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Here’s Where Americans Can Travel Visa Free

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American’s traveling the world with their USA passports are a lucky bunch because they are able to visit 184 countries VISA FREE!

What does that mean?
In most cases it means that Americans can simply get on the plane and enjoy their trip without having to pay large fees or pre-file various government documents and wait for approval.

Having access to so many countries without having to apply for Visas ahead of time makes traveling a LOT easier.

countries where USA passport holders can travel with no visa required

The USA passport is actually one of the most powerful passports in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index, which current ranks the US in 6th place in terms of ‘travel freedom’. The States currently shares their 6th place spot with Canada, The UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Greece and Ireland.

So what countries are in the 1st place spots? Singapore and Japan are currently tied for the most powerful passport in the world. Don’t get too jealous America… they only get access to a handful of extra countries Visa-free, 6 more to be exact.

united states of american passport allows entry into these countries visa-free

Since Americans can travel to 184 countries without having to pre-apply for a Visa, it means travelling abroad is much easier, cheaper, and more accessible.

Visa's can be expensive, be very difficult to qualify for and can take a lot of time depending on what country you are trying to enter, so having automatic ‘visa-free’ entry is a blessing.

American passport list of countries

Please note: Even if a American passport is given visa-free access to a specific country, there are still rules on how long a visitor can stay. 

So where can you go without a Visa?
Here are ALL the countries Americans can travel to Visa free, plus how long they can stay…

Countries Where Americans Can Travel Visa Free:

a complete list of visa free countries for Americans

6 Months or MORE Visa Free:

Albania 1 year

Antigua and Barbuda6 months

Armenia180 days

Bahamas 8 months

Barbados6 months

Belize180 days

Bermuda – 6 months

Canada6 months

Cayman Islands6 months

Central African Republic 180 days

Dominica6 months

Georgia1 year

Gibraltar – 180 days

Jamaica6 months

Mexico180 days

Montserrat 6 months

Panama180 days

Peru183 days

United Kingdom6 months

Americans can stay in Albania for 1 year without a visa
Albania - Where American can stay VISA FREE for 360 Days

90 Days/ 3 Months Visa Free:

Andorra3 months

Argentina90 days

Aruba90 days

Austria90 days

Belgium90 days

Bolivia90 days

Bonaire90 days

Bosnia and Herzegovina90 days

Botswana90 days

Brazil90 days

Brunei90 days

Bulgaria90 days

Chile90 days

Colombia90 days

Costa Rica – 90 days

Croatia90 days

Curacao90 days

Cyprus90 days

Czech Republic90 days

Denmark90 days

Ecuador90 days

El Salvador3 months

Equatoria Guinea90 days

Estonia90 days

Fiji4 months

Finland – 90 days

France90 days

French Guiana3 months

French Polynesia90 days

Germany90 days

Greece90 days

Greenland90 days

Grenada3 months

Guatemala90 days

Guyana3 months

Haiti3 months

Honduras3 months

Hong Kong 3 months

Hungary90 days

Iceland90 days

Ireland3 months

Israel3 months

Italy90 days

Japan – 90 days

South Korea90 days

Latvia90 days

Liechtenstein90 days

Lithuania90 days

Luxembourg90 days

Malaysia3 months

Malta90 days

Mauritius90 days

Moldova90 days

Monaco90 days

Mongolia90 days

Montenegro90 days

Morocco3 months

Namibia3 months

Netherlands90 days

Nicaragua90 days

North Macedonia90 days

Norway90 days

Poland90 days

Portugal 90 days

Romania90 days

Saint Kitts and Nevis3 months

San Marino – 90 days

Senegal90 days

Serbia 90 days

Seychelles3 months

Singapore90 days

Sint Maarten90 days

Slovakia – 90 days

Slovenia90 days

Soloman Islands3 months

South Africa 90 days

Spain90 days

Sweden 90 days

Switzerland90 days

Taiwan90 days

Trinidad and Tobago90 days

Tunisia – 90 days

Turks and Caicos90 days

Ukraine90 days

Uruguay3 months

Vatican City90 days

Americans can go to France for 90 days Visa free
France - Where Americans can stay 90 days VISA FREE

30 Days Visa Free:

Belarus30 days

British Virgin Islands30 days

Cook Islands31 days

Dominican Republic30 days

Eswatini 30 days

Indonesia30 days

Kazakhstan30 days

Kiribati 30 days

Lebanon1 months

Macau30 days

Maldives30 days

Papua New Guinea60 days

Philippines 30 days

Qatar30 days

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month

Tajikistan 45 days

Thailand30 days

Tonga31 days

Tuvalu 1 month

United Arab Emirates30 days

Vanuatu 30 days

Americans can go to Thailand visa free
Thailand - Where Americans can visit for 30 days Visa Free

Under 30 Days Visa Free:

Lesotho 14 days

Sao Tome and Principe – 14 days

Lesotho - Where Americans can visit for 14 days Visa FREE!

Didn't see a country you want to visit in the ‘Visa-Free' section? Don't worry – it might be on the ‘Visa on Arrival' or ‘eVisa' list, which is still pretty easy.

