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Missing Tourist Found After Surviving Two Weeks In The Grand Canyon

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A Texas man was found alive in Grand Canyon National Park on Thursday, after surviving in the wilderness for two weeks.

Martin Edward O'Connor, 58, was located by park rangers and evacuated from the inner canyon around 10 a.m. local time via helicopter, according to a National Park Service press release.

tourist missing grand canyon

O'Connor, had gone missing on Dec. 22 after being last spotted by the South Rim of the canyon, believed to be traveling alone.

The missing man from La Porte, Texas, had initially been spotted by hikers on Wednesday along the New Hance Trail before rangers were finally able to find him.

Grand Canyon

He is undergoing a medical evaluation and is in stable condition awaiting family members to join him before returning home.

While it wasn't immediately clear what O'Connor had been doing for the two weeks he had been missing, CNN reported the trail he was found on leads down to the Colorado River and should be only attempted by experienced hikers.


man found after missing 2 weeks 1

Many hikers who get lost make common mistakes like wandering off to try and find help or not packing bright enough clothing to help rescuers.

To prepare for a challenging hike in Grand Canyon National Park  the NPS recommends staying on designated trails and keeping a safe distance of at least six feet from the edge of the rim.

stay back from rim of grand canyon
Stay back at least 6 feet from the rim of the canyon

In addition, the Natiaonal Park Service suggests hikers keep an eye on everyone in their group, especially children, and watch their foot placement to prevent any accidents.

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