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U.S. Issues New Travel Security Alert For Mexico

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As winter is wrapping up, it's only natural for travelers to have their eyes set on the pristine beaches of Mexico's eye-popping coastlines.

Although, it just so happens they will have to wait one additional day this year before leaping into spring. Bummer!

puerto vallarta stunning views of coast

Another downside is the U.S. Embassy just released a security warning for all travelers throughout Mexico for those seeking a sun-soaked getaway in the coming months.

No need to fret as nobody needs to cancel their trip; just make some alterations and become more aware of the security situation in one of the most popular seasons for vacations.

In the Embassy's own words – “Travel Smart” this spring – and follow some simple tips to have the time of your life in Mexico.

Springtime Getaways South Of The Border

cancun coastline

There are only a handful of days left in February, so chances are you may have already booked a trip south of the border or at least jotted down some ideas.

Cancun? Los Cabos? Even Mexico City makes for an awesome trip in spring, as long as you don't expect blue waters and immaculate all-inclusive beachfront resorts.

While the U.S. Embassy fully admits the vast majority of tourists make it home unscathed, you can never be too safe, right?

Certainly Mom will appreciate it at the very least. The Embassy did not provide a lengthy detailed synopsis on each city to be more vigilant in.

zocalo mexico city on nice day

What they did do is name a handful of mega-popular spring vacation hotspots and highlight some specific neighborhoods to be sure to keep your head on a swivel.

Potential Risks In Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum

Surely some of you were able to score Maya Train tickets when they went on sale.

Or perhaps a flight to Tulum's brand-spankin' new airport in March to alleviate the headache of flying into Cancun.

Either way, or if you don't even have your full itinerary decked out just yet, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum were the only cities specifically named in the new travel security warning.

coastline of tulum

To boil it down, if you're staying in the beach areas and incredible resorts, you're likely good as gold in terms of safety.

But, if you venture off for a night out in the downtown areas of these 3 beach cities, which hordes of tourists will do, that's when travelers are rolling the dice a bit.

Sounding like our parents at prom, vacationers are being strongly advised to be on the lookout after dark and to enroll in Guest Assist for every destination in the state of Quintana Roo.

The Deets For Everywhere In Mexico This Spring

nice day at maroma beach in playa del carmen

The Embassy definitely wasn't shy in releasing a laundry list of cautions to be aware of all across the country.

So, let's break down the concerns:

Crime – Despite firearms being illegal, violent crime is unpredictable and can happen anywhere, including verified reports in popular tourist destinations. Travelers are urged to view their vacation destination on the U.S. State Department's official website.

Drug And Alcohol Use – Have you ever seen Willie Nelson on a Mexican vacation? Didn't think so!
Let's just say certain leafy substances are very, very illegal in Mexico. On the other hand, alcohol should be consumed responsibly while also being aware of ‘spiked' drinks and unregulated pharmaceuticals.

police car in Mexico beach town

Beach Safety – It's important for travelers to be aware of Mexico's beach safety system, which are color-coded flags to determine safety levels at each beach, such as strong currents and jellyfish presence, as examples.

Getting Around – Taxis don't exactly hold the best reputation in Mexico, which the U.S. Embassy confirms. It's best to take an Uber or book a cab directly through Cabify.

Documents – The Embassy urges travelers to keep their passport and FMM form in a safe space and to know hefty fines and detention can be implemented for those violating the terms of their stay.

tourists in cabo resort pool on spring break

Petty Theft – Tourists have become victims of petty crime, such as stolen cash from ATMs. Tourists are urged to keep a close on their bank accounts.

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Peter B.

Sunday 3rd of March 2024

What is this about "green leafy substances" being very illegal?

It's legal to carry up to 5 g for personal use.



I've lived in Mexico for years and never had a problem I couldn't have had in New York. And never heard of a school shooting here.

Tony N

Friday 1st of March 2024

As a frequent visitor to (Cabo) Mexico, the real travel warning is to eat clean food and drink clean water or you will get stomach cramps. As for crime, any big American city is much more dangerous than most of Mexico.


Thursday 29th of February 2024

All this warnings about Mexico, why. The safety in Mexico is probably higher than in the US.

Peter B.

Sunday 3rd of March 2024

@Rolf, as with anywhere it depends on where you go and when. But in 7 years in Mexico I've never had a problem.