. Being inside it actually brought us to tears!
Other things to do in Cuenca include: strolling through plazas and parks, shopping for panama hats and ponchos, buying roses for 90% less then you pay anywhere else, and visiting the cultural museum. 

Cuenca Travel Info:

Food Prices in Cuenca


3 Star Hotels

From $30/n

Stay in a colonial style hotel that is just steps from the main plaza and captivating New Cathedral church. Rates at La Orquidea Hotel start at $30/n for couples.

5 Star Hotels

From $79/n

Quaint and historic, the Carvallo Hotel is a great downtown luxury pick. Enjoy lavish decor and canopy beds in a restored house built in the 1800's. 

Weather in Cuenca

ALL Year Long:

  • 18°C-23°C Highs
  • 8°C-12°C Lows

Cuenca has cool and pleasant daily highs all year round. It's become a hotspot for retirees because of it's nice escape from South American heatwaves. 
June to January is regarded as the best time to go, as they are typically dryer. Avoid April and May when flooding can be an issue.

How To Get To Cuenca

Direct Flight: from Quito, 1 hour, $50

1-stop Flight: Miami from $260, New York and Madrid from $600 

Bus: from Guayaquil, 4 hours, 

Private Driver: from Guayaquil, 3 hours, $80

3. Malang, Indonesia

Malang Java - cheapest places to travel in 2019

When people hear Indonesia they usually think of Bali, but the country has so much more to offer! Malang is located on the island of Java, which is right next to Bali, but is like a different planet. Bali is Hindu and was never colonized, while Malang is mostly Muslim but was under Dutch control until just after WWII. Because of it's interesting history, Malang has such a blend of Indonesian, Dutch and ancient Buddhist-Hindu influences. 

tea plantation in malang java kashlee kucheran
Kashlee Kucheran in Malang Java

Compared to other Indonesian cities, Malang still gets mostly domestic tourists, making visiting as a Westerner a cool experience. Dozens of locals came up to us for pictures and just to ask us why we travelled to their beautiful city. I have to say Malang was one of the most memorable destinations I have ever been. 
In and around Malang there are TONS of things to do. So much that if you visit, you might want to stay while. You can visit a safari type zoo, tour through the colorful slums of Jodipan, see waterfalls, walk through tea plantations, or just bike through town. This guide has over 20 suggestions for what to do in Malang.

Malang Travel Info:

Food Prices in Malang


3 Star Hotels

From $29

For under $30/n you can shack up at the HARRIS Hotel Malang. This resort has 3 outdoor pools and is beside a water park. It's also located near Batu, which offers even more cool and unique tourist attractions. 

5 Star Hotels

From $89/n

We stayed at Tugu Malang for a truly unique 5-star experience. It's unlike any hotel we've ever stayed in before. Rooms are decorated with antique treasures, local cakes are handmade during high tea, and the staff bends over backwards to make your stay truly unforgettable. Rates from $95/n.

Weather in Malang

ALL Year Long:

  • 28°C-31°C Highs
  • 19°C-23°C Lows

If you ask someone who is from Java about the weather in Malang, they will tell you: “Oh, it's so nice and cool!” Compared to nearby scorching Surabaya it is cooler, especially at night, as it's higher in elevation. However, it's by no means a ‘chilly' town, you'll always be warm enough without a sweater.
June to August will be the coolest time to visit, also the driest!
November to February is going to give the hottest temps and highest chances of downpours.

How To Get To Malang

Direct Flight: from Jakarta or Bali, 1 hour, $60

The airport in Malang is just a small regional airport offering flights from Jakarta or Bali. An international airport is being developed. For now, International visitors fly into Surabaya

Bus: from Surabaya, 2.45 hours, 

Train: from Surabaya, 2 hours, $5

Drive/Ferry: From Bali. 10-14 hours (That's how we got there!)

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap Cambodia - Cheapest places to travel 2019

Siem Reap is the closest city to the ultra famous temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Because of this, many incredible hotels have popped up and the competition has lowered accommodation prices like you wouldn't believe!
Siem Reap has just started thriving as a tourist city because of the hurdles in it's past. The Khmer Rouge pushed locals out of the city in 1975 and they didn't return until just 1998. The airport was only built in 2006!
Even though it's only recently been developed, it's still been able to keep much of it's culture and vibe. 

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat was awarded the World's Top Landmark two years in a row, but it's still a very affordable place to visit. A day pass to the temples will run you $37 a person, or you can get a 3 day pass for $62.
Angkor Wat isn't the only thing to do in Siem Reap. You can take an off-road Jeep tour, barter in the local markets or visit a floating village. If you are a history buff you can head to the Landmine museum for just $1 or the War Museum for $5.

Siem Reap Travel Info:

Food Prices in Siem Reap


Siem Reap is KING of low cost accommodation. There are over 500 properties UNDER $50/n, with over half of them being under $25/n. Most hotels are newly built and give added perks to stand out from the competition.

3 Star Hotels

From $9/n (yes! $9!)

The Visoth Villa is a perfect example of the exceptional value you'll get in Siem Reap. For just $19/n you can have it all. Air conditioning, breakfast included, private airport transfer, refreshing pool and fantastic location. SO CHEAP!

5 Star Hotels

From $38/n

Siem Reap has 100 5-Star resorts, so if you love luxury, this is the place for you! One of the top rated places in town is the Metta Residence & Spa. This resort has extra big rooms that overlook the pool and exquisite grounds that scream luxury. All for about $63/n, making it one of the cheapest 5-Star hotel stays in the WORLD.

