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Canada Issues Travel Advisory for Mexico and Island Near Bali

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Canada issues travel advisory for Lombok, Indonesia and areas in Mexico

The government of Canada has issued a travel warning for Lombok, Indonesia due to an earthquake that has taken the lives of 98 people. travel advisory has also been issued for areas of Mexico because of tropical storm Ileana and increased violence due to organized crime.

Lombok Earthquake:

Yesterday the island of Lombok was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that has displaced over 20,000 locals and tourists. 13,000 homes were destroyed, 98 people were killed and 238 others were injured in the devastating quake. 

Indonesian authorities have said the destruction is “massive” and is now in the process of getting everyone to a safe location. Emergency workers are working around the clock to help those in need. Vital services such as electricity and transportation have been severed in many areas making the rescue efforts difficult. 

The government of Canada has issued their second highest level of warning to “Avoid All Non Essential Travel” to Lombok

Travel Advisory Lombok - Canada Government
Crowds amass on the beach as they attempt to leave Gili Island ©Via Reuters

Tropical Storm Ileana:

The Canadian Governement has also issued a travel advisory for Mexico in certain areas due to tropical storm Ileana which could become a hurricane by August 9th. The travel warning states to “Avoid All Non Essential Travel” from Punta San Telmo to Playa Perula until the storm moves on. 

Mexico Travel Advisory - Tropical Storm Ileana

Travel Advisory for Mexico due to Violence and Organized Crime

Another Travel Advisory has been updated for Mexico to avoid “All Non Essential Travel” to the following areas due to increased violence, cartel activity and organized crime. 




Nuevo Leon (with the exception of Monterrey) 

Sinoloa (with the exception of Mazatlan)

Sonora (with the exception of hermosilla and GUaymas/San Carlos


Guerrero (Including Acapulco)


Mexico Travel Advisory

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