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U.S. Issues New Travel Alert Warning Travelers To Not Visit This Caribbean Destination

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The Caribbean is generally considered very safe to visit, regardless of the destination.

Sure, Venezuela comes with extreme risks, Jamaica can be iffy, and Cuba can be a hassle to visit, but there is one country that has undoubtedly become a no-go zone.

Backed by multiple traveler advisories from the U.S. State Department and now a new travel alert from the U.S. Embassy, it's best to make travel plans elsewhere.

labadee beach in haiti

A majority of the Caribbean is all but guaranteed to provide a dreamy vacation, but there is always an exception to the rule.

One of the Caribbean nations nearest to the U.S. geographically has, unfortunately, experienced decades of turmoil.

Despite direct flights still in service, the latest travel alert is strongly advising to avoid all travel to Haiti.

Inaccessible Beaches, Resorts And Stunning Sites

As crazy as the world has become in recent years past, we're not even going to pretend to have solutions to such complex issues.

aerial view of haiti beaches

What we do know is Haiti can no longer even claim ‘diamond in the rough' status. It's just rough – to no fault of locals just simply trying to live their life.

Years and years of seemingly never-ending cycles of destruction have resulted in Haiti becoming a literal shell of what it should be.

Travelers are really left with no choice but to skip one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Still, it has now become impossible to ignore the eyesores of dilapidated buildings and chaos in the streets.

At its core, Haiti is culturally rich and filled with lovely people who would love to see their home nation thriving.

citadel in haiti

Cultural cities, stunning sites, incredible beaches and resorts will have to be put to the side on travelers' wish lists.

‘Do Not Travel' Designation

The once vibrant capital city of Port-au-Prince highlights the latest travel alert for all the wrong reasons.

This is where most travelers would normally fly into, but the city is seeing widespread violence of all types to the point of flights being cancelled due to high security risks.

Port-au-Princ has descended into lawlessness as there have been ongoing battles between rival gangs, police offers, and other assigned protective forces.

armored officer in haiti

Reports of gunfire even outside the U.S. Embassy have occurred in recent days. The bottom line is Haiti, especially Port-au-Prince, is completely unpredictable as the violence has become too much for short-staffed security personnel to handle.

Visiting Haiti right now would not be enjoyable as you would constantly be wondering who has their eye on you or if you may end up in the crosshairs of a bad situation.

Those who may already be visiting or planning to visit should know the Embassy may not have the usual resources you might expect as they have to protect themselves as well.

local crowds near dilapidated building in haiti

Port-au-Prince is the only specific destination mentioned, but the country's other major cities like Cap Haitien and Port au Praix should also be avoided as the alert strictly states, “Do not travel to Haiti.”

Regrettably, travelers can't even make a day trip to Haiti across the border from the mega-popular Dominican Republic as there have been kidnapping threats.

Civil unrest may be widespread, so it's wise to avoid the entire country with such incalculable scenarios.

If You Must Visit, Here Is What To Do

Haitian culture runs deep and has roots in the U.S. in incredible cities, such as Miami. Those who may have emergencies to tend to may have no choice but to visit.

locals walking in streets of cap haitien

If you can hold off your trip, that is strongly advised. Airlines may be more flexible with your booking. Spirit, for example, is waiving change fees through March 15.

The U.S. Embassy provided helpful tips to remain safe during this surge in crime and civil unrest:

  • Avoid crowds
  • Follow local media
  • Don't draw attention to yourself
  • Prepare for long periods of shelter-in-place protocols
  • Do not go out after dark
  • Stay alert in touristy areas
  • Make sure travel documents are valid
  • Carry proper identification
stacked colorful houses in port au prince

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