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Hotels in Europe you can LIVE IN, for Cheaper Than Your Rent

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We’ve all dreamt about it. Jet-setting to a posh European city while leaving all responsibilities behind. Imagine sitting on a sandy beach with an Aperol Spritz in one hand and a good book in the other. Or checking into a chic hotel with a spectacular view of the old city. Or my personal fantasy, eating and drinking all the local breads, pastas, oils and wine until I burst.

Then pesky reality sticks its head into my European dreams and they come crashing down.

Europe isn’t really know for being crazy affordable. When I think of living in a cheaper place, my mind wanders to South East Asia or Latin America, but Europe always seems too far out of the budget for a long term stay.

But what if taking a month off to Europe wasn’t as far fetched as it may seem?

What if the next time you were frustrated at your landlord or noisy neighbours, you could imagine trading your current situation for a European version. It’s always fun to see what your dollar would stretch for in a far away land.

I tracked down the CHEAPEST Hotels in Europe that are actually SO affordable, they’re likely less than your current rent payment.

Pick your jaw up off the floor and explore what life could look like if you decided to take your European hotel daydreams to the next level.

Cheapest Hotels in Europe - (that you could actually LIVE in less than your rent!)

For fun, let's see what hotel in Europe you could be living in for the same amount as your current rent/mortgage payment.
I used travel dates between Sept-Nov of 2018 and USD funds.

UNDER $690/m


$690/month - $23/night

Hotel Piccolino in Sarande, Albania is a great example of how far your dollar can stretch in Europe. Across from Corfu, Greece, this horseshoe bay beach town is a perfect place for a long term getaway. You can stay at the Piccolino and other 3-star resorts for under $700 a month! This hotel has beautiful views of the bay and is walking distance to the towns main promenade, making it an ideal for not needing a car.


$660/month - $22/night

The Chill Up Hotel in Vecpiebalga, Latvia is truly a nature lovers paradise. Getting a tiny cabin here for the month means being surrounded by trees, water, and even snow in the winter months. The property hosts lots of outdoor activities like SUP boarding, boat rentals, bike trails and skiing. Chill Up also has an on-site bar and offers grocery delivery for its guests who are too busy relaxing to run errands. This lake-side haven is one of the cheapest hotels in Europe.

$700/m - $990/m


Seaview Apartment - $780/month - $26/night

Enjoy your morning coffee on the stunning sea-view terrace, while watching dolphins splash by at the Adeona Apartments Hotel. Located in Tivat, this hotel is directly on the bay of Kotor and even has it's own private beach. Sure, the room is a little dated, but with views like this, who would stay inside?


Wooden Cottage - $780/month - $26/night

Situated between Kyiv and Lviv, the 4×4 Hotel in Rivne, Ukraine is the perfect base for exploring the area. $780 will get you a wooden cottage in this ‘off-road' themed hotel. They even have a Mercedes jeep chassis as the main bar and a Porsche themed restaurant! The property has a pool, sauna, canteen gives you enough value to stay a while. 


City View Room - $960/month - $32/night

Just a short drive to the centre of Istanbul, the Cityloft 161 Hotel gives you all the creature comforts in a new trendy area of the city. Surrounded by tennis courts, gyms, cinemas and world class restaurants, this property is perfect for a long term stay. You can bus daily into the heart of Istanbul or relax while enjoying sea views over the rooftops of nearby homes. Digital nomads will appreciate the fast wifi speeds and on-site Starbucks.

$990/m - $1500/m


$1320/month - $44/night

Located on the Algarve coast, the Pestana Viking Beach Resort offers sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and top notch luxury service. You could stay here for a whole month for around $1300, which is outstanding for beachfront property. Pick between enjoying the pool, sauna, racket courts, or maybe even a round of golf. 


$1470/month - $49/night

The super modern and eco friendly Hotel Rozany is a great European budget pick. Located in a prestigious area on Polands Baltic coast, this hotel is right on the sea walk promenade. Staying here for a month is guilt free, as the property uses solar panels and only cooks with local produce. Spend some time in your cozy chic room, or take a beach walk along the coast. Either way, Gdynia welcomes you with (budget friendly) open arms.


$1410/month - $47/night

Staying long term in Rome can add up faster than living in the Upper East Side of NYC…unless you know where to look! Check out the adorable Urban Garden Hotel that is located just metres from public transit that will whisk you into downtown Rome within minutes. Within walking distance you’ll find local supermarkets, restaurants, rivers and parks, making it ideal for staying low-key. Most popular attractions are a few minutes away on public transit or even a nice long bike ride. Who says Rome has to be expensive?

$1500/m - $1860/m


$1590/month - $53/night

You wouldn't have to twist my arm to convince me to spend a month at the White Sands Beach Club hotel. Located on Menorca's northern coast, this beachfront property offers its guests apartment style rooms and tons of on-site amenities. White sand beaches, scuba diving, snorkling, hiking, tennis, sailing and other endless activities sound good to me!


Jupiter Lux Rooms

$1860/month - $62/night

It doesn't get any more quaint than staying at the Jupiter Lux Rooms in the heart of Spilt, Croatia. These stone walled hotel rooms are just a few steps away from the Republic Square, Riva Promenade and Diocletian's Palace…even the beach! History buffs and sun worshipers alike will love spending extra time on the Adriatic Sea.


$1860/month - $62/night

Why stay in a hotel when you could stay in a YACHT!? Explore the waters and coasts of ancient Greece in your own sailing yacht to truly have an experience like no other. Hands down, this is the best way to stay in the city of Thessaloniki.


People who live in expensive cities like New York, San Francisco or Vancouver can easily have a $2500 rent payment. For anyone currently paying huge amounts for tiny square footage apartment, consider swapping it for this:


$2500/month - $82/night

Need I say more? If you've got a healthy monthly budget, this historic building in Venice could be your ‘home' for the month. The Palazzetto Madonna is walking distance to Rialto Bridge and many other main attractions in Venice. I can't think of a better place to be surrounded by culture, canals and history!

While it's not always possible to check out of real life and into one of these hotels for a month, it sure is fun to daydream about it! I was surprised at how cheap some of the European hotels really are!

Which one would you like to trade with your current rent/mortgage?


Saturday 1st of February 2020

I am relocating to Europe as an expat for a couple of years, I'll explore a lot of these places and ideas, Kashlee. I was thinking of starting in Croatia in October but realize coming from Florida that average of 40° winter temps I've read about would just about do me in. I'll explore the UK, Switzerland and Amsterdam when I'm acclimated a bit more to cooler climes. Thank you for this article. I'll save it for references.

Sarah - Borders & Bucket Lists

Friday 10th of August 2018

Umm wow. Just wow. Maybe I should just pop on over to Europe for a month before I start a new lease lol.


Friday 10th of August 2018

This is a great list of affordable hotels. Who would have known!! I really love the place in Portugal. I can easily see myself there. Going to be sharing this friends who are traveling to Europe soon. Cheers


Friday 10th of August 2018

I actually wanted to do this in Budapest after my lease expired. The Airbnb rental was HALF my rent. But now I see I have more options.


Friday 10th of August 2018

Wow this is a very helpful and informative post. Love this list of affordable accomodations. I am saving it for later.