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Travelers Visiting Puerto Vallarta Issued Alert To Be Cautious On All Beaches

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Sunny escapes are in high demand this time of year, and there are not too many places nicer than Puerto Vallarta.

Commonly among the most visited destinations in Mexico, this paradisal location is teeming with stunning beaches ready to welcome you with perfect weather.

las gemelas beach in Puerto Vallarta

Of course, when it comes to Mexican getaways, the beach is usually the main draw, unless you're seeking an iconic cultural metropolis like Mexico City.

Given the cold weather in many parts of the U.S., sunny beach days are typically whats on travelers' minds right now.

Vacationers in Puerto Vallarta may want to tap the brakes on expectations as they are being warned to remain extra cautious at all beaches due to various hazards and incidents.

Red Flags

Mismaloya Beach near Puerto Vallarta

Beaches in Mexico use a flag system to warn beachgoers of any impending dangers. If you're on vacation, a red flag is not what you want to see to start off your trip.

The color red signifies dangerous conditions, which results in not being allowed to swim the waters you've been waiting to jump in.

Local officials and lifeguards are asking locals and tourists alike to remain aware of the warning flags at this time.

Beach conditions can vary day to day, where one day might be perfect and the next may have undercurrents ready to wash you away.

palm tree lined beach in Puerto Vallarta

There have been some unfortunate events as of late, so here is what tourists in Puerto Vallarta should pay close attention to:

Black – entering the beach is not allowed under any circumstances
Red – visitors are allowed beach access to sunbathe, but no entering the water
Yellow – remain cautious; swimming conditions are not ideal
Green – the beach is cleared for all activities

It's important to note these flags are placed for a reason. Lifeguards, especially, are in the know of any potential dangers.

As of now, 2 beaches are red-flagged, Olas Altas and Camarones. The rest of the 20 public beaches in Puerto Vallarta have yellow flags, meaning travelers should exercise caution when entering the sea.

Fatal Accidents

playa esmeralda in Puerto Vallarta

It's always disheartening to hear about anyone losing their life. When it's someone on vacation, it makes the story even more sorrowful.

Travelers go off into the world seeking to have the time of their lives escaping stresses back home , which is why it's extra important to pay attention to warnings in a place you don't live.

Locals have a lot more insight than someone who just arrived. Unfortunately, there have been multiple fatal accidents in Puerto Vallarta's waters recently, which is a key reason for local officials attempting to raise awareness for tourists.

pretty day in Puerto Vallarta

This week, lifeguards gave their best effort to rescue a man battling strong currents but it was sadly too late.

The same day, a woman on a different beach ignored the red flags and underestimated the power of the waves. She was unable to be revived.

Puerto Vallarta is not alone in these tragic events, however, as Cancun is having the same issue on its famous beaches.

Sometimes vacationers can be so happy spending time in paradise they can easily forget nature can be unpredictable.

puerto vallarta boardwalk

By checking the flags at your particular beach, you are far less likely to become a victim on your dream getaway.

Although, you do need to keep an extra eye for what's under the sea in the region's mesmerizing blue waters.


Puerto Vallarta has continued breaking tourism records throughout the year, but us humans are not the only ones who love to pay a visit.

While officials are certainly more concerned with the recent drownings, there is a difference between visiting, say, Cancun beaches versus Puerto Vallarta's beaches.

crocodile warning sign puerto vallarta

There is a trio of dangerous animals that should be on your radar: jellyfish, sharks, and even crocodiles!

While Steve Irwin never filmed a Crocodile Hunter episode in Puerto Vallarta, he surely could have. Sightings are not common, but they're not rare either.

What is very rare here are attacks, but there's a first time for everything, right? As far as crocs go, there are enough sightings to plant warning signs in certain areas, which isn't the most welcoming sight to say the least.

Pool day, anyone?

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