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Effective September 28th, Ukraine will reopen borders for tourismagain.

On August 29th, Ukraine made the surprising decision to re-shut its borders after being open for tourism for only two months since the original closure back in March.

A sudden surge in cases throughout the summer prompted the nation to ban all non-essential foreign arrivals and tourists from entering on August 29th, for at least 30 days.

ukraine re-closes borders for tourists

Ukraine’s border closure is set to expire on September 28th, and we have now learned that Ukraine will allow the ban to expire, re-opening the country for tourism a second time.

A statement on Ukraine’s Ministry of Tourism site reads:

“From 00:00 September 28, 2020, restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens into the territory of Ukraine are lifted”

Kyiv Ukraine reopens again for tourism
Vozdvizhenka district in Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine receives around 14 million tourists per year, which is sure to be a major deciding factor in getting borders back open for foreign arrivals.

Synevir lake in Ukraine
Synevir lake in Ukraine

Before the abrupt closure in August, Ukraine had been a haven for couples separated by travel bans, as they were allowing visitors from almost every nation worldwide, albeit with different entry requirements like PCR testing for arrivals from high-risk areas.

The government of Ukraine became concerned after a ‘second-wave’ surge in cases erupted across the country, prompting the government to seal up the borders, stopping most foreign arrivals.

However, it appears as if the second lockdown was all in vain. Case numbers have been soaring higher than ever before, on a steady incline upwards, greatly surpassing the numbers that prompted the re-closure in the first place.

case numbers in Ukraine

Credit: Worldometers

Green and Red Zones

For the re-reopening on September 28th, The Ministry of Health is keeping their Red and ‘Green’ zoning for countries but is not keeping the same criteria it once used for creating these lists.

Throughout the summer, Ukraine was using the number of new cases compared to 100,000 population of each nation to determine what ‘color’ list they would be on. For example: Countries that had more than 55 new cases per 100,000 people in the past 14 days would be on the ‘Red’ list.

Group of tourists wearing masks in Ukraine

Now, the ‘Red’ zone is now defined by countries where COVID-19 cases numbers in the last 14 days are higher of cases numbers in Ukraine – or -countries where new case numbers have increased more than 30% in the last 14 days compared to the prior 2-week period. 

Green is such simpler. The ‘Green’ zone is now defined by countries with lower rates than Ukraine.

st volodymyr ukraine
St Volodymyr Cathedral, Kyiv

Rules For Entry

The same rules of entry will apply for arriving tourists after September 28th

Passengers coming from ‘Green’ zone countries can enter the Ukraine restriction free, while ‘Red’ zone passengers will have to quarantine for 14-days, with the option of PCR testing to end isolation early.

Lviv Ukraine - cheapest places to travel 2019
Lviv Ukraine

Which list is your country on?

Countries like USA, Spain, France and the UAE show on the ‘Red’ list. While Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland and Sweden show on the ‘Green’ list.

Ukraine’s ‘Green’ list is actually massive, allowing over 140 lower-risk countries to enter without testing or quarantines. It is unknown at this time if they plan to apply additional rules for ‘Green’ country arrivals, but as of right now, it’s extremely simple for tourists to gain entry.

To see the full list of ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ countries, plus all other entry regulations, testing rules, insurance requirements and information about entering as a tourist, we keep the following article updated frequently: “Ukraine Reopening for Tourism: Everything You Need To Know”

Ukraine Reopens Border For Tourism Again on September 28

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