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UK And Ireland Now Banned From Traveling To The United States

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The Trump administration on Saturday expanded travel restrictions from Europe to include the United Kingdom and Ireland as it works to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking from the White House briefing room, President Donald Trump also said he was considering restrictions on travel within the United States, though didn't specify details of the potential domestic bans.
The ban on foreign nationals entering the US from Britain or Ireland will begin at midnight on Monday, Vice President Mike Pence said. It comes on top of restrictions on entry into the US from 26 countries in Europe that Trump announced on Wednesday.
Trump suspends all travel from the United states to europe
Like that ban, US citizens and their family members will be exempt. Unlike Trump's address to the nation, where he announced the initial European restrictions, Pence was explicit in saying that American citizens would still be able to return to the US.
Cargo from Britain will also be exempt.
travel ban
“They have had a little bit of activity, unfortunately, so we are going to be looking at that, actually we already have looked at it and that is going to be announced,” Trump said Saturday during a news conference with his coronavirus task force at the White House.
Chad Wolf, the acting homeland security secretary, said US citizens traveling back from the UK or Ireland would be subject to self-quarantine.
The UK's exclusion from the initial travel restrictions raised questions because the case count in that country is higher than in other nations that were included.

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