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This Airline is Testing 3 Course Meals In Economy

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Delta Airlines is Testing 3 Course Meals and Sparkling Wine in Economy

Delta Airlines is testing a high end meal and beverage experience on its flights between Portland, Oregon and Tokyo, Japan.  All the rage from airlines lately has come from the amazing new offerings in business class leaving many of us left to only day dream about the luxurious flight meals going on up front. While many Airlines continue to strip economy seats of leg room and amenities, Delta is looking become a market disrupter by stepping up the economy game.  First they will be offering all economy passengers a  “Welcome Bubbles” which will be three choices of Bellini's or sparkling waters. This will be followed by a printed menu where you can select your three course economy meal.

A full luxury Dining Experience In Economy

Delta economy passengers will be served their meals on white dishes and receive white linen cloths. This is a big step up from regular cardboard boxed meals and microwaved metal tins.   Passengers will then be able to select from appetizer options that could include quinoa salad or roasted grapes and pine nuts. Entree options could include pasta with cauliflower and walnuts in a cream sauce. For Dessert, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream is on the menu. 

“Delta constantly listens to customer feedback and is now testing innovative ways to make our culinary experience on board feel more like dining at a favorite restaurant. As part of that we are conducting a test on select international flights where flights attendants will deliver an enhanced main cabin dining experience that we'll use to gather feedback” an airline spokesperson said in a statement. 

United and American will be Watching

For now Delta will only be running this test on the one route from Portland to Tokyo. If the test goes well and passengers are loving the meal service, it could be implemented on all International Delta flights. This would immediately put pressure on United and American airlines to have to step up their game in economy. For now the rivals will have to sit back and wait to see what happens. 

Source: Travel and Leisure