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Tourist Searching For Couple She Accidentally Caught Proposing In Her Photos

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The internet hunt is on for a couple who was accidentally caught in the middle of a romantic proposal.

Alycia Savard-Ouellet, 19, from Quebec was enjoying a two-week trip to Italy this summer when she stopped off in Rome and visited the world-famous Trevi Fountain.

Upon returning home and reviewing the photos with her family, her mother Cynthia Savard spotted the magical moment unfolding in the background. 

Womans catches marriage proposal on camera
(Photo: Kennedy News & Media)

According to the Daily Mail, Savard-Ouellet decided to hunt for the couple because the photos were ‘cute' and ‘in the moment'. 

‘It was amazing, I hope I can find them.'

"Once I came back home, I was showing my pictures to my parents on the TV and I told them 'oh I remember, I was laughing because of the cute couple kissing"

Tourist Searching For Couple She Accidentally Caught Proposing In Her Photos
(Photo: Kennedy News & Media)
(Photo: Kennedy News & Media)

Savard-Ouellet explained her friend who was taking the pictures, had spotted the kissing couple in front of the fountain but didn't mean to include them.

At one point she even said “wait, there's a couple kissing in the background of your pictures, we should move to take some without them” so I looked back and laughed.

Couple caught engaging in photos
(Photo: Kennedy News & Media)

"So I've decided to try and find them and share the pictures with them, because they are really cute and in the moment."

Now it's up to the internet to see if they can track down this couple. Savard-Ouellet told Fox News she has already shared the photos to a large Facebook travel group with over one million members. 

In a similar event in 2018, a photographer took to the internet after accidentally catching a stunning enagement photo at Yosemite National Park. The couple was eventually found and received the now famous proposal photo from the photographer. 

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