The Top 10 Cheapest Cruises in the World - Updated April, 2019

Below is our list of the top 10 cheapest cruises in the world! When you think of cruising the first word that pops in to your mind is probably not “cheap”. Cruising is usually associated with luxury,  exotic destinations and a rather large price tag. That doesn't have to be the case! We have scoured the internet for the absolute best rock bottom cruise deals. From last minute cruise deals to repositioning cruises, this is the ultimate top 10 list to satisfy your urge to hit the open seas. 

The Top 10 list prices are in USD per person and include taxes/port fees. 


15 Night Transatlantic Cruise from Tampa to Amsterdam

$61 Per Day

$906 Total Trip

Cheapest Cruises Brilliance of the Seas

Departing May 4th 2019 Royal Caribbeans Brilliance of the Seas will set sail on a transatlantic journey from Tampa to Amsterdam. This last minute deal landed in our number 10 spot for the cheapest cruises in the world. This 15 night cruise has 10 sea days and 4 port days. The port days include stops in Portugal, Belgium and Ireland Lay back and enjoy this 15 day night cruise knowing you landed one of the best deals! 


5 Night Round Trip Cruise From Jacksonville to the Bahamas

$78 Per Day

$389 Total Trip

Cheapest Cruises in the world - Carnival Ecstasy

Carnivals Ecstasy, departs November 9, 2019, which gives you plenty of time to book our number 9 spot for the cheapest cruises in the world. The quick 5 night cruise is out at sea for two days and in port for two days. The port stops include the tropical Half Moon Cay and Nassau, Bahamas.  Cruise with the Ecstasy that was luxuriously refurbished in 2017 (I love a recent renovation) and holds 2400 guests. Enjoy the sun, sand and sea with this epic cruise deal! 


5 Night Round Trip Cruise From Miami to Cozumel

$114 Per Day

$571 Total Trip

Celebrity Infinity Cheap Cruises

On December 7, 2019 you could be departing on Celebrity's InfinityThis round trip cruise deal landed in our number 8 spot for the cheapest cruises in the world. The 5 night cruise has port stops in Key West and Cozumel. Set sail with the Infinity that was refurbished in 2015 and holds 2600 passengers. Have some tequila in the sun knowing you found one of the best cruise deals! 


19 Night Transatlantic Cruise from Rome to Miami

$65 Per Day

$1235 Total Trip

MSC Divina Cheapest Cruises

Departing from Rome on November 6th 2019, the MSC Divina is headed on a 19 day incredible transatlantic voyage from Rome to Miami. This repositioning cruise deal landed in our number 7 spot for the cheapest cruises in the world. The itinerary includes port days in Spain, Portugal, Barbados, St. Maarten and Puerto Rico. The MSC Divina hold 4200 passengers and was renovated in 2017. 


14 Night Transpacific Repositioning Cruise from Tokyo to Vancouver

$55 Per Day - BEST VALUE (We Booked it!)

$775 Total Trip

The Celebrity Millennium, departing April 27th, 2019 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sail with Celebrity at this price! The ship will have just completed a 100 million dollar renovation with all brand new staterooms! Celebrity is known for being one of the top luxury cruise lines in the world and these prices are rarely ever seen for such a high end brand and ship. This last minute cruise deal landed in our number 6 spot for the cheapest cruises in the world. It also get top honors on the list for BEST VALUE. The price was so good, we went ahead and booked this cruise for ourselves! (maybe we'll see you on board!)

Enjoy 14 days of breathtaking cruising all the way from Yokohama to Vancouver. The itinerary includes 10 days of sailing at sea and 4 port days with stops in Hakodate Japan, Petrapavlovsk Russia and Victoria Canada. The highly rated Millennium hold 2500 passengers and has amazing service and crew. 


15 Night Westbound Transpacific Cruise from Vancouver to Tokyo

$45 Per Day

$681 Total Trip

You could be departing Sept 6th, 2019 on the Celebrity Millennium for 15 days. This repositioning cruise deal landed in our number 5 spot for the cheapest cruises in the world. Enjoy 15 days (wow) of stunning  cruising all the way from Vancouver to Tokyo. We have taken this exact sailing before and loved the long peaceful days at sea crossing the Pacific ocean!    The itinerary includes stops in Alaska, Hakodate and Otaru Japan.  The Celebrity Millennium just did a complete renovation on this ship making it modern and luxurious. 


14 Night Repositioning Cruise From Tampa to Barcelona

$57 Per Day (Outside Cabin!!)

$804 Total Trip

Cheapest Cruises in The World - Rhapsody of The Seas

Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas, is setting sail April 27th, 2019, and you could be on it! This repositioning cruise deal landed in our number 4 spot and is sure to impress. Enjoy 14 days of gorgeous cruising all the way from Tampa to Barcelona. The itinerary has 9 days at sea and 4 ports days with stops in Key West, La Palma, Tenerife and Malaga. This ship holds up to 2400 guests and was recently reno'ed in 2016. This is the only cruise ship that sails this route with only one sailing scheduled for 2019. Definitely a bucket list cruise at a truly affordable price. 


15 Night Repositioning Cruise From Miami to Tarragona

$45 Per Day

$677 Total Trip

Departing April 27th, 2019 on the Norwegian Star, this repositioning cruise deal landed in our number 3 spot for the cheapest cruises in the world. Enjoy 15 days of open sea cruising from Miami to Tarragona Spain. The itinerary includes stops in Portugal, Madeira and Spain. The Star was recently renovated in 2015 and holds 2800 passengers. This trans-atlantic cruise is perfect for those who love long days at sea. The perfect getaway at the perfect price! 


29 Night World Cruise From Reunion Island to Venice

$42 Per Day

$1232 Total Trip

Costa mediterranea cheap cruises

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a one month WORLD CRUISE for only $1232! Leaving March 12th, 2020 on the Costa Mediterranea, this world cruise  deal landed in our number 2 spot for the cheapest cruises. Enjoy 29 days of world cruising all the way from La Possession to Venice. The itinerary includes stops in 9 countries including Mauritius, Seychelles, Oman, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia and Italy. There will be 16 port days and 12 days at sea. The Costa Mediterranea is medium size ship that was recently renovated in 2013 and can accommodate up to 2000 passengers. This is definitely a cruise to add to your bucket list! 


20 Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise from Pointe-a-Pitre to Savona

$30 Per Day

$622 Total Trip

Costa Favolosa Cheapest Cruises

Setting sail March 21st, 2020 this Cruise on the Costa Favolosa comes in at our number 1 spot for the Cheapest Cruises in the World! At only $30 per day this isn't just the cheapest cruise, it's also one of the cheapest vacations on the planet. Enjoy 20 days of slow travel cruising on the ship with stops in St, Maartin, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia and the Dominican Republic. The Favolosa has room for 3600 passengers with lots of activities to do on board. This is by far the cheapest cruise in the world that can be booked right now! 

Did you find a better deal? Let us know in the comments below!

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