Weather in Siem Reap

ALL Year Long:

  • 30°C-35°C Highs
  • 21°C-26°C Lows

Cambodia is very hot all year round. Siem Reap's daily highs don't fluctuate more than 5 degrees throughout all seasons!
Spring is actually the hottest time of year, not summer like you might guess. March to June temperatures are at the highest. July to October it cools down (slightly) because of heavy rainfall. The driest and coolest time to go is November to February with highs around 31, but this is also peak season. 

How To Get To Siem Reap

Direct Flight: from Phnom Penh, 45 mins, $80
Interntional Direct FlightsFrom Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila and Hong Kong for under $90

Bus: from Phnom Penh, 6 hours, 

River Ferry: from Phnom Penh, 4-6 hours, $22

1. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam - Cheapest places to travel in 2019

Hoi An is a gorgeous ancient colonial town. It has insanely cheap food, super friendly locals and it’s a UNESCO heritage site. It is the perfect mix of town and beach for the traveller who wants it all. You can stay in the ancient town near the river for culture and history, or choose a place on the beach for a sandy getaway. The beach is only a few miles from the downtown and is easily accessible by cheap taxis, a scooter or a bicycle.

We wanted to settle down in one place for a few months during our 7 month Asia tour, and we picked Hoi An on purpose! The hotels are very affordable, with the ability to negotiate in person on the rates. We can stay in a nice newly built 4 star hotel with a pool for less than $250 a week.

Hoi An Ancient Town - cheapest destinations

Things to do in Hoi An:

  • It's the tailor capital of South East Asia, so get anything from dresses, suits or shoes custom made.
  • Cooking classes are all the rage here. For a small fee you can learn to cook amazing Vietnamese meals and eat your creations afterwards
  • At night the ancient town comes alive with river boats and floating lanterns. You can buy one for $1 to make a wish on and send it downstream. 

Hoi An Travel Info:


3 Star Hotels

From $25/n

There are TONS of 3-4 Star hotels in Hoi An for anywhere from $15-$60 a night. At an average of $30/n you can get a nice room, a pool and a walkable location. We stayed at the Gem Riverside Hotel for an entire month because we loved it so much. 

5 Star Hotels

From $120/n

You can get 5 Star beach front resorts like the Sunrise Premium for under $120 a night. If you really want to hob nob, there is a Four Seasons down the road you can relax in for about $1000 a night.


Hoi An has the cheapest food we’ve ever encountered in all our travels. It’s our new world record. Eating out for every meal is so affordable, it doesn’t even make sense to cook for yourself.

Western: A homemade veggie burger with fries is $2.15. A super instagram-able smoothie bowl is $2.85
Local: Bahn Mi (pork Sandwich) $0.80, Cau Lao (pork noodle soup) $1.20, Pho $1.10
Local beers can be as low as $0.20!


Summer: 30-35 highs
Winter: 18-25 highs

Fall: Rainy season
Spring: Awesome weather. Best time to go!

One of the only places in South East Asia with actual seasons! Super hot and humid summers with highs of 30-35. Avoid rainy season from October to December due to potential flooding.
Winter is very temperate feeling like springtime each day with highs of 19-25 and mix of sun and clouds. Lows can get to 15 during the winter here, so bring a light sweater.

How To Get To Hoi An

Hoi An doesn't have an airport, but nearby Da Nang has one, and it's only 45 minutes away by car. Hiring a private driver to Hoi An from Da Nang will only cost around $10.

Direct Flights to Da Nang:
You can fly from Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi for $20. International direct flights are available from Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur for under $80.

Feeling adventurous? You can take an overnight sleeper train from both Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.  

Hoi An is For…

UNESCO heritage lovers, budget conscious travellers and people who love a smaller town vibe.
Hoi An is great for both a sun and sand seeker, or an ‘architecture and cafe' kind of person.
If you like shopping malls, mini-marts, and being busy 24/7, Hoi An is not for you. It quiet, quaint and void of all chain stores/brand names.

Staying a while? You can find a 2-3 bedroom house in town from as low as $250/m. Housekeepers and cooks are insanely affordable at just dollars a day. You could relocate to Hoi An and easily live on a $700-$900 per month budget, stretching those dollars further than you ever thought. Luxury lifestyles can be supported in Hoi An on just $500/week.
You can order an online 3 month Visa On Arrival for $35 for your extended stay.

Cheapest Places to Travel 2020 - Honourable Mentions

If the above Top Ten list wasn't enough to spark your wanderlust, here are some more destinations that are also wonderfully inexpensive for 2020:

  • Alexandria, Egypt
  • Kotor, Montenegro
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Sarande, Albania
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Oaxaca, Mexico

*I used various dates in Spring and Fall 2020 for the hotel prices. All costs are in USD.

Cheapest places to travel in 2020
2020 - cheapest places to travel list

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Monday 27th of May 2019

[…] Cheapest Places to Travel 2019 […]


Tuesday 15th of January 2019

Awesome list! I've been dying to go to Cartegena - Fiona


Monday 14th of January 2019

I feel like there's some on this list I need to make a priority. I've only been to one of them, Chengdu, and I loved it. My favourite city in China. Cambodia and Vietnam are two places I really want to travel to soon though. Great list, and tips.

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 21st of January 2019

We are in Vietnam right now and loving it! I can't believe how cheap the FOOD is here! Sometimes I feel guilty when 4 dishes come to like $8.


Sunday 13th of January 2019

i have been to's quite affordable indeed..some other places not too sure but I guess if jus spending on food accomodation there is a lot of places that are cheap but added flight in can be really expensive...

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 21st of January 2019

Yes we tried to factor in places that were still easy enough to get to, had good infrastructure, etc. Hopefully we will make it to Chengdu soon!


Saturday 12th of January 2019

Great post, I am always on the lookout for cheap destinations. I was in Cartagena last week, it was amazing!

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 21st of January 2019

I bet it was! How did you find the prices for everything there?