Countries Where Americans Can Get a ‘Visa On Arrival/eVisa':

Countries where USA passport holders need a ‘Visa on arrival’ or an ‘eVisa’ have a few more requirements than the countries on the ‘Visa-free’ list.

They might require a few steps be done ahead of time, and usually even a small fee that needs to be paid before-hand. However, they are still much easier than a formal ‘Visa Required’ country, which needs even more paperwork, bigger fees and sometimes in person visits to a consulate or embassy.

I like to think of them as a halfway mark between Visa Free and Visa Required.

Sometimes they can be as easy as filling out a form when you land, other times there is a bit of online legwork to do a few days beforehand. 

getting a visa abroad as an american
eTA or Electronic Travel Authority

This is by far the easiest! Countries like Australia and New Zealand have an eTA put into place for US citizens. It's as easy as filling out a quick and short form online, paying a $20 fee, and getting an email confirmation. Simple!

Visa on Arrival or eVisa

Still easier than a normal Visa, but usually a bit more info required than an eTA. Most of these will also be filled out online or at the arrival customs desk of the destination country. 


How ‘Visa On Arrival' & ‘eVisa' Works:

You will visit a Visa counter after disembarking your flight. At that counter you will either fill out a form or hand in your previously applied for approval letter. This is also the counter where you will pay your Visa Fee or Stamping Fee (usually $25-$50). After that you will be given a Visa sticker or stamp into your passport, which you will then show at the immigration counter before picking up your luggage.   

Important: Some countries require you to apply ONLINE for your Visa BEFORE you arrive at the airport. Check each ‘Visa on Arrival' and ‘eVisa' country very carefully before booking your flight.

For example:
Vietnam is an eVisa country. I had to apply online for my Vietnam eVisa at least 1 week prior to my flight. Once approved, they emailed me a copy of my approval letter and I printed it out. I brought the forms with me on the plane and after disembarking I brought them to the Visa counter and paid a stamping fee. I was then issued my Vietnam Visa.

Visa on arrival for American passport holders

90 Days+ 'Visa On Arrival/eVisa':

Australia90 days

Benin90 days  

Cote d’Ivoire90 days

Ethiopia90 days

Gabon  – 6 months

Guineaup to 5 years!

Guinea-Bissau90 days

Kenya3 months

Kuwait3 months

Madagascar3 months

Malawi 3 months

Mauritania3 months

Nepal90 days

New Zealand90 days

Pakistan90 days

Paraguay90 days

Saudi Arabia90 days

Sierra Leone90 days

Suriname90 days

Tanzania3 months

Turkey3 months

Uganda90 days

Zambia 90 days

Zimbabwe3 months

eta for australia for american travelers
Americans can stay in Australia 3 months with an eTA

30-60 Days 'Visa On Arrival/eVisa':

Angola 30 days

Azerbaijan30 days

Bangladesh30 days

Burkina Faso 1 month

Cambodia30 days

Cape Verde30 days

Comoros30 days

Djibouti 31 days

Egypt30 days

India60 days

Jordan30 days

Laos – 30 days

Mozambique – 30 days

Oman – 30 days

Rwanda – 30 days

Somalia – 30 days

Sri Lanka – 30 days

Tajikistan – 45 days

Timor-Leste – 30 days

Uzbekistan – 30 days

Vietnam – 30 days

Americans can stay in Sri Lanka 30 days with a visa on arrival
USA passport holders can stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days with a Visa On Arrival

Under 30 Days 'Visa On Arrival/eVisa':

Bahrain14 days

Myanmar28 days

Togo7 days

Countries Where Americans Need A Visa:

Below is a list of countries that USA passport holders will need to obtain a Visa for in order to visit. The process for applying for a tourist Visa can vary a lot depending on the individual country in question. 
Some countries are easier, while others can make the process extremely difficult. Research the requirements far in advance!

List of countries where USA passport holders need a visa to travel

Countries Requiring a Visa for American Visitors:








Democratic Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo














South Sudan






For most of the Visa Required countries above, you will want to contact the consulate for that country inside the USA. They will walk you through all the required forms and documents to apply for your Visa.

Some general things that are asked/needed when applying for a Visa are:

  • Financial statements showing you can support yourself on this trip
  • Proof of travel insurance for the duration of your trip
  • Proof of return airfare or forward travel out of the country
  • Information on marital status, employment, addresses, family members, education, criminal records, etc.
  • Proof of vaccinations or health records if needed
  • Reason for traveling
  • Itinerary, where you are staying, tours you are going on and other information regarding the trip
  • Extra passport sized photographs
  • Visa fee

Fees for Americans obtaining Visa's  can vary from $25 to $280+. Each country is different and continues to change frequently. 

Check Latest American Visa Requirements and Travel Advisories

The above Visa requirement information changes all the time, so it's best to check the USA Government's Website before you book any travel. On their Travel Advice and Advisories page you will find everything from Visa requirements, to travel warnings and more.


All of the information above relates to TOURIST Visa’s for American passport holders only, who also have a valid passport. Countries can change visa requirements frequently, so please look up the most updated information on the United States Government’s Travel Website before booking any travel. This blog is to be used as a guide only. Do your own due diligence and use common sense when travelling abroad.